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#SongChallenge Day 2: A Song That Clears Your Head

Depending on how you wanna look at this, this could mean a song that completely erases whatever worries you have or a song that helps you focus. Since either requires you to let go and breathe, today’s songs will most likely possess calming qualities and maybe you’ll find that they help to clear your mind, too. Check us after the jump to find out what we chose as our songs of the day.

30 Day #SongChallenge

Happy freaking new year! I hope everyone is sufficiently hung over from the NYE festivities and that you’re all ready to check out some new (or not-so-new) music with us! I (Tiffny) saw this 30 Day Music Challenge on my tumblr dash and thought it’d be a great way for Tiffology and I to talk about some of our favorite go-to jams here on the blog. Add this to your daily countdown-posts to read, except without all of the pretentious and judgmental snark and with all of the nostalgic and sentimental vibes.

AOSOON – “Same Difference” live video

Marisa Hylton and Manny Folorunso (@aosoonband) are South London-based musicians that create under the alias AOSOON (which appears to be an acronym for “AlotOfSomethingOutOfNothing”). Upon hearing the song I’m sharing today, my mind was put at an ease… which is saying a lot, because I’m sporting a minor tension headache. Manny delicately plays his guitar, while Marisa strums acoustic strings and uses her pillow-soft, angelic pop voice to sing about falling in love and seeing where it goes. The acoustic pop nature of their music allows Marisa’s gentle voice to be commanding without being overpowering. Find this song on their forthcoming Capo 3 EP (the follow-up to their debut EP, titled What Is This About, that released last year).

Watch the live performance of “Same Difference” below, then stream the original (which is a bit more upbeat, and accompanied by solid production of guitars, a pounding kick drum, and some synth lines). “We’re the same difference, just different ideas.”

WALLA – “The Kids Are Alright” video

WALLA (@thewallaband) is a 5-piece pop-rock band that is based in Los Angeles, but the members have collectively grown up in various parts of the world; those places include United States, Mexico, Italy, Indonesia, Brazil, and Korea. The quintuplet is made up of Jonathan Hoonch Kim (guitar, lead vocals), Gabriel Nava Rodrigues (synths, back vocals), Ian Charlie (lead guitar, back vocals), Mauricio “Moe Beats” Carcamo (bass) and Alessio Balsemin (drums).

WALLA formed 2 years ago, which saw the release of their debut EP, Animal Of Love. In the following years, they have since dropped two more EPs: Nature in 2013, and Gangsters of Suburbia this year. They plan to released their forthcoming EP, The Kids Are Alright, next year.


Fierce and eclectic, Ria Hall (@RiaHallNZ) is a soulful powerhouse singer-songwriter from New Zealand. Her music draws influence from Hip Hop,Reggae, R&B and Pop fusing with the soul and traditional sounds of her Maori heritage. Her self-titled debut EP, released in 2011, earned two prestigious awards: Best Album at the 2012 Vodafone NZ Music Awards and Best Video at the 2012 Waiata Māori Music Awards, not bad for a first release! In addition to being a singer, songwriter and performer, Ria Hall is also an avid fashionista as well as a host for Maori TV‘s AIA Marae DIY, an awesome, heartwarming DIY show focusing on community centers akin to what you’d find on HGTV.  Ria Hall’s passion for music is contagious, as is her enthusiasm and predictions for future Maori/New Zealand artists on a global scale. On the topic she’s famously been quoted as saying that “there is so much richness that New Zealand music can take to the world. We haven’t realised our own potential – and that’s exciting.” After coming across her music, I’d have to agree, Ria; it certainly is!

Mammals – “My Kind Of Woman” (Mac DeMarco cover)

Last night, I heard Mammals‘ cover song of Mac DeMarco‘s “My Kind Of Woman“, and I was mesmerized. I listened to it over, and over, and over again. You can’t listen to this song only once, because once is not enough. Having never heard the original, I went straight to Youtube to watch the music video. While I liked the song, and was intrigued by the concept behind the visuals, it’s safe to say that Mammals‘ version is my, my, my kind of cover.

Kaki King – “Everybody Glows: B-Sides & Rarities” album

From Brooklyn, New York, Kaki King is a phenomenal music composer, guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Although this is my first time stumbling onto her music, she has released 6 albums over the past 10 years; it began with Everybody Loves You (you’re welcome to pay what you want on NoiseTrade for it, too), that released in 2003. What pulled me into checking her music out, though, was seeing that she can be enjoyed by those who are “fans of Andrew Bird, Foo Fighters, Tegan and Sara, PJ Harvey, and Mogwai.” I’m into 3 of those, I jumped right in! And, boy, did I turn out to enjoy her, too!

Salt Cathedral – “Holy Soul” video

In August, I shared Salt Cathedral‘s (@saltcathedral) second single “Holy Soul“, from their OOM VELT EP. That song is now accompanied by a music video, directed by Matthew Beck and Brad Tangonan.

The music video finds the main character, played by Curtiss Cook Jr., going to work at night to clean a members-only, glamorous type of country club. He appears to use that chunk time to feel apart of something, in attempt to live another life while escaping his home life. The video is incredibly powerful and beautifully shot. The first time that I watched it, I felt a sadness and lonliness as he wandered through the quiet areas of the club (the lyrics fit really well to the tone, too). Then, while you’re captivated in his story, the scenes turn tense when he flashes back to home life, and your emotions are stirred. My eyes became watery, and my heart was aching for him. It’s sad, but beautiful and moving. Incredible storytelling and performance, too. Check it out below.