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Raquel Rodriguez – “Don’t Be Afraid” live video

Los Angeles singer Raquel Rodriguez dropped a brand new live video the other day that I wanted to share. Recorded at the Blue Dream Studios, she performed previously unreleased (I think) song, called “Don’t Be Afraid”. It’s an intimate song that finds her telling someone to let go of their fears of falling in love (with her). Complimenting both her live band and her sweet pop-soul voice, it’s a beautiful song. I’ve missed hearing Raquel Rodriguez’s music, so I’m glad that this popped up in my inbox. Video filmed and edited by Giovanni Solis. Check it out, and don’t be afraid to want her… music in your life!

Raquel Rodriguez – “Better Days” video

Raquel Rodriguez (@rqlrod) dropped a brand new soulful song and music video today, called “Better Days”. Over a head-nodding beat driven by deep bass strings and snare drums, which carries an upbeat melody of light horns, finger snaps, and playful keys, Raquel reflects on an old relationship, while saying goodbye to heartbreak and hello to freedom and better days. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard anything new from this talented singer (her Miss Me album came out in 2013), so I’m happy to see some new material. Watch the music video below, directed by Giovanni Solis. If you’re feeling the song, go ahead and download it for $1 at Bandcamp.

CrayonBeats Magazine Issue 4

Hey everyone! It’s that time again. Today, we released our fourth magazine issue! Remember our second issue, where we had a Korean theme? Tiffny and I decided to have a unique theme for this one, too. Being that we’re two women, why not have a magazine issue dedicated to creative women? So, there you have it! Through 42 colorful pages, we feature informative articles, interviews, and exclusive photos that cover the usual topics: Music, Art, and Fashion.

Raquel Rodriguez – “Tell Me It’s Fine” video

From Raquel Rodriguez‘ full-length album Miss Me, backed by live instrumentation by her band The Big Guys, the Los Angeles singer has a brand new music video out. “Tell Me It’s Fine” illustrates a story about a rocky relationship where both people refuse to end what they have, and they hold onto the hope that everything will be fine. Directed by Jay Ahn, the music video alternates between color and black and white giving it a nostalgic vibe.

Raquel Rodriguez – “Miss Me”

The Los Angeles-based singer Raquel Rodriguez dropped a brand new, much anticipated song a week ago. From her upcoming album, due out May 21st, stream and purchase her single “Miss Me”. With a stellar arrangement of instruments (trumpet, saxophone, guitars, drums, piano), Raquel delivers a bluesy, high-energy song dedicated to the opposite sex that did her wrong. Go ‘head, girl!

Cause you take, and you take, and you take from me // But you don’t give, you don’t give, you don’t give nothing // So I’m runnin’, I’m runnin’, I’m runnin’ fast as I can // Hopin’ all you’ll do is miss me

Raquel Rodriguez says “happy holidays” with free music

In holiday spirit, Raquel Rodriguez has made her self-titled EP, released last year, available for free download, for the rest of the year. This also goes for the live recording of “Midnight Whispers” (one of my favorite songs of the year, actually) and the SBTRKT “Wildfire” single. All of which need to be in your music collection, because this girl is incredible.

Head on over to her Bandcamp page now, and watch the live performance video for “Midnight Whispers”. The instrument arrangement and her vocals are perfection.

Intuition & Equalibrum – “Make Better” video

@itsintuition @equalibrum @rqlrod

Intuition and Equalibrum will soon be releasing an album, cleverly titled “Intuition & Equalibrum”. They recently dropped an inspirational single “Make Better”, a song about keeping a positive mindset in the face of adversity. Watch the music video, filmed by Kyle Gray Visuals, that was shot with Raquel Rodriguez roaming the gorgeous island of Iceland. Then, download the song for free.