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Equipto & Otayo Dubb – “Yuk The World” video

(@tayodubb @equipto)
From their collaborative Baby Steps album, released mid-last year, California emcees Equipto and Otayo Dubb dropped a music video for the song “Yuk The World”. Produced by Bean One, the song finds the two rapping about ignoring propaganda while acknowledging the real positive contributions, standing up for what’s right, and celebrating life’s good moments, even through adversity and the bad times. “Life’s a struggle, yet I still laugh // Can you feel that?

The video was filmed by Bambu, at a Free Breakfast event put together by the duo, at The Black & Brown Social Club. Watch the video below, and then check the maxi single below, which comes with a Digital Martyrs remix (free downloads on Soundcloud).

Zerolex – “Twofold” EP

The last time that I wrote about French producer Zerolex was over a year ago, when he released an EP with Holy Two. Since then, he has dropped the Volutes EP with his Cotton Claw producer collective, and has released his second solo EP, titled Twofold, which is also the most recent. Composed of two new songs, and a dazzling remix by Nikitch, we hear Zerolex exploring a more evolved electronic path, where he has constructed futuristic-type beats that are ultra rich in synth textures, percussion samples, underlying jazzy tones, and melodic movement. I like them both a lot, as well as the remix. Watch the animated music video for the title track, done by Dylan Cote-Colisson and Pierre Lafanechère, and then stream the EP. Then, purchase for $2 via Parisian label Cascade Records.

Tef Wesley – “Gametime” (ft Jered Sanders & Cane) remix

A couple of days ago, DMV-based emcee Tef Wesley dropped a remix to his Grussle-produced “Gametime” single. Featuring extra verses from Jered Sanders and Cane, all three emcees wreck the mic with fury, serving up heavy bars laced with aggressive deliveries and sharp game-related metaphors. They prove that they’re not here to play… unless, perhaps, it’s on the court or in the field. Give it a listen below and download for free at Soundcloud.

Knightstalker & Falling Down – “Times Have Changed” remix b/w “Jugular” remix

To close the gap between Knightstalker and Falling Down‘s 2013 collaborative EP and their forthcoming EP, they released a third and final single from Kept In Perspective II. Actually, it’s a double a-side single, and it comes in the form of two remixes of tracks that came from their first project. The first is a remix for “Times Have Changed”, which featured 9th Prince, Fes Taylor, and Dark Skinned Assassin, and the second remix is of “Jugular“, which featured Kinetic 9. Don’t sleep on ’em. Listen to both songs below, and look out for the EP on December 18th!

Monday/Friday – “Right On” video

(@yaminallday @illastrate_)
The Georgia-based Monday/Friday hip hop duo released a brand new music video for the song “Right On”, from their self-titled album released in August. Over Illastrate‘s soulful, head-nodding beat, we hear Yamin Semali spitting conscious lyrics about being instilled with fear at a young age and being judged and racially profiled wherever he goes, while also spreading the message that he’s going to keep on keepin’ on despite the every day struggle (“Everything isn’t what it appears to be // So I believe in me more than any conspiracy // They put that fear in me and said ‘here, you’re free’ // I see it clearly, struggle don’t disappear // But neither do we, so right on“). Directed by Dazzell Matthews, Yamin walks the city streets while rapping and proudly representing for his African heritage.

Fletcher – “War Paint” video

I didn’t know pop singer Fletcher released a music video for her anthemic single “War Paint” back in July, so here I am sharing it with you now. Directed by Garen Barsegian, a group of contemporary dancers dance with great strength and confidence, in the dark, with colorful bursts of powder paint and glitter, while Fletcher’s fierce voice sings the chant-along song about fighting for what you believe in. Check it out, and then listen to a remix of the song by Vancouver production duo Young Bombs.

Awkward – “Awkward Vs Beastie Boys” compilation

Last year, producer Awkward unveiled and released a collection of Beastie Boys remixes that he created over the course of 5 years, sometime betwen 2007-2012. With 18 offerings, you’ll hear Awkward’s experimental hip hop style rebooting songs like “That’s It That’s All”, “We Got The”, “Oh Word”, “Shake Your Rump”, “Brrr Stick Em”, “Right Right Now Now”, “Pass The Mic” “3 The Hard Way”, and more. I think Awkward did a lot of them justice, too, so you should give it a listen. Stream the remixes below and download each individual track over at Soundcloud (do it while you can, too, because I’m sure at some point Soundcloud and their new rules will flag ’em).

Tuxedo – “The Right Time” (M+M 80’s classic mix)

(@tuxedo @johnthemixer)
I clicked play on this remix of Tuxedo‘s already-funky jam “The Right Time”, and fell in love all over again. John Morales (aka M+M, when partnered with Sergio Munzibai) is a DJ and mixer who helped to pioneer the use of editing for dance floor remixes of records in the 1980s, but got his start as a DJ in the ’70s. He has mixed and remixed projects for artists such as Aretha Franklin, The Rolling Stones, Hall & Oats, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, DeBarge, Harold Faltermeyer, and many others.

Julian Nagano : INSTARGRAM

#BeatJackRemix | @juliannagano | @YALLAFAMILY

Julian Nagano recently released his remix of INSTARGRAM, originally by Wez from YALLA FAMILY. The trap-inspired ode to everyone’s favorite social media site is addictive and as you guys know, we love whenever Julian jacks a beat for his remixes. This song is pretty self-explanatory so even if you don’t understand Japanese, you can still follow along and appreciate. One thing I will say is that I kinda wish this would become viral with several different people pulling out remixes in many different languages!

Elliphant – “Love Me Badder” (ROOM8 remix)

(@room8sound @elliphantmusic)

I heard this song today and thought that it fit really well with the cloudy weather outside. Los Angeles-based producer duo ROOM8 remixed Swedish electronic-pop singer-songwriter Elliphant‘s “Love Me Badder”, and it’s one of those deeply emotional, love-driven anthems that you can’t get out of your head after you hear it. I wasn’t aware of Elliphant until now, so I had to go listen to the original song (see the music video). While I really like her song as is, I find myself listening to this remixed version a lot more.