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Wafia – “Heartburn”

Wafia is an R&B/pop singer-songwriter/producer based in Brisbane, Australia, and she is gearing up to release her debut EP, titled XXIX, on November 20th. After hearing her captivating voice on Ta-Ku‘s “American Girl“, I decided to check her out.

“Heartburn” is the first and only single that has been released from her forthcoming album. Over a downtempo percussion-driven beat, produced by Ta-Ku and Andrei Eremin, Wafia unveils a tender part of herself where she sings about ignoring her gut when she first sensed that someone was bad for her and, after going with her heart, she came out on the other side heartbroken by lies and betrayal. Listen to the song below.

Ta-Ku – “American Girl” (ft Wafia)

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Last month, Australian producer Ta-Ku released a song called “American Girl”. Unexpectedly, it’s a duet that finds Ta-Ku singing (!!!) on the first verse with Wafia on the second, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Inspired by Estelle’s “American Boy”, Ta-Ku wanted to create a stripped back, emotional version of her song, and I’m glad that he did because it’s incredible.

Ta-Ku – “Love Again” (ft JMSN & Sango)

Although Ta-Ku‘s “Love Again” dropped sometime in April, I heard this song exactly 1 month ago today. I had a lot on my mind at the time, so when I heard this song (it was late at night and I was browsing Soundcloud on my phone), I was caught off guard by its beauty and by the emotion. I turned the volume up, hit the “repeat” button to listen to it continuously, and I was all up in my feelings for the rest of the night. I’ve listened to it a lot since then, too, and it’s one of those songs that you can’t hear just once.

Ta-Ku – “Songs To Break Up To” album

After posting his “I Miss You” song last month, Ta-Ku‘s full album Songs To Break Up To is finally available via HW&W & Sunday Records. It’s a 10-track project that is an emotional roller coaster through the stages of heart break. Carefully chopped vocals help illustrate the melancholy feelings, along with easy-going melodies that breathe with new life, love and pain. Dusty drums, soft clapping blocks, warm strings, delicate keys, and heavenly-sounding horns. Beautiful vocal features from Atu, Thandiwe Phoenix (she shines on “Wasted Time”), and Ebrahim (he always finds a way to weave into the depths of your heart with his soulful voice). Stunning production all around.

Stream it in its entirety below, and purchase the digital album for $9.99. There’s also a vinyl version available for $20.

Ta-Ku – “I Miss You”

After releasing the second installment to his REÏŸWRK series, where he put together another collection of original tracks, reworks, and remixes, Ta-Ku is preparing to release a new album. Songs To Break Up To will be out on October 8th via HW&W and Sunday Records.

Diplo’s Endless Summer Playlist

To kick off the extra hot and extra fun season, Diplo created a massive summer playlist, for Vulture, with a play-time of 6 hours and 19 minutes. Holding 100 tracks, you’ll hear songs such as Disclosure “White Noise”, Rhye “Open”, Branko “Waves”, Bames “Chrome Eagle”, Ginger & The Ghost “One Type of Dark” (Ta-Ku Remix), Tinashe “Boss” (Ryan Hemsworth Remix), James Blake “Life Round Here”, and several others. So, stream the entire playlist below, during those barbeques, pool parties, and hangouts.

Suff Daddy collaborates with New Era

You might have noticed that in all Suff Daddy‘s photos and videos, he’s always wearing a New Era SD (San Diego) hat. Not specifically for San Diego, but more for his initials. He was recently approached by New Era to custom make his own hat, through their Producer Series. Get to know this German producer, who relocated to Sydney after Suff Sells, through the New Era video interview shown below.

Nopromo beat tape + t-shirt collection


Czech graphic, video, and clothing collective Nopromo recently put together an international music compilation. It’s a 9-track beat project with selections from Elaquent, Ta-Ku, Inphy, FNTM, DJ Fatte, and others. This coincides with their first t-shirt collection, which you can see below. Stream and download the beat tape for free, too.