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Foreign Architects – “Clover” video

Foreign Architects (@ForeignArchitec) are a two-person, indie pop band from Australia, made up of singer/songwriter and guitarist Matt Burke and his drummer cousin, Andrew Barnett. They formed in 2013, and released their debut EP, Jane, that August. I have previously never heard of this band, but got put onto them through the music video for their song “Clover”.

About the song, Matt Burke said, “It’s a song about being down and out, but still believing in yourself enough that you know you’ll find a way out.” They leaned on their Scottish heritage when recording the song, when they brought in Andrew’s mom to play the bag pipes to lead the song. However, it’s not his mom in the music video, obviously; it’s a friend of the band. Also, it’s not every day that you hear bag pipes on a song, it sounds incredible, and you want to hear more of it–way to go, Andrew’s mom!

Chelsea Lankes – “Too Young To Fall In Love”

Chelsea Lankes (@chelsealankes) is a singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, and today she came out with song called “Too Young To Fall In Love”. If you’re a fan of Mötley Crüe, your suspicion of “is this a cover song?” is correct. About the song, Chelsea said, “I’ve always been a fan of the 80s and particularly hair metal. There are so many great lyrics and melodies from that era and dressed up a little differently, they can still be a really great pop song.


Lately I’ve been really digging the new releases from MARZ LÈON (@marzxleon ). W H I T E L I O N Z in particular has hypnotized me with its mellow down-tempo and creeping bass. Tiffology has written about MARZ and her incredible sound for some time, which is how I came to be a fan of her music. W H I T E L I O N Z is her newest release– only 5 days into the world and it’s rightfully sucking everyone who listens to it into it’s vortex of audio amazingness. Now I pass on the sounds to you guys. If this is your first time hearing MARZ LÈON, be prepared to fall in love.

Dwayne Gretzky

Sometimes good music is recommended accidentally. That’s pretty much how I came across Toronto-based cover band Dwayne Gretzky: a friend of mine mentioned in passing that he checked out their live show recently and liked what he heard. Being that I respect his taste in music, I decided to hit up Youtube to see what the deal was. I mean, anyone with such an awesome band name has to be good right? RIGHT. I was in search of their Jackson 5 cover (which said friend got to hear live) but since I couldn’t find it, I settled on a few cover of songs I was familiar with and to be honest, I like them a lot! The band is made up of a rotating roster of “Toronto’s top musicians playing all of your dad’s favourite songs”  from Fleetwood Mac to Tom Petty and I even found a cover of Fugees’ rendition of Roberta Flack’s Killing Me Softly.

Tor Miller – “Midnight”

Well, hello there, Tor Miller–it’s nice to come across your music! Tor Miller is a singer/songwriter, and a 20-year-old native New Yorker. I stumbled across his music last night, at midnight (believe it or not), and was blown away by his song, called “Midnight”. It’s an emotionally-driven, powerful pop song about the dark, lonely nights in New York City. It’s a piano-driven, cinematic song that pairs wonderfully with his rich vocals, warm tone (look out for a heart-melting, higher vocal tone between 2:36-2:59–wheeeew!), and beautifully-written, storytelling lyrics. It’s such a gorgeous song, so make sure you stream it below. Then, look out for the music video soon.

Interview: Grayce

What’s that, you haven’t heard of Grayce (@graycemusic) before? Blasphemy! I have been sharing her music since May of last year (lately with her Coffee Cup Covers video series). But, just in case you are new to the name, let me give you some of the 411.

Grayce is a pop-soul singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, by way of London, Japan, and Hong Kong. Whoa, what? Yeah, she’s a worldly girl, with a voice that is out-of-this-world beautiful. Rich and soulful, combined with a cool, pop flare, making her music fun and easy to like. Her vocal versatility finds her effortlessly switching between deep and gentle tones; From upbeat, catchy anthems to emotional ballads, this girl can do no wrong. And that’s why I had to snag a Q&A chat with her. Keep reading for my interview with Grayce!

