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[ARCHIVE] Graffiti Art, Bronx NY

So here I am, aimlessly wandering around the Bronx when I stumble upon some awesome graffiti art. I thought I’d take a pic or two, but as soon as I turned the next block, I saw some more flyness. And so, “Crayon Streets” is now in effect. I’ll just be posting random pics of art, and hopefully, you all enjoy them! Maybe in the future, I’ll be able to track down the artists and get an interview…. =)

Click the thumbnails for a bigger view O_<

Written By: Tiffny

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  • tiffny

    July 4, 20084:02 am

    =) yeah i love graffiti art, especially when it’s done with great skill.


    July 4, 200812:09 am

    Not that I go lookin’ for it, but it’s been awhile since I’ve seen some great graffiti art – especially in person… I wish I could draw like that.

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