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#SongChallenge: Day 29 – A Song Stuck In Your Head

We’ve all been there before, having a song stuck on repeat in our heads, for days on end. Whether it’s a song we love or hate, a verse or a single line, or even just the melody, it keeps coming back to haunt us so good. I’ve been meaning to get to this one for a long time, and as you can see, we’re way behind on keeping this “one a day” challenge on track, but it’s here. Check out the song that is currently stuck in our heads, and tell us yours.

Hurricane Love – “Free Ticket” video

Based in Sweden, Hurricane Love is a 6-piece pop band, whose names are Nina Knutsson (vocals), Rasmus Viberg (vocals), Magnus Adler (bass), Robin Knutsson (drums), Tobias Eqvist (guitar), and Johanna Alexson (keys). They formed in 2012, after uniting together from different bands. Although they have written, recorded, and released a lot of music since then, they recently signed to independent Scandinavian label Playground Music, and have released two new singles with them so far: “Nowhere To Go” and “Free Ticket“.

Their latest single “Free Ticket” is what I was introduced to this morning. The song is a tribute to friendship and life, and it rides on stomping drums, speedy strings, and keys. The verses are powerfully relaxed with Nina and Rasmus singing in unison, and before you know it, they cruise into a jump-up-and-down, joyous pop jam in the chorus… and it’s so good and catchy! Watch the music video below, and be on the look-out for more from Hurricane Love!

Mr. Moods – “Disruptive ear damage”

Today brings new music from Canadian beatmaker Christian Denis, aka Mr. Moods, titled “Disruptive ear damage”. The album is an eclectic mix of jazz, hip hop, rock and electro influences resulting in 13 tracks of unique instrumentals. From his bandcamp, Mr. Moods states that this album is “out of his territory” but plays true to his moniker and encompasses a variety of moods. As the first time I’m hearing something from him, I have to say that it’s a pretty solid album. Listen below.

#SongChallenge Day 28: A Song That Reminds You Of Your S/O

Whether you have a crush, are casually dating someone, or have a significant other, there is bound to be a song (or many songs) that will remind you of that person. Maybe you heard that song during a special moment that you two shared, or maybe it’s a song you both really like/hate, or maybe you heard a song that closely resembles the way you feel for them, or whatever the case may be–When you hear it, your mind instantly flashes to their face. This day’s challenge is dedicated to a song that reminds us of our significant others. However, since neither of us have one of those, I named a song that reminds me of someone I have feelings for, and Tiffny shared a song that she hopes to share with someone special. Check ’em out.

The Preatures – “Somebody’s Talking” video

Remember when I posted about The Preatures (@thepreatures) “Somebody’s Talking” song? As of September, there is now a music video to go with it! From their Blue Planet Eyes album, released in January 2014, “Somebody’s Talking” finds Isabella’s sweet, engaging vocals soaring over revving guitars and bouncy drums, which will kick-start your body to dance around, no matter where you are. The bridge before the chorus shifts to breathy vocals, which then explodes into the fun, catchy chorus. Wheeeew! It’s a playful pop-rock song, reminiscent of the 80s, and it’s perfect for any time of day.

The music video finds the band performing in a nearly-empty ballroom that has the remains of a party that’s been over, while switching to clips of two girls surfing the open waves of the ocean. This is a fun, rock groove of a song, and I like it a lot. Check it out!

HOLYCHILD – “Running Behind” video

Running, running, running, running behind, yeah! I heard this song a couple of months ago, and forgot to write about it. I’m always really running behind on music, you guys. Let’s blame the planets, ok? Incorporating their lyrics into this post is really easy, haha. HOLYCHILD is a Los Angeles-based band that defines their music as being “brat pop”, and if this is what brat pop is… gimme some mo’!

Liz Nistico is the lead singer of this sassy electro-pop duo, along with producer/multi-instrumentalist Louie Diller. Early 2013, they released an EP, called Mind Speak, and now they’re getting ready to release their full length. They’ve had their music appear on an episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf, and their single “Running Behind” was chosen to be the soundtrack to the first Apple Watch commercial. It’s safe to say that they are fast on the rise, and that’s cool!

Coleman Hell – “Thumbalina”

Following his Vena EP, Toronto singer-songwriter/producer Coleman Hell‘s newest single, “Thumbalina”, will without a doubt make you jump and dance around in your room, with a big smile across your face. You’ll definitely be hitting that play button several times, too. It’s a song dedicated to those who who may feel small, whether that’s determined by height, a naturally quiet/shy voice, self-doubt, or any other reason. He reassures a particular petite woman that he will lift her up with encouragement, warmth and love, and offer his hands for protection.

Marina Maximilian – “Step Into My World” album

I stumbled on Marina Maximilian's music after seeing her incredible performance of her song "I Trust This Man", on the BalconyTV Youtube channel. From Israel, Marina Maximilian is a 27-year-old,...

Devaney: First Element [EP]

Toronto based artist Devaney released her second EP titled First Element via Soundcloud recently and she continues on the path of creating beautiful, sensual Pop-R&B jams. Her roster of producers include such talented creatives like Jazzfeezy, K. Alexander, Zepfire, and FrancisGotHeat. Each track has a distinct vibe that reflects its producer’s style while also showcasing Devaney’s consistently smooth vocal style.

Tiffany Majette: Acapella Jones

Tiffany Majette is someone you really need to be paying attention to. The NJ-based singer, songwriter and musician has the most velvety of voices and is full of creative lyrics, harmonies and melodies, both for her originals and her covers. Her latest, Acapella Jones, is something she “just found” on her computer…the most interesting thing I’ve found lying around on my computer has been old pictures from my myspace days. She’s amazing and I think you guys would love her. Listen to Acapella Jones below: