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Aesop Rock – “Rings” video

Aesop Rock is preparing to drop a self-produced album, called The Impossible Kid, at the end of April via Rhymesayers. I’m sure you’ve already heard about that, though. We haven’t seen a solo project since 2012’s Skelethon, so I’m extra pumped for this one. “Rings” is the first single and music video to drop, and Aesop said the following regarding inspiration for the song: “Rings reflects on my failure as a visual artist, and some of the regret I’ve experienced in regards to not pursuing it further.

Atmosphere – “Sunshine” video

As a long-time fan of Atmosphere (@atmosphere), which began in 2000, I’m happy to see that an older song, like “Sunshine”, was given some extra light today with a music video. From the 2007-released Sad Clown Bad Summer 9 EP, the music video was created using 100% solar-power, courtesy of SunPort. Directed by Victor Rukavina, it follows a girl throughout her day; from waking up with a hangover to enjoying the beautiful day and what life has to offer.

Dilated Peoples – “Good As Gone” video

After an 8-year hiatus, hip hop trio Dilated Peoples‘ (@dilatedpeoples) are back! They will be returning with their fifth, forthcoming album, titled Directors of Photography, next month. I’m so excited!

Last month, the music video for their first single dropped. The video was directed by Andrew Melby and Evidence, and takes place in the sunny California desert and along the coast. Produced by DJ Premier, Evidence and Rakaa show and prove that giving in isn’t in their nature, and that the trio is better than ever. They’ve built a saga. DJ Babu on the ill cuts, of course! From the hook: “They thought that it was gone for good // They figured it was good as gone.” Watch the video now.

Step Brothers – “Mums In The Garage” (ft Action Bronson)

Are you ready for the Step Brothers‘ highly-anticipated Lord Steppington album, releasing on January 21st via Rhymesayers?! You better be. You’ll find guest appearances from Action Bronson, Styles P, Roc Marciano, Domo Genesis, Fashawn, Rakaa, Blu, The Whooliganz, and Oh No. Until then, how about you stream their latest single, “Mums In The Garage” featuring Action Bronson? Then, perhaps you should go pre-order the maroon velvet album like I just did.

Dem Atlas – “Charle Brwn” EP

A Minnesota-based rapper named Dem Atlas is the newest artist to the join the Rhymesayers roster. His very first project is an EP called Charle Brwn, where he channels the Charlie Brown cartoon character throughout. I haven’t heard of this guy prior to today, and I’ve been listening to the EP on repeat (on my third play-through right now). Someone had previously compared his style to that of West Coast legends Pharcyde and Freestyle Fellowship, and I can hear that through the way he flows and the dusty, jazz-influenced beats that he raps over. Some real smooth, good stuff here! Go ahead and take a listen. My favorite tracks include: “A Happy Sad”, “Charlie Brown”, “Lucille”, and “Fall Into Sleep (Endlessly)”.

Step Brothers – “Step Masters” video

Alchemist and Evidence are releasing their long-awaited Step Brothers album next year. It’s called Lord Steppington and it will be available via Rhymesayers on January 21, 2014. However, pre-order is up for grabs now!

Watch the music video for their first single, “Step Masters.” Directed by Jason Goldwatch, the Step Brothers compete against each other in fun games such as who’s the fastest at chugging beer, first to get a strike in bowling, the best at Jenga, fastest orange peeler, and more. Watch now! After that, stream and download a track called “Ron Carter,” which won’t be on the album.

The Uncluded – “Hokey Fright” album

My first exposure to Kimya Dawson‘s music was when a friend handed me The Moldy Peaches’ debut album, over 8 years ago. Her quirky charm, distinct sound, playful melodies, and not-so-normal topics are enough to draw in most listeners. Although I haven’t kept up with her music catalog as much as Aesop’s, I am still a fan of her work.

Now, the first Aesop Rock CD I ever purchased was Labor Days, over a decade ago. His music, along with a few other emcees, was what popped my underground hip hop cherry in 2000. Been a major fan since then–with all of his solo records, The Weathermen, and Hail Mary Mallon.

Mr. Dibbs – “Deadworld Reborn” album


In the first week of November, Mr. Dibbs released a new project called “Deadworld Reborn“. Released via Rhymesayers and Machina Muerte, this is a pay-what-you-want album, where all the proceeds go directly to the family and 2-year-old daughter of Dibb‘s late friend; emcee/producer Marcus “Skandal Da Ruckus Man” Mitchell.

Skandal lost his life in October this year. I have memories for days of him, but there will be no more new ones. I don’t get to have that again,” says Dibbs. “And so I’m giving you Deadworld Reborn…because this man gave me back my fucking life.

Dead Side features Grayskul, Feist, Juliette Lewis, Ramallah, and others. World Side features The Black Keys, Brother Ali, Barfly, Murs, Dose One, Jel, and others. Go ahead and stream the song “Where Pigs Fly”, that features Skandal Da Ruckus Man. Then, read Dibbs‘ open-letter about the project and his friendship with Skandal. Buy this album; donate what you can, it’s for a good cause.

Aesop Rock – “Cycles to Gehenna” video


In the Behind Skelethon episode, Aesop Rock explains that “Cycles to Gehenna” is about riding a motorcycle at night, in the city, where your imagination begins to wander. The music video for it, which dropped a month ago, depicts just that, along with beautiful warrior women performing a stunning ballet piece. Watch now, and don’t forget to pick up a copy of “Skelethon“.

P.O.S. – “Fuck Your Stuff” video

@YEAHRIGHTPOS #hiphop #fuckyourstuff

On October 22nd, P.O.S. drops his new album “We Don’t Even Live Here” (pre-order). He will be touring in the fall, with Bad Rabbits, beginning with his album release show in Minneapolis on October 26th. Tour dates can be found here. Until then, keep watching his music videos. His latest video is for the wildly fun “Fuck Your Stuff”, where they blurred all brand names, have a bonfire and burn things, cut shit up, tag things up, dance and riot. Watch it now.