Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


Harleighblu- Futurespective EP

Featuring just three tracks, Harleighblu’s new EP is a nice teaser of what she’s got in store for her next album. The three tracks hint to her playing with different electronic elements to her already signature hip hop, jazz and soulful influences. Of the three tracks, I like Mmm and I feat. Lost Midas the most–they’re both a little more on the risque side, but she’s never been afraid to say it like it is. Listen to the EP below and tell me what you think:

Smoke Season – “Bees” video

Ever since I heard Smoke Season‘s (@smokeseasonband) seductive “Bees” single, I’ve been playing it constantly. It’s still such an enjoyable song to listen to and sing along with, especially during the uptempo, catchy chorus, because that’s when you can raise your voice and sing all out, along those rock guitar riffs. Well, mid-May they dropped a music video for this song.

Jaymes Young & Phoebe Ryan – “We Won’t”

Los Angeles-based, pop singer-songwriter Phoebe Ryan‘s name has been rising to the top, since her cover mash-up of R. Kelly’s “Ignition” and Miguel’s “Do You” (see here). She followed that with her first original single and music video for “Mine“, which showed us her talent as a confident songwriter, letting us know that this songbird has more to offer. That time has come now, with a brand new single that I can’t stop playing.

Throwing Shade – “Honeytrap” (ft Emily Bee) video

Throwing Shade (@throwing_shade_), whose real name is Nabihah Iqbal, is a London-based producer, DJ, and NTS Radio presenter. Following her 19 Jewels EP, released last year in May, she will be dropping her new Fate Xclusive EP on May 25th, via No Pain In Pop.

“Honeytrap” is the lead single, and it’s said to be a love song to London. Moving through steamy and enticing moods, I’m captivated by a downtempo pop groove of thumping drums, breathy voices, sparkling percussion, and Emily Bee‘s sweet voice speaking about a love’s desire and pleasure. Wheeeew, so good! If you were around for her “Sweet Tooth” music video, from last year, this new video follows the sweet and seductive-themed footsteps, and features an array of half-naked men.

Smoke Season – “Bees”

Indie-Americana duo Smoke Season (@smokeseasonband) have a newish single out, called “Bees”. Produced by David Burris and Kyle Draper, frontwoman Gabrielle Wortman‘s ethereal, yet seductive voice tip-toes over ethereal synths, gentle guitar plucks, shaky snares, and echoing vocals, in the verses; but the song picks up during the climatic, uptempo chorus, and you’ll find yourself singing along in no time. Perfect Smoke Season style!

Behind all the bee talk, I’m pretty sure that there’s a sexual innuendo of sorts in here, based on the suggestive wording (ie: “You get the honey without the sting” or “Honey on your eyelids // You got bees on your tongue and a heart on your sleeve“); but, whatever the case, I really like this one. Have a listen!

Outasight – “The Wild Life”

New York native Outasight picked up everything and moved to Los Angeles last fall, and it seems like the LA life is treating him great based on this new single. An official soundtrack for the Bud Light Lime commercial, “The Wild Life” is an uptempo, funky pop jam that’s perfectly suited for summertime parties.

Lead by vibrant horns, a danceable drum rhythm, and catchy lyrics, you won’t have any problem moving your body to the music, no matter where you are. Whether you spend this sunny season in the pool, on the dance floor, or at your day job getting ready for the wild life coming that weekend…. this one’s for you. Don’t it feel nice to lose your mind? Stream this summer anthem below, put it on your playlists, and look out for this on his forthcoming Chasing The Ghost album.


Here’s some new music from EMI MARIA‘s new album EUPHORIA, titled ONE OF THEM, a song that seems to draw inspiration from Drake’s signature mellow singing style. What I love about this track is how smooth it is and how it continues to showcase EMI MARIA’s versatility. She’s never been one to sit in a specific genre. When she first came on the scene with Between the Music, I remember everyone falling in love with her sound as at the time, not many artists were going for the sensual and soulful sound. She kept that vibe with her album A Ballad Of My Own and then  gave us the business with strong R&B influences on Blue Bird and then dabbled in Pop and dubstep on Contrast and IN MY WORLD. It seems as if with this album she’ll be heading back to R&B/Hip-Hop influences. EUPHORIA will feature 12 brand new tracks showcasing her ever evolving artistry. Watch the visual below:

Camea: Broken Glass

Released in February 2015, Broken Glass is the first single from DMV artist Camea’s upcoming solo project. The single is inspirational, pulling from Camea’s own sense of perseverance and positivity she sings about overcoming any obstacles. I first came across Camea on ReverbNation. Her voice is so strong and her words are powerful, which grabbed my attention immediately. With Broken Glass, her strong lyrics  give you the push you need to know that no matter what, you can come from “a place of brokenness to a place of healing and discovery.” Listen to Broken Glass below.

Tor Miller – “Midnight” video

Remember when I posted Tor Miller‘s “Midnight” song? Have you seen the music video yet? As to be expected from the lyrics, the black-and-white video follows Tor Miller as he wanders New York City, at night, all alone. This single can be found on his Headlights EP. Also below, you’ll find his U.S. tour dates for this summer. Watch the video now.

Teenage Love – “Lazer Eyes”

Teenage Love is an electronic-pop lady duo, made up of Denmark-based Anna Lidell and Brooklyn-based Katy Gunn. The two met in 2011, through mutual friends, when Anna made a trip to New York City. With Katy’s classical violin training and soulful vocals, and Anna’s experience as an electronic producer, it’s no surprise that the two would bond and make music together.

The first release from the Teenage Love‘s upcoming EP, is a song called “Lazer Eyes”. Over dashing violin strings, sizzling synth lines, and asynchronous claps, the fun beat suits well with Katy’s sweet, quirky vocal harmonies, as she sings a poetic tune, seemingly about breaking free from someone’s vice grip authority. Or something like that. Listen below.

Aquilo – “Better Off Without You”

Since releasing their Human EP, electronic-soul duo Aquilo are scheduled to release another one. Expected to be released on June 1st, via B3SCI Records, the Calling Me EP has four brand new songs, including their first single, “Better Off Without You”.

Over a smooth-rolling rhythm of drums, a warm piano, and a saxophone crooning in the background, silky soul (almost sexy) vocals sing a melancholy tune about heartache and moving on from that love. It’s a little more uptempo than their previous offerings, and it still possesses such raw emotion and passion. While I love the whole song, my favorite part comes towards the end, when the instrumentation picks up a smidgen and the vocals go straight into ecstasy. Yesssss! Listen to the song below.

Aquilo – “Losing You” (Vanic remix)

Aquilo‘s stunning “Losing You” single was recently remixed by Vancouver-based DJ/producer Vanic, dipping its emotional pop feet into dubstep territory. The original beauty remains in the vocal work, as birds chirp along with the piano chords in the verses, and soon climbing into massive, darting synth lines. Great for the dance floor, your bedroom, or wherever you are. Stream the remix below. You’re free to download it, too, if you follow Vanic on Soundcloud.