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Onry Ozzborn – “Something Is Wrong” (ft Jaeda)

In October, Onry Ozzborn dropped a second song from his forthcoming DUO album, called “Something Is Wrong”, and I freakin’ love it! Over a hollow and eerie beat, produced by SmokeM2D6, Onry Ozzborn takes the form of Psycho killer Norman Bates, spilling dark raps that dissect and question his own actions and warped mind. In the second verse, Jaeda takes the form of his twisted, deceased mother that, if you remember, Norman sees/becomes with his split-personality. They trade verses a few times and maaaaan… they both SLAY this psychological thriller of a song, with vicious and vivid storytelling lyricism that embodies the two characters really well. It’s so damn cool and creative. Put this one in your soundtrack somewhere, Bates Motel! Give it a listen below and download the song for free (name your price), if you haven’t already.