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#SongChallenge Day 19: A Song You’re Currently Obsessed With

We Tiffanys here at CrayonBeats tend to obsess over songs on the regular. From getting hooked on a single track to playing an album at full ad nauseam, this should be easy like Sunday morning. I don’t want to hold you guys up with any banter about the topic since 1: it’s pretty self explanatory and 2: I’m really excited to post my song(s). So with that being said, read on for our Song Obsessions:

Constance Renoir: R and Beat

Meet Constance Renoir (@Connieren_), an upcoming singer-songwriter and model from Brooklyn, NY who just released her two part mixtape R and Beats via Soundcloud. Each half of the mixtape features 6 tracks with “R” being comprised of slower, more melancholy songs. Love and friendship are the main topics of  the down-tempo pop influenced”R”. On “Beats”, Constance experiments with more hip-hop influences from the carefree party girl to the in-your-face girl with attitude.

Aquilo – “Losing You” (Part 2) video

As I previously mentioned in the “I Gave It All” video post, English duo Aquilo presented a two-part video story through two songs. Telling a tale of three friends, caught in a love triangle of sorts with the young girl of the group, they continue the story in the video for “Losing You”. After having seen the video from the girl’s point of view, the visuals here show us the tragic, heartbreaking perspective of the young boy that seems to be in the friend zone, waiting on the sidelines.

Grayce – “Don’t” (ft Dead Man Jim) (Ed Sheeran cover) video

You should know her name by now. Grayce latest Coffee Cup Covers includes a cover of Ed Sheeran‘s “Don’t”. With Mark McKee on guitar/production, Grayce does a very fun, upbeat version of the song, with her dynamic, soulful touch on the chorus. There’s also a fresh verse from rapper Dead Man Jim, which plays right into getting with a girl that’s out of his league and passing on the cautionary advice to Ed. I like it a lot, so check it out.

Grayce – “Take Me To Church” (Hozier cover) video

Ever since hearing Grayce‘s (@graycemusic) Golden Girl EP last year, I’ve been actively paying attention to her. As you may already know, she’s been doing a lot of cover songs, as part of a series called Coffee Cup Covers. Last month, she covered Hozier‘s popular and powerful “Take Me To Church” song, which is a political statement against institutions that undermine humanity and the natural parts of being a person. Sitting atop a Fender amp, with a coffee cup at her side, she sings an acoustic cover of the song over a piano played by Mark Mckee. While her version doesn’t hold the same emotional strength as the original, you will be captivated by her deep, soulful voice and range. She is such a pleasure to listen to, and watch.

#SongChallenge Day 10: A Song That Makes You Cry

Everybody has heard a song that has made them cry, whether it was the way the instruments were strung together to create a melancholy sound, or the songwriter’s lyrics that moved you to tears, or the music video’s concept that connected with you emotionally. Whatever it was, we want to talk about it. It can be any amount of crying, too; from a single tear or two, to ugly crying (we all know what that looks like). Today’s song challenge is aimed at songs that make us cry, obviously. Let’s get right into it. Don’t forget to share yours with us, either in the comment section, on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

#SongChallenge Day 9: A Song That Makes You Dance

Get down, get down! We’re spotlighting songs which put the boogie in our step in today’s #SongChallenge! Whether it’s bopping to the beat or actually shaking your groove thang, it’s all about the Songs That Make You Dance. We Tiffs can’t wait to share our song choices with you so without further ado, here we go!

#SongChallenge Day 8: Fave Song When You Were Younger

With the first week behind us, we hope you’ve been following along with us on the #30DaySongChallenge! If you need to catch up you can find all of the previous posts >here< or by following the link at the end of this post. Today, Day 8, is “A song you liked when you were younger.” As 80s babys, children of the 90s and y2k teens, we definitely have THE best variety to choose from as music during these years was changing so rapidly! From the synth-pop of the 80s to the electro pop of the 2000s, the soundtrack of our childhoods is littered with legendary and genre bending amazingness! Have you thought about what your favorite song from your childhood is? Read below to find out what we picked!

#SongChallenge Day 7: A Song That Is Your Guilty Pleasure

Whether it’s music, movies, TV (such as trashy reality shows), or hobbies, we’re all familiar with what guilty pleasures are. While I don’t think one should feel guilty for liking something that others don’t agree with (for the fear of being judged harshly for your so-called “embarrassing taste”), let’s just talk about this for the sake of the challenge. I’m sure there’s a song, or two, or several, that you might feel silly for loving, and openly enjoying, so let’s take one out of the hush-hush vault and talk about it! Read and listen to one song that Tiffny and I (Tiffology) would likely consider a guilty pleasure. Also, don’t forget to share yours with us (in the comments, on Twitter, on Facebook, etc)!

RIVERS: Soft & Vincent

These two tracks from Rivers (@riversandwords) has been my new obsession since its release. Soft has a dream-like quality to its synthesized melodies and clocking in at just over 2 minutes Vincent *feat Bad America* is short and sweet, with the focus being on its hypnotizing beat reminiscent of early late 80s early 90s R&B. Both songs’ minimalist lyrics are poetic and abstract yet still with purpose. Of course, RIVER’s voice is magnetic and such a rich warm tone, it’s like listening to a hug. I love everything about these tracks and think you will too. Check ’em out below:

#SongChallenge Day 3: A Song That Makes You Laugh

Similar to the songs that make us happy, today’s song choices are gonna be all about the Feel Goods. Personally, I love it when a musician or artist creates something so tongue-in-cheek that I’m cracking up while listening, one can never take themselves too seriously, especially in today’s society where we’re all supposed to be so serious and if you’re silly enough to put that carefree spirit into your music, then more power to you! With that being said, the songs we chose help keep the good times rolling over here at CrayonBeats, so read on to see which song’s make us laugh!