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Tour Necessities Q&A: Elaquent on Fall Tour 2014

Canada-based hip hop beat maker Elaquent is up next in my Tour Necessities Q&A interview series. As you may already know, with my first Q&A, I ask a musician about their current/upcoming tour, regarding their favorite snacks, their mode of transportation, what they’ve packed, their riders, and so on. It’s just a break away from the norm of talking about music only, but instead more about the traveling artist in question.

Already in progress (since September), Elaquent is a headliner in the Fall Tour 2014, with Blockhead, as they perform in various cities in North America (mostly in the states). As of today, they still have 6 more stops left, spaced throughout this month. While you wait for him to stop in your area, make sure you check out my Q&A below.

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Tiffology: You’re about halfway through the Fall Tour 2014 with Blockhead. Tell me about the tour.
Elaquent: It’s been a great experience; my first real tour. I got a new booking agent and within weeks of joining the team, they asked me if I was interested in doing a few dates with Blockhead. Originally, I was just going to play a handful of dates, but then decided to do the whole thing with him. Great chance to hit a few markets and learn the ropes from an established touring artist.

What is the main mode of transportation?
Usually flights, but we did a bit of driving on various stretches of the tour.

What is something that can kill your vibe on a flight?
Having no leg room is tough, but the biggest buzzkill are them badass kids who scream and cry for the entire 2 hour flight smh…

How many bags did you pack, and what equipment did you bring with you?
I pack pretty light. Normally go with just my backpack and small carry on luggage. Just the two bags, but they’re packed pretty tight. But, of course, it depends on how long I’ll be without going home. Normally, just have clothes, laptop, iPad, sp404, and vinyl for sale if possible.

When you go on road trips, whether they’re for touring or not, do you buy souvenirs and things that you didn’t plan on getting? If so, what kind of things are being shoved in your bags for the journey home?
I used to always try and buy a hat to represent every city I play in, but I can’t be seen wearing certain team colors lol. No real tradition, but if I happen to see something interesting, I’ll buy it. I bought shoes on my last journey.

Tell me about your top 5 (or 10, if necessary) artists and/or albums that make it on your road trip playlist.
Been playing a lot of Ivan Ave, Mndsgn, Flying Lotus, Quelle Chris, and DIBIASE in my travels lately.

Tell me about your top 5 travel necessities.
Nintendo 3DS, external battery charger, phone, toothbrush, and, most importantly, money… lol.

Tell me about your top 5 snacks and beverages for the road.
Gummy bears, Gatorade, chocolate milk, Oreo ice cream and starburst. But every store is different.

What do you do to pass the time?
Keep my iPhone loaded with games and movies. If I have space, I like to work on music, especially if it’s a long flight or long layover. And I’ve been getting my Smash Bros on, on my 3ds.

Has there been a favorite city that you’ve performed in so far (if so, why)? What about an upcoming city that you’re looking forward to rocking?
On this particular tour, it’s been a toss up between Austin, TX and San Diego, CA, for two different reasons. Austin was super live and was just a fun crowd to play in front of, and San Diego was really dope, too, but it was especially memorable because I got to meet Freddie Joachim, and AbJo, and a lot of the homies I had never shook hands with before.

Do you have a tour rider? If so, what kind of things are on it?
I got a tech rider, I demand that the green room walls be painted periwinkle and that there are minimum 7 bad b*tches waiting backstage and that there’s a massage chair. Lolol

What merch are you bringing to sell?
Normally, I try to have vinyl to sell, but I want to do t-shirts and CDs for the next tour.

What song(s) get the most love/crowd reaction at your shows?
Depends entirely on the crowd, but “Parallel” usually gets some nice reaction. Whenever I drop a Carmack or Pomo joint, people tend to wild out…

Tell our readers a little bit about this tour, and why they should attend a show in their city.
We have got a handful of dates left in NY, Boston, Philly, Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland. Blockhead puts on a great show, and it’s not everyday that I get to play in the states. Not to mention, Muneshine holds it down. Not sure when next we’ll be hitting up your city, so you def don’t wanna sleep and miss out

Lastly, I saw somewhere that you got a new EP locked and loaded. What can you tell me about that?
Got a few EPs in the works. First up, “Anywhere But Here” is dropping soon on stillmuzik. Just an audio travel journal featuring things that I worked on exclusively away from home–from LA, to Italy and various other places I’ve been to this year. Stay tuned <3

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Stream his most recent album, Green Apples and Oranges, released earlier this year. Be sure to check out his Bandcamp page for more music, and find him on the social links at the bottom.

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