Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


Onry Ozzborn – “Let Them Go” (ft Scotty Preston)

Onry Ozzborn‘s latest single, from his highly anticipated album DUO, is the song “Let Them Go”. Produced by Jack Rylands, our ears are hit with a rock-infused instrumental that’s led by gentle hi-hat jingles, thumping kick drums, and prominent guitars, while Onry unwinds with dark lyrics about hopelessness, running scared and feeling oneself slip into a place of hurt and vulnerability. Scotty Preston‘s intense punk vocals cry out in the chorus, really adding to the aggressive emotion and feeling of pain in this song. Listen below and look out for the fourth single later this week.

Pussy Riot – “Refugees In” video

In efforts to express solidarity with refugees, Russian punk rock band Pussy Riot released a song and music video called “Refugees In”. Fueled by powerful political lyrics and an angry delivery, Pussy Riot send a very clear, pro-refugee message about desperate people fleeing from war, only to be met by locked borders, police brutality and government injustices, through this fist-pumping, chaotic, electronic song. Produced by Tev Nev, bretonLABS, with additional production by Alexander Parsons.

Paulie Think – “Gangs n’ Govt” video

Currently based in Texas, Paulie Think is a musician that has been holding the mic for a couple decades now, making a name for himself in the underground hip hop and punk scenes. In fact, his earlier years found him singing in a punk rock band called NOT-US, between 1987-1989; and then singing and playing guitar in punk rock/rap band Think, between 1990-1991. He has a handful of solo albums and music out, some of which can be found spread out on the internet (here, here, here, and here, to name a few). I won’t get deep into his history, because I only got put onto him yesterday, when reached out to me with this new music video.

#SongChallenge Day 25: An Acoustic Song

I love today’s challenge. Acoustic songs are my favorites and I’m sure Tiffology will agree. There’s just something about hearing a song in all it’s parts without the polish and pizazz of studio slicking. Hearing the true timbre of a singer’s voice or an instrument really resonates with my soul, so I don’t think I’ll be able to stop at just one song today.

Uzuhi: United We Smile (Final US Tour)

NYC based Japanese pop-punk band Uzuhi is embarking on their final tour before two of their members head back to Japan. The final tour, titled United We Smile, began in Janaury in Pennsyvania and is in it’s last leg, where the band will wrap it up in Maryland on Valentines Day. Their next show is today, Feb. 8th, in NYC at The Bowery Electric and tickets are still available. If you’re into fun, pop-punk, definitely try to make it to see Uzuhi. Visit the links below for more info!

#SongChallenge Day 19: A Song You’re Currently Obsessed With

We Tiffanys here at CrayonBeats tend to obsess over songs on the regular. From getting hooked on a single track to playing an album at full ad nauseam, this should be easy like Sunday morning. I don’t want to hold you guys up with any banter about the topic since 1: it’s pretty self explanatory and 2: I’m really excited to post my song(s). So with that being said, read on for our Song Obsessions:

Album Review: House Of Whales – “House Of Whales”

House of Whales, previously called Treehouse, is a 3-piece band from Chicago that blends punk and hip hop stylings. This trio is emcee Rico Sisney, bassist Mike Ruby, and drummer Aunnoy Badruzzaman. On August 25th, 2014, House of Whales released their self-titled debut album. The 10-track album has live instrumentation that’s driven by grungy, growling strings, hard-hitting, boom bap drums, and energetic, spoken word lyricism. Bouncing between various emotions, their music often contains political and social commentary, thought-provoking subject matter, and reflective songwriting, which makes for good variety, and easy to listen to/digest. While this isn’t a full, track-by-track review, I’m going to touch base on some of my favorite songs below. Afterwards stream and purchase the album, if you dig it.

Crimekillz – “Kill Promoters” video

The Electronic/8-bit punk do Crimekillz recently released their album Destroy Stress via Gonjasufi’s record label A.I.R. Records. Watch the music video for their song “Kill Promoters”. On the roof of the Wayside Press building, there’s a fun, frenzied crowd enjoying food, liquor, skateboarding, and moshing to the raw live performance by Crimekillz. At the end, enter slow-mo speed where some shady-ass promoters get the beat down for trying to steal money. Directed by Diana “Spaghetto” Manfredi. Cameo by David Faustino (Bud Bundy) as the bartender.

The ILLusionsists – “Pwnd” video

In a month, The ILLusionists will be releasing their fifth album, titled Death of a Salesman. The album will feature Blueprint, Ecid, Crescent Moon, Kristoff Krane, and Jori Teran, and will be releasing via Crushkill Recordings. It is said to follow the band members over a 3-year period, detailing the struggle with dead-end jobs, balancing the work life with a music career, and the sacrifices one has to make to escape from that 9-5 corporate life.

The punk-influenced “Pwnd” is the first single from the album. It’s fast-paced, intense, messy, and is entirely rapped in furious, screaming vocals. You gotta have the right speakers, and ear, for this one. With hyper-active drumming and loud static, it finds a stressed-out, angry emcee Sammy Warm Hands rapping about being a starving artist, fed up with “the man” and a meaningless job. In the video, the roaring fire behind him illustrate what he feels inside… until that moment when he finally confronts his boss.

Stillborn Identity – “Aim High, Fall Hard” album

Throughout this month, JE Double F and Stillborn Identity have been on their Nun Lower tour, hitting spots on the East Coast. Late in posting this, but if you live in Georgia (Atlanta, at The Cottage), North Carolina (Greeneville, at Tipsy Teapot), Virginia (Richmond, at The Compound), or New Jersey (Atlantic City, at The Boneyard), you can still catch them perform.

To go along with this venture, Stillborn Identity released a 7-track project called Aim High, Fall Hard. Features come from GINO, Moemaw Naedon, JE Double F, Raymond Strife, and Cornelius The Third. It’s available via the name-your-price option, so stream and download now.