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Grieves – “Against The Bottom” video

New video from Grieves. "Against The Bottom" is a song from his Rhymesayers debut release, "Together/Apart" (produced by Budo). Since the video was premiered on Hot Topic, you can buy...

Face Candy – “Waste Age Teen Land” album

Above is a hands-on look at the upcoming Face Candy record, “Waste Age Teen Land“, that’s available May 24th. Face Candy is Eyedea (R.I.P.), Kristoff Krane, Jt Bates (drummer), and Casey O’Brien (bassist). WATL is the final album that Eyedea was able to completely finish before passing away in October 2010. It follows the group on a 3-day recording excursion that took place in March 2009. You can get it as a limited deluxe CD or a limited hand-numbered picture disc vinyl. Pre-order at Fifth Element or iTunes. The initial run of vinyl/cd will include a bonus DVD that contains a hour of video footage documenting the creative and entertaining process of Face Candy. The song featured in the video is track “Fifteen”.

Hail Mary Mallon – “Garfield” video

Brand new video from Hail Mary Mallon for the song “Garfield”. If you weren’t aware that Rob Sonic, Aesop Rock, and DJ Big Wiz were putting out an album, then you are now. The three are in a group called Hail Mary Mallon, and their new album is named “Are You Gonna Eat That?“. The digital version is out now (links below), but if you’re like me… you’re ANXIOUSLY waiting for June 7th for the physical copies (CD/Vinyl).

Hail Mary Mallon – “Smock” video

Live from the burgundy Camry, Hail Mary Mallon rolls through with their first single, “Smock“, from the Rhymesayers debut album, “Are You Gonna Eat That?“. Hail Mary Mallon is made up of Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, and DJ Big Wiz. I love Aes Rizzle, and this video has me so stoked to hear rest and order it. The digital album drops May 3rd, but you can get physical copies on June 7th. Listen to the album version of “Smock” below, and hit the link to grab a pre-order of the album.

The Adventures of Blueprint: Ep. 4 – Alcohol

Here's the fourth episode into Blueprint's "The Adventures of Blueprint" video series. "Blueprint opens up and takes the viewer and listener down the road of a performing artist with many...

Grieves & Budo – “Pack it up” video

I’m a little late on this Grieves & Budo track “Pack It Up”, but love is for all days… not just on Feb 14th. Yes, yes, ya’ll. It’s a love track. And you’re gonna like it! Not only does it come in a music video, but it also comes as a free download.

Blueprint – “Radio-Inactive” video

Incase you weren’t aware, rapper/producer Blueprint has a new album dropping this year. It’s called “Adventures in Counter-Culture“, and it’s set for release April 5th, 2011. Above is the music video for his single, “Radio-Inactive”.

Buy the single and check out two other videos from Blueprint below…

Psalm One – “Ginsu Knives” video

RSE‘s Psalm One has a new video called “Ginsu Knives”, featuring Del The Funky Homosapien. The video is part of her “Woman At Work” series — in particular, it’s from her third installment of “Woman at Work“. Production from Mulatto Patriot. Watch it below.

Rest In Peace Micheal “Eyedea” Larsen

It’s a sad day in hip hop. Earlier today I went to go get groceries for the week and picked up “Zombieland” from FYE. Normal, chill Sunday. I got home, sat on the couch, and hit up Twitter on my phone. I began scrolling down my timeline only to see about 7 “RIP Eyedea” tweets. Whaaaaaaaaaat? No way. I was in disbelief at first because, well, it’s Twitter. Can’t believe that kinda shit on there right away. A little more time passed and I still kept seeing more of those tweets. And what hit the hammer on the nail was when I saw that Eyedea’s mom confirmed the tragic news.