Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


Monday/Friday – “Right On” video

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The Georgia-based Monday/Friday hip hop duo released a brand new music video for the song “Right On”, from their self-titled album released in August. Over Illastrate‘s soulful, head-nodding beat, we hear Yamin Semali spitting conscious lyrics about being instilled with fear at a young age and being judged and racially profiled wherever he goes, while also spreading the message that he’s going to keep on keepin’ on despite the every day struggle (“Everything isn’t what it appears to be // So I believe in me more than any conspiracy // They put that fear in me and said ‘here, you’re free’ // I see it clearly, struggle don’t disappear // But neither do we, so right on“). Directed by Dazzell Matthews, Yamin walks the city streets while rapping and proudly representing for his African heritage.

Monday/Friday – “MF” video

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When making music together, Atlanta-based producer Illastrate and producer/emcee Yamin Semali become MondayFriday. Having already released a full-length, self-titled album, in August of this year, the duo is already working on a new EP.

They released a brand new single and music video last month, called “MF”, which is from their forthcoming EP Time and a Half. The song is mega fly, as we hear Yamin spitting boastful, creative rhymes that are mostly made up with a variety of different MF acronyms, over a head-nodding beat. I like that it’s a lyric video, so it’s easy to follow along. Video directed by Kevin Smith (no, not that Kevin Smith).

Yamin Semali – “Land of Passion” video

Watch the latest music video from Yamin Semali‘s (@yaminallday) Senior Dues: Â¥$M, Volume 2 album. With head-nodding drums, a deep bassline, and horns (produced by Dub-L-Oh-Skytzo, “Land of Passion” is a jazz-hop love story between two people. About the song, Yamin said, “Just in time for the return of cuffing season, this video is dedicated to those professionals who have love interests just as busy and devoted to their art as they are. The land of passion is where you two meet when your art brings you together.”

The music video was directed by Espee Agency. Watch it below, and grab the album.

Yamin Semali – “Senor Dues” album

On December 7th, 2013, Georgia-based rapper/producer Yamin Semali dropped his latest album, titled Senor Dues, via his imprint called Yen Dollar Music. He brought aboard guests such as Big Vision, Kurupt, Count Bass D, Sa-Roc, J-Live, Boog Brown, PUDGE, Ras Kofi, Señor Kaos, and others. Plus, production by Yamin, Dublohskytzo, Illastrate, and Sam Brown. This is his second Y$M volume, with the first being a collection of instrumentals released late 2012. This project also serves as the prelude to his forthcoming album, Class of MMI.

Yamin Semali – “Never Leave” video

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If you heard this song, without the visuals, you’d think Yamin Semali (of Clan Destined) was talking about a lady. But the music video, directed by W. Feagins Jr, shows otherwise. This emcee/producer is rapping to, and on dates with, his MPC. Dedicated producer. “Never Leave” is from his upcoming, self-produced album, “YAMIN“. You can download this single, along with remixes, over here for a dollar.