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The Uncluded – “Hokey Fright” album

My first exposure to Kimya Dawson‘s music was when a friend handed me The Moldy Peaches’ debut album, over 8 years ago. Her quirky charm, distinct sound, playful melodies, and not-so-normal topics are enough to draw in most listeners. Although I haven’t kept up with her music catalog as much as Aesop’s, I am still a fan of her work.

Now, the first Aesop Rock CD I ever purchased was Labor Days, over a decade ago. His music, along with a few other emcees, was what popped my underground hip hop cherry in 2000. Been a major fan since then–with all of his solo records, The Weathermen, and Hail Mary Mallon.

Together, they are The Uncluded, and their debut album, Hokey Fright, was officially released today via Rhymesayers.


When I first heard that these two talented artists, with unique voices and music styles, were doing a full-length album together, I thought it was very cool and interesting. It may not be fitting for everyone’s palates, and it may take a few listens for people to really feel it, but I think it’s worth listening to. It’s creative, neat, and different. Good different.

I also think that people should ignore the reviews, good or bad, and form their own thoughts after playing the album, or at least listening to a handful of songs. I’ve seen numerous people make comments about avoiding listening to the album (or any album, in general) after reading a negative review or after a friend says they hate it. I personally don’t like that way of thinking. So-and-so may not have liked an album, but you might love it. Heck, a lot of my friends hate the movies and music that I happen to enjoy. You can respect someone’s opinions, and take it as you please… but if the interest was there, prior to hearing the negativity, then go ahead and check it out. Anyway…

The 16-track album was recorded over the course of a year, in various locations and on various devices, such as voice memo recordings on phones, recording in the tour van, and in studio. The album finds two people on an exploration process of getting through tough situations (death, mortality, and the feelings that come with that), together as friends. It’s serious, honest, and emotionally introspective, yet also whimsical and funny. And, I really like what they’ve created here in Hokey Fright.

Watch videos for their songs: “Delicate Cycle”, the lyric video for “TV on 10”, “Alligator”, “Earthquake”, and “Scissorhands”. Also, watch the an introductory video to how the two began making music together, as well as a cute little instructional video on how to catch a frog!

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The Uncluded Hokey Fright Tour

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