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Tiffology’s Art: E&J

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In April or May of last year, I had finally gotten around to listening to the Dag Savage debut album (a full year after its release), titled E&J. I knew that I was going to love this album when I heard the second track, called “For Old Time’s Sake”. Johaz comes in with a fearless attitude, raw honesty, and even some vulnerability on this song, because he digs deep to share personal history–the good and the bad–with his listeners, in efforts to let us into his world and what’s shaped him into who he is today. He highlights life events in chronological order, by sharing stories about getting jumped, being molested, having sex for the first time, family problems, getting arrested, getting no love in his city, being a father, and more. I love when a musician, or anyone really, has the strength to go beyond the surface level of their life in their life’s work. Not to mention, this is the first song on the album (I was playing it in order, of course) where I was just wholly captivated by his vivid storytelling and lyricism. So fresh; I was a fan instantly. Exile‘s production is hot, too, of course; dusty, head-nodding drums, chunky brass bits, a bold piano taking the lead, cuts in all the right places… there is no wrong with this one. If I were rating this song, it’d get a 10/10.

After hearing that song, the rest was history. I was glued to the album. Every song after that was so on point and delivered pure dopeness. If you’ve heard the album (I’m sure you have, but if you haven’t, give it a listen!), you wouldn’t be surprised that I felt inspired to show my love for their work through my art. As a long-time fan of Exile‘s production and a (at the time) new fan of Johaz, I came across a picture that, I believe, was a promotional photo to go along with their album and used it for reference purposes. I opened Illustrator, pressed play on the album, drew the photo in my vector art style, and knocked it out within that same day. I shared that piece on social media in May, and got some love back from Johaz on Instagram. It’s always a proud, happy feeling when the inspiration (when it’s a person) behind your work shows appreciation and gives you props. Anyway, check out my vector below, and stream the album that was responsible for the inspiration I felt (it’s dope from beginning to end, trust me).


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Written By: Tiffany B.

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