Uzuhi: United We Smile (Final US Tour)

NYC based Japanese pop-punk band Uzuhi is embarking on their final tour before two of their members head back to Japan. The final tour, titled United We Smile, began in Janaury in Pennsyvania and is in it’s last leg, where the band will wrap it up in Maryland on Valentines Day. Their next show is today, Feb. 8th, in NYC at The Bowery Electric and tickets are still available. If you’re into fun, pop-punk, definitely try to make it to see Uzuhi. Visit the links below for more info!

Cable Car – “Tonight” video

Cable Car (@wearecablecar) is a 3-piece band based in Los Angeles, California, that fuse together pop, R&B, and rock, and like to be described as “new vintage” and “tragic sexy”. Well, all right, then! Comprised of Nathan Mott (vocals), Jack Turner (guitar), and Sur Chevvie (drums), the guys released a self-titled EP on December 2nd, 2014 (which is a follow-up to their 2013 Ride EP).

Dynasty Electric – “Morning Was On Fire”

After having successfully crowd-funded their forthcoming album, titled A Million Words Of Love, New York-based duo Dynasty Electric will be releasing it on February 17th (pre-order on IndieGoGo)! About the album, they said, “In the summer and fall of 2014 we recorded a new album ‘A Million Words of Love’ while living in a mountain cabin in Pisgah National Forest, Brevard, North Carolina. We were inspired by the mountains, waterfalls, and mysticism of the area, and we’ve captured some of that magic in our new songs.

UMLILO: “Chain Gang”

Take a listen to South African artist UMLILO ( @Umlilo_SA) and his song Chain Gang.  The much acclaimed musician, visual artist and producer brings up interesting and relevant points both in the song and video about the contradicting characteristics of society: the vapid and pretentious obsessions over material things and social perceptions while simultaneously struggling to fight for the rights and lives of oppressed people everywhere.Known for his gender and musical fluidity, UMLILO stars as Rita Vein and Father Karl in the satirical video in which director Katey Lee Carson takes a cue from Micheal Jackson by creating a mini movie of sorts where the soundtrack is the pulse in which we’re swept away into the story. In a quote from Dynamic Africa, UMLILO says of his innovative video, “We live in a world where people keep getting gunned down everyday for all sorts of reasons they cannot control from skin colour, religion, poverty or sexuality. At the other end of the spectrum is this vacuous pursuit of money and bling. It all has a chain effect making us all part of a chain gang whether we like it or not. The song explores this perpetual cycle to survive, to live and die with dignity in this modern jungle.”


Gunakadeit – “After School Special” video

Saw Gunakadeit‘s (@gunakadeitmusic) music video for the “After School Special” song, and really, really enjoyed it. A great, big smile jumped on my face the moment that I saw a bearded, grown man singing and dancing around to the lead female vocals.

Pronounced “goo-naka-date”, Gunakadeit is a pop project of Natasha Kozaily, a third culture kid from the Caymen Islands, with Lebanese roots, now residing in San Diego, California. “After School Special” is a super playful pop tune, with an energetic beat to dance along to, and the lyrics find sweet-voiced Natasha singing about young, dangerous love with an older boy that eventually broke her heart. The music video was directed by Jancarlo Beck, and filmed on California’s Salton Sea. Check it out.

DíSA – “Cure” video

Born in Iceland, raised in London, but based in Copenhagen, comes a pop singer named DíSA. With an EP on the way in March, she dropped a stunning second single, called “Cure” (stream the first, “Sculpture“). With a dark-theme, the beat is enormous, billowing with sound–slow, thumping bass kicks, slapping snares, rolling strings, shaky synth lines, and just an overall cold, hazy sense. Her haunting vocals are as big as the beat, commanding your immediate attention with its ethereal, dramatic tone, and a catchy chorus that will continue to echo in your head even when the song is over. Seeking love and resolution, DíSA sings about her scars and downward spiral in a relationship that she’s trying to fix.

To accompany this great song is a music video. It finds DíSA in an all-black dress, with a fur hood, wandering through snow-covered forests, bonding with nature and singing her bewitching song. Watch the video and/or listen to the song! You’ll love it.