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Bishop – “River”

Have you heard Bishop‘s newest song “River” yet? No? Well, let me put you on. Following the successful “Wild Horses” single that’s been spreading like wildfire, this song comes in like a Trojan Horse. It begins with gentle looping strings, big claps, and Bishop’s captivating vocals, while she sings a heart-on-her-sleeve verse (“How do we fall in love // Harder than a bullet could hit ya // How do we fall apart // Faster than a hair-pin trigger“)… but as soon as the chorus kicks in, so does the versatility in her voice. Sinister horns blow, there’s an “hey!” sample, her lyrics get dark (seemingly stemming from past pain), and she effortlessly transitions between soft whispers and passionate singing (in the verses), to pulling out all aggression from within her gut to belt out rock-infused, soulful shouts in the intensified chorus. Such unexpected power! “Shut your mouth, baby, stand and deliver // Holy hands, oh they make me a sinner // Like a river, like a river // Shut your mouth and run me like a river // Choke this love ’til the veins start to shiver // One last breath ’til the tears start to wither // Like a river, like a river // Shut your mouth and run me like a river“. Whew, girl, yes! Listen below!

Photo Credit: Mark C Austin

MUTEMATH – “Monument” video

I’m a sap. I’m one of those people that cries at something beautiful (or sad, obviously), and I definitely teared up while watching alternative rock band MUTEMATH‘s latest music video, for their song “Monument”. Actually, you’re probably an apathetic robot or an alien, if you DON’T get a little bit teary-eyed watching it (unless you have a case of dry eyes, then I don’t fault you for that). Directed by Israel Anthem (for Science Lab), the visual is centered around a charismatic and humble man from Starkville, Mississippi, named Charles “LaLa” Evans.

Album Review: Jesse O’Neill – “Talkin’ Paradox Blues”

Jesse O’Neill is a New York-based acoustic blues/folk singer-songwriter and guitarist. The very first time that I saw Jesse O’Neill’s name was in Corina Corina‘s first album, The Eargasm, when he played guitar on her song “Dear Amy”. Then, I heard and reviewed the Max Caddy album (a collaborative project between Jesse and Corina Corina), which I loved and still find myself listening to every now-and-then.

Savages – “Fuckers” video

Savages are a London-based, 4-piece rock band made up of Jehnny Beth (singer), Gemma Thompson (guitar), Ayse Hassan (bass) and Fay Milton (drums), and their genre classification on Facebook is “loud, quite loud.” These ladies released their debut album, titled Silence Yourself, in 2013, via Beth’s label Pop Noire and Matador Records; and they are scheduled to release their sophomore album, Adore Life, on January 22nd, 2016, via the same labels.

DOROTHY – “Raise Hell” video

My first introduction to the band DOROTHY was two weeks ago, when I saw a secret preview of this music video and then shared their newest single “Raise Hell” (and some of their other songs) in one of our SOUNDCHECK posts. Today, the Los Angeles rock group dropped the song’s music video, just in time for Thanksgiving.

In the video, the band shows up to a family’s house for Thanksgiving, only to find that their seating is at the kid’s table. Pissed with the lack of respect from a stuck-up family, the band raises a little hell by flipping the table, starting a food fight, and doing a bad-ass performance of the bluesy-rock song. Sometimes you gotta start a riot to create a little fun. Check it out.

Donna Missal – “Hotline Bling” (Drake cover)

After Drake‘s “Hotline Bling” song/video came out, the internet flooded with memes, jokes, and parodies. Then there are song covers, of course, which I haven’t really heard (not that there aren’t a ton, but I didn’t go out searching for them, nor were any sent to me -emoji praise hands here-). I’m not a big fan of Drake to begin with, so I welcome covers of his songs sometimes and, today, I heard one that I liked!


Today, I watched the unreleased music video for DOROTHY‘s latest single “Raise Hell”, without knowing who they were, and was loving their energetic, hard rock sound. I then learned that they are the band behind the bluesy-rock song “Wicked Ones“, which I’ve heard several times in a Levi’s commercial. It’s always good to put a face to a name, especially when they’re faces of wickedly talented people.

DOROTHY is a 4-person rock group from Los Angeles, California, made up of lead-singer Dorothy Martin, drummer Zac Morris, guitarist Mark Jackson, and bassist Gregg Cash. On September 11th, 2015, they released their self-titled debut EP, which introduced the world to 5 original songs. I’m gonna talk about a couple of my favorites: “Wicked Ones”, “After Midnight”, and their latest single “Raise Hell”.


I clicked play on a song by Black Honey today, called “Corrine”, and about 20 seconds in, they had me as an intrigued fan. I clicked “like” and “repost” on Soundcloud, and began my who-are-they search, so I could share them with you! Having formed in mid-2014, Black Honey is an, indie rock band from Brighton, UK, that’s led by front-woman Izzy Bee Phillips, along with 3 cool dudes rocking out on the instruments, named Christ Ostler, Tommy Taylor, and Tom Dewhurst.

April Blue: Signs

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From their upcoming album Pop Girls Etc (Feb. 2016), April Blue‘s new single “Signs” is an upbeat track which mixes Funk, Pop, Rock and RnB to create an instantly catchy jam that’s a little left of the band’s previous acoustic-soul influenced sound. With their new vibe being geared to a much broader spectrum, the original members of April Blue (Ozz & Ian) have addedd members, Jazzy Drums and Sarah Payne, completing the lineup of their now fully electric band. Check out their single and video below (which they wrote, produced, recorded and directed in true indie DIY or DIE fashion).

White Like Fire – “Crimson” video

From White Like Fire‘s (@whitelikefire) new EP, watch the music video for the rock-and-roll jam “Crimson”. The push-and-pull of the song’s instrumentation and Tyler’s singing, between the energetic verses and the melodic, catchy chorus is magnetic–it will have you thrusting your body in every which direction, in the best way possible. Especially alongside those electrifying guitar riffs, hard-hitting drums, the “hey!” shouts that jump in every now and then, and the fun keys that dance their way in (I love the way they’re punctuated at the end, sounding like a little retro ditty). Its upbeat nature is perfect for a good-time party atmosphere, much like the masquerade hang-out that they are performing for in the video. Directed by Bradley Atom. Check it out.

White Like Fire – “Wait the Night Out” EP

Since sharing White Like Fire‘s (@whitelikefire) “You Gave Up On Me” video and getting put onto them then, the Pennsylvania-based indie rock band independently released their Wait The Night Out EP, on April 21st. Through 6 songs, they sure do make heartbreak, feeling lost in life, loneliness, and those darker times sound so damn cool and, most importantly, temporary. Or, at least, they’ll have you feeling good on the surface, with energetic dance moves to take your mind off of the other things that consume your mind. There’s a bright sun and beautiful rainbows just beyond the rain, you know.