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White Like Fire – “You Gave Up On Me” video

White Like Fire is a 5-piece indie rock band from Pittsburgh, and its members consist of Tyler Clawson (lead vocal, rhythm guitar), Blake Clawson (lead guitar, harmony vocals), Scooter McFadden (bass, harmony vocals), Abrahm Dawson (drums), and Mick Dempsey (keys, harmony vocals). New to their music as of today, I clicked play on their “You Gave Up On Me” music video, and was drawn in almost immediately.

Emotionally-tinged by a love lost, Tyler’s pop-rock vocals dance in confidence, alongside a steady build-up of mellow guitar riffs, tapping cymbals, and the band’s harmonizing vocals that comes through during the tender chorus. Although the lyrics move through heartbreak, the confidence comes from knowing that he wasn’t the one to give up on the relationship (“Oh, you want to throw me out and // You’re just pushing me away // You gave up, but I don’t mind it // I know I worked hard to stay, yeah“). On an uphill climb, the song springs into a triumphant tune, that moves past the pain. My favorite part begins after the second chorus, when the guitars rev up into a playful frenzy, the sections of high-pitched keys being mashed, and Tyler’s vocals rising with passion and a feeling of satisfaction with oneself.

The music video was directed by Brennan Peirson. It sees the band performing in the snowy woods, acting as the soundtrack to a couple’s ill-fated end. I really like this one, so I hope you give it a listen and watch the video. This is the first single from their upcoming album, titled Wait The Night Out, scheduled to be independently released on April 21st. Watch out for them!

Tell me luck is what I need // That the sound of love is worthless // That you lost your faith in me, yeah // But we’re nothing without danger // Love is always what we risk // I’m not a fool that’s in the dark now // And so far we haven’t missed, yeah


Written By: Tiffany B.

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