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The Monsters Are Due On CrayonBeats (Part 2) compilation!

Happy Halloween, misfits! I have a treat for you all – The Monsters Are Due On CrayonBeats (Part 2) is here! If you were around for the first one (released in 2012), then you don’t need much explanation. Like the first installment, this is a concept compilation where I personally reached out to a handful of music artists, asking them if they wanted to get down on this creative writing challenge. They each chose a story from either The Twilight Zone television series or the Goosebumps books, and then they were tasked to write/record a brand new song that was inspired by their chosen story. Awesome, right?!

The Monsters Are Due On CrayonBeats (Part 2) is complete with an even 10 songs. You’ll find music from Ricky Pharoe, Tru I.D., Botzy, Random, Mikal kHill, Bloodmoney, Iceberg Theory, Stillborn Identity, Connect, salk, LAMEBOT, Jellyfish Brigade, and Ly Moula. The first 7 songs revolve around The Twilight Zone, and the final 3 are based on Goosebumps.

Alright, let’s get to it. I hope you enjoy this one. Stream the compilation and hit the download link at the bottom (zip coming soon). Make sure you stream and download the first one, too. And if you aren’t familiar with The Twilight Zone or the Goosebumps books… go watch the series and read a book or two, respectively. Again, Happy Halloween!

Artwork by Tiffology (me)


Written By: Tiffany B.

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