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Tour Necessities Q&A: Kap Kallous on ¡Mursday! tour

Following up in my Tour Necessities Q&A series is an interview with rapper Kap Kallous (who has made frequent appearances here on CB). This questionnaire was supposed to go along with the tour that he went on (and has already returned from) with Murs and ¡MAYDAY!, but due to his busy schedule, we weren’t able to bring the two together on time. But, even though the tour has ran its course, the things that we talked about still hold some weight in regards to Kap Kallous‘ tour life, as well as the one he just got off of. So, let’s get into it!

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Tiffology: What was the main mode of transportation?
Kap Kallous: A fully loaded Chevy Traverse that a very good homie hooked us up with, for basically nothing, haha.

Who was traveling with you?
Chelsea, who is our amazing merch girl, and Alxndr Brwn, who has been DJing for me on this tour. He also mixed my new album Grandeur and produced a few joints on there as well.

How many bags did you pack?
One backpack, one suitcase, and few bins of merch.

If I looked in your bags, would everything be neatly folded or just thrown in there sloppily?
There would be a stuffed laundry bag smashed on top of neatly rolled and folded all black clothing.

Tell me about your top 5 artists included on your road trip playlist.
Kid Cudi, John Frusciante, Freddie Gibbs, Cage, and Outkast.

Tell me about your top 5 travel necessities.
Hand Sanitizer (you don’t want to get sick), Vitamins/Supplements (you really don’t want to get sick), Colloidal Silver Spray (You just really don’t want to get sick on tour), Good headphones, and a neck pillow.

Tell me about your top 5 snacks and beverages for the road.
Nature’s Valley Granola Bars, Smart Water, Coconut Water, Cashews, and Jack Links Teriyaki Nuggets.

What do you do to pass the time in between cities?
Most of our downtime consists of eating and sleeping; you have get it where you can, when the schedule is so crazy. If it’s an off day, we usually try to get laundry done and then hit some kind of entertainment, like the movies or a mall. Our car has a DVD player in it, so when I’m not driving, I’m usually watching Tales From The Crypt (I brought every season with me).

Are there any special stops that you were looking forward to? Did anything stand out?
Seattle, WA, and Madison, WI, were two of my favorites, for sure, but it’s kind of hard to pick. Small cities like Omaha and Tulsa were amazing, too, because they really appreciate that artists make the effort to come out there.

As a musician on a 43-city tour, have you slept much?
No, not at all. Our schedule is pretty insane, because there’s rarely a day in between any of the shows, unless it’s a really long drive to the next city. Our days consist of driving to the next city (usually 2-8hrs on the road), then loading in to the venue around 4pm, VIP meet and greet with fans at 5pm, Mic check at 6pm, a little downtime to eat or rest before doors open, then I hang out at the merch booth all night, outside of my stage time. After that, we head out to the hotel and try to sleep before we head out in the AM.

Do you have a tour rider? If so, what kind of things are on it?
Not really a rider; we usually have a meal buy out, but some venues have had some awesome catering, and fans have been baking a lot of tasty treats.

Best and worst (assuming there’s a worst) part about touring?
Best part for me is my 30-mins on stage; performing really is my favorite thing in the world, so being on the road rocking a new city every night is incredible. Also, it’s been amazing meeting all these new people and earning new fans. The worst parts are the lack of alone time, being exhausted, and eating fast food.

Tell me about the merch you brought along.
For apparel, I did a new Kap Kallous design that’s on Tees and hoodies, Two different logo beanies, and a snapback. For music, I brought my new album Grandeur and two older albums Hearse & I Should Have Kept My Mouth Shut, which come in a three CD combo pack.

What song(s) has been your favorite to perform on this tour, and which song gets the most crowd reaction?
I love performing “Too Proud” from Grandeur, because it’s heavy on the Rock tip and I get to sing a little. I know people go really crazy for my closing song “Hush”, because the beat is just super hard and I have been using that as a closer for a couple years now. Honestly, though, I think people have been most responsive to my acapellas. I really enjoy connecting with the crowd and, because a lot of them are new to my music, it gives them the ability to hear my lyrics on a deeper level.

Any final profound words of advice?
As an artist the best advice I can give to anyone hitting the road, is just take care of yourself. Try your best to eat well and sleep as much as possible, so you can give your all on stage, because at the end of the day, that’s really what it’s all about.

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Stream and download his most recent album, Grandeur, released on June 10th, 2014. Be sure to check out his Bandcamp page for more music, too.



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