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Today, I watched the unreleased music video for DOROTHY‘s latest single “Raise Hell”, without knowing who they were, and was loving their energetic, hard rock sound. I then learned that they are the band behind the bluesy-rock song “Wicked Ones“, which I’ve heard several times in a Levi’s commercial. It’s always good to put a face to a name, especially when they’re faces of wickedly talented people.

DOROTHY is a 4-person rock group from Los Angeles, California, made up of lead-singer Dorothy Martin, drummer Zac Morris, guitarist Mark Jackson, and bassist Gregg Cash. On September 11th, 2015, they released their self-titled debut EP, which introduced the world to 5 original songs. I’m gonna talk about a couple of my favorites: “Wicked Ones”, “After Midnight”, and their latest single “Raise Hell”.


I clicked play on a song by Black Honey today, called “Corrine”, and about 20 seconds in, they had me as an intrigued fan. I clicked “like” and “repost” on Soundcloud, and began my who-are-they search, so I could share them with you! Having formed in mid-2014, Black Honey is an, indie rock band from Brighton, UK, that’s led by front-woman Izzy Bee Phillips, along with 3 cool dudes rocking out on the instruments, named Christ Ostler, Tommy Taylor, and Tom Dewhurst.

The Preatures – “Somebody’s Talking”

I don’t know about you all, but I’m so excited for The Preatures‘ debut album! Blue Planet Eyes comes out September 26th, but is available for pre-orders now. You can either buy it through iTunes, or you can grab the deluxe bundle from their online store. The deluxe bundle is just that – it comes with Blue Planet Eyes limited digipak CD, exclusive limited edition tote bad, a signed poster, instant Grat Track (Two Tone Melody), and you will automatically be entered into a contest to win flights, accommodation, and a double pass to an exclusive album launch in Sydney on the day of its release. How cool is that?!

The Preatures – “Two Tone Melody”

Have you heard the new single from rock and roll band The Preatures, yet? Stepping back from the fun, groovy tunes that they’re known for, “Two Tone Melody” tip-toes into softer, soulful territory. It’s a beautiful song about love and longing for that special someone when you’re lonely. Co-produced by Jim Eno (from Spoon). You can find it on their forthcoming album, which is scheduled for a release later this year. Stream the single now.

Street Joy – “Laurel Hill”

Street Joy (@streetjoy) is a rock and roll band from Los Angeles, California, made up of Jason DeMayo (lead vocals, guitar, bass) and Scott Zimmerman (drums, backup vocals). Leading up to the duo’s debut album due out on June 1st, they released their first single in February, called “Wandering In Your Mind,” and it’s an explosive, love-induced song that will rev your dancing engines.

Yesterday, however, they dropped a brand new single called “Laurel Hill,” and it has a classic (think ’50s), upbeat pop-rock feel with a modern flare. The boys take us up to Laurel Hill with this good-time, carefree song about being adventurous and having the thrill of your life. With fun, bouncing percussion, funky bass rhythms, an incredibly catchy melody, and edgy vocals, this is one song that you will want on repeat. So, put down your cherry soda and bust out your best shoulder shimmies, hand claps, and foot-kicking dance moves for this one. Stream and download for free!

[Album Review] Drop The Lime: Enter The Night

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Drop The Lime (Luca Venezia) is an NYC-based singer, songwriter, producer and DJ whose album “Enter The Night” was just released July 3rd. The album, influenced by the likes of Ritchie Valens, Richie Hawtin, Johnny Cash, Ennio Morricone and Underworld, “weaves a baroque nighttime fantasy, riding the range from the ashes of rave into the dark heart of rock & roll.” As the album has been out for a little over a week now, I was asked to give my thoughts on it. Check out my review after the jump.


“Long ago, human beings lost their true sense of time, and because of this, their senses grew dull and they lost other-dimensional creative powers that would be unimaginable today, like telepathy and advanced powers of thought.” So begins the opening lines of the deeply powerful and thought provoking track by Japanese Rock and Roll outfit FRYING DUTCHMAN.