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Special Education with Anderson .Paak

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For the latest episode of Special‘s Special Education game show, she has singer/rapper/producer Anderson .Paak (previously known as Breezy LoveJoy) as a guest. After first learning that he has to choose songs he’s already released (in regards to the first question, haha), we learn that his favorite word is “N8PS” (pronounced “napes”, which is slang for “hell no”), that he’d choose to perform “Celebrate” at an old folks home (in contrast, Special chose “Home Going“, because she thought it was a lighthearted song, but it’s really about death), he says “Drugs” was the most fun song to perform live, and he says who he loves working with. There’s also a point in this game where he flips it up and asks Special a NSFW question, where they each share the age that they first experienced the act of “69”. Hahaha. Watch below!

Sevdaliza – “One Armed Lullaby”

I heard this Sevdaliza song a couple of days ago, while going through Redbull’s 20 before 16 song series, and was captivated by the singer’s delicate and seductive R&B vocals that tip-toe alongside the ghostly, sensual Mucky-produced beat. “One Armed Lullaby” is a beautiful song with minimal, but poetic, lyrics that possess a bit of heartache (“Look at her eyes, look at her eyes // She’s tainted by gravity“) and acts as a quiet cry for an escape from that which holds her down. Listen to this new song of hers below, and then go listen to (or purchase) her latest EP, titled Children of Silk.

ArchDuke – “Ama Be Happy” video

Now that I’ve shared the live performance version of ArchDuke‘s song “Ama Be Happy”, I’m going to share with you the actual music video for it. It released 4 months ago, but I just saw it today. The original song is a bit different from the live version, but it’s just as good (although, I’m not gonna lie, that live version is incredible). The production is a bit more mellow, with warm piano keys and gentle guitar strings in the forefront, setting the easy-going, feel-good tone, as Charity and Jacob do their smooth rap-singing in the uplifting verses and clap-driven chorus that I talked about in the other post. This music video was shot, edited, and directed by Domi V, and we see the guys having a really good time, feeling blessed to be alive, as they perform the song outside. Watch it below, and look out for more from these guys (because I’ll be posting a couple more things in these coming days).

ArchDuke – “Ama Be Happy” live video

A couple of months ago, I saw this video shared on Facebook and was blown away by what I had just heard. ArchDuke is a genre-bending duo between Jacob Denzel and Charity Croff, from Gary, Indiana, and their music is often a cross between hip hop, R&B, and electronica; they sometimes bringing in elements of jazz, rock and pop, too.

The song starts off with a brief, yet beautiful cover of TLC’s “Waterfalls”, and soon transitions into their “Ama Be Happy” song. It’s an uplifting, feel-good song about finding the silver-lining in bad situations and letting love guide you through life with a smile. Aside from the positive lyrics, their voices sound so good separately and together. Charity takes the first verse (“Ama be alright, Ama be okay…“), while playing the keyboard, sing-rapping about the beauty and importance of a woman, and I love it.

Meaty Ogre – “Youresogood”

It’s been awhile since I’ve heard anything new from New York-based producer Meaty Ogre (although, he’s been active on the record label front as co-owner of Cherries Records), so I was pleasantly surprised to see him post a new beat up on Soundcloud last night. Created on the SP-1200, “Youresogood” has 80’s-tinged, sensual RnB vibe to it and I’m diggin’ it. Press play below, and maybe keep your eyes on his Soundcloud page for future goodies.

Ta-Ku – “American Girl” (ft Wafia)

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Last month, Australian producer Ta-Ku released a song called “American Girl”. Unexpectedly, it’s a duet that finds Ta-Ku singing (!!!) on the first verse with Wafia on the second, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Inspired by Estelle’s “American Boy”, Ta-Ku wanted to create a stripped back, emotional version of her song, and I’m glad that he did because it’s incredible.

Rubee Rayne – “Nightshift”

After releasing her biggest single “DSYLM (Don’t Say You Love Me)” last year and the music video for it a few months ago (watch here), the UK-based singer Rubee Rayne dropped a new song two weeks ago, called “Nightshift”.

As she sings about love, her soft R&B-pop vocals breathe delicately over a warm, glimmering electronic beat that unfolds with a stunning guitar solo. It’s a lovely song. Listen to “Nightshift” below and download for free. “I wrote you a song, baby // I was up all night long, all night long // Just to write you a song // I was up all night long.

Ta-Ku – “Love Again” (ft JMSN & Sango)

Although Ta-Ku‘s “Love Again” dropped sometime in April, I heard this song exactly 1 month ago today. I had a lot on my mind at the time, so when I heard this song (it was late at night and I was browsing Soundcloud on my phone), I was caught off guard by its beauty and by the emotion. I turned the volume up, hit the “repeat” button to listen to it continuously, and I was all up in my feelings for the rest of the night. I’ve listened to it a lot since then, too, and it’s one of those songs that you can’t hear just once.

Special Education with SZA

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Special gets with singer-songwriter SZA to battle it out on her Special Education game show, to see how well she knows her music. They get right into it, where Special asks SZA a tough question of if she were to have a documentary, what would it be called. SZA also goes into length about why “Babylon” was her favorite music video to create, “Aftermath” being the hardest song to write, the feeling of freedom being what she hopes to evoke through her music, and “HiiiJack” being her favorite song to perform. Although Special only got 1 point, which was a bonus, this episode was fun and we got some inside scoop to some songs. Watch it now.

Childish Gambino – “So Into You” (Tamia cover)

Childish Gambino recently did a live performance cover of Tamia‘s classic R&B song “So Into You“, for Triple J‘s Like A Version segment. I got goosebumps the moment he began singing, and knew that I had to share it here. I remember when that song and video originally came out, so hearing it again, after not hearing it for several years, brought a real big, happy smile to my face; especially hearing it performed so beautifully by Childish Gambino.