Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


Tunde Olaniran – “KYBM” video

From Tunde Olaniran‘s (@tundeolaniran) debut album Transgressor, released in early August, he dropped a music video for his song “KYBM“. Through fierce singing and a fast, war-ready rapping, the Michigan-based singer/producer sings empowering lyrics that act as a call-to-arms for people to unite and keep fighting for social and political change, in an energetic dance-pop song that you can’t help but dancing along to (“Keep that truth spilling, keep your body moving“). The way he bounces from sweet falsettos to lowered vocals, and switches rhythms in the song structuring, is really fun, impressive, and striking.

Chic Gamine – “Light A Match” video

With a 5-year gap between studio albums, Chic Gamine (@chicgamine) are releasing their third album on October 23rd, called Light A Match. The last I heard from them was when I interviewed the group in 2013, who have since said goodbye to founding member Ariane Jean, and in came multi-instrumentalist Benoit Morier (pictured in white in the photo above). Pushing an evolved, more pumped-up sound, the group released their title track today and matched it with a music video, too.

Kiiara – “Feels”

Yesterday, I clicked play on Kiiara‘s (@kiiaraonline) “Feels” song over at Soundcloud and I’m feelin’ it! I don’t remember who re-posted it, for it to show up on my SC timeline, but I’m glad that they did. She makes music that could be described as futuristic R&B mixed with dreamy pop. This Illinois-based singer-songwriter is a newcomer to the music scene, with a debut EP, titled Meet Me in the Cornfield, on the way. She currently has 3 singles out: “Gold”, “Tennessee” and, most recently, “Feels”. I like them all so far (go listen to them here), but I’m here to share the song that put me onto her.

SOAK – “Sea Creatures” (Live on 89.3 The Current)

I was new to SOAK (@soakofficial) up until last night, when I watched her live performance of “Sea Creatures” over at The Current Youtube channel. Then, like anyone who gets put onto someone new and fantastic, I went to Youtube to listen to more! SOAK is an 18-year-old Irish singer-songwriter that released her debut album, titled Before We Forgot How To Dream, on June 1st (2nd in the USA), over at Rough Trade Records.

Neil Bopperson – “Allo Love 5” mini mix

Every year, London-based record label Wah Wah 45s release a special compilation, titled “Allo Love”. This year, and released a few days ago, marks their fifth installment. “Allo Love 5” was compiled and mixed by DJ and radio producer Neil Bopperson. Giving you a taste for what you can expect on the compilation, he presents to you a mini mix of the project. Six-minutes in length, it features music from the Wah Wah roster as well as friends of the label; you’ll hear music clips from Scrimshire (“Convergent”), Dele Sosimi (“Na My Turn” remixed by Paper Tiger), Jesse Futerman (“Theme from the Love I Lost”), Turbojazz (“Na Minah”), Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra (“March of the Idiots”), Bunty (“We Are Here”), and a few others.

It’s a fun, enjoyable selection of tunes that you can’t help but smile to when you listen, and will have you anticipating its release so you can hear it play in full, all together. Feel free to stream the mini mix below. You can also pre-order this compilation through several online outlets, as it officially releases on August 28th.

Phoebe Ryan – “Homie” video

With a glass of liquor in one hand and a microphone in the other, Phoebe Ryan sings karaoke at a near-empty bar, and gets flirty with a stranger watching her perform, in her music video for “Homie”. Head-nodding drums, snapping snares, and a bit of synth work provide the mood for her breathy, angelic voice to sing a song about, well, being friends with benefits… at least until you get to know her. There’s emotion behind the lyrics, as she exposes her past and flaws that lead her to believe she’s not the girlfriend type. Watch the video below. Then, go get her debut EP, titled MINE, that released via Columbia Records on June 9th.

Fletcher – “War Paint”

Fletcher (@findingfletcher) is a New Jersey-based pop singer, and she’s making a splash with a pretty cool track out now, called “War Paint”. This is one of those anthem songs with its pounding drums, snap-along percussion, chanting vocals, and Fletcher’s soaring pop voice singing about finding strength to fight for love. Be on the look out for her forthcoming Finding Fletcher EP, but, until then, stream this single now.

Aquilo – “Waiting” (live video)

The last song on Aquilo‘s (@aquilo) Calling Me EP is “Waiting”. It’s a tender and gorgeous song that will make you feel something. I was quickly enchanted by the minimal, melancholy piano playing and Tom’s breath-taking, intimate voice. He sings a sweet, personal song about his undying love and waiting for the one (“There’s something you should know // I won’t stop ’til you know that I mean it // I’m waiting for you, darling // I’m waiting for the one“). The love-fueled emotion behind the lyrics and vocal delivery–especially the little falsettos that he hits–gives me chills. Ben also punctuates some of Tom’s words with his own light, falsetto voice. Whew, fantastic.

Anyway, I love this song, and even more so after watching this live video of it. Directed by Harvey Pearson. I said the word “love” a few times, but when you watch this video (or hear this song), you’ll understand why.

Aquilo – “Calling Me” video

Next up in my mission to share songs from Aquilo‘s (@aquilo) Calling Me EP, is the title track. Propelled by thumping drums and gentle keys, the verses finds Tom singing an emotional tune about feeling lost and uncertain with life (“A sudden thought of disbelief clouds my every conscience // But how do we seek refuge here? // I panic a bit to find out that this is all I’ve got // I panic a bit to find out that this is all I need“). It’s met by a short, uptempo chorus of harder drums, brighter keys, twinkling percussion, vocals echoing in the background, and repeating lyrics that act as an encouraging push to wake up, embrace what you have, and make the best of it all. It’s a beautiful song.

Aquilo – “Put Me Down”

The pop-soul duo known as Aquilo (@aquilo) released their anticipated EP, titled Calling Me, on June 1st via B3SCI Records. I wanted to talk about their soulful song “Put Me Down”, since I kiiiiinda missed it back in May. In the coming days, I will also share the rest of the songs from the EP (already shared “Better Off Without You“), in efforts to remind you how good these guys are.

“Put Me Down” is the second single from the album, and it’s the more upbeat, uplifting offering of the four songs. With the feeling of losing oneself that’s heard in the somber verses, the vocals pick up in the chorus with a bright pop of motivation and inner strength–“I’m not gonna let this put me down // I don’t even know if I’m gonna stay“. Give it a listen, and make sure you grab their EP (it’s only $2.99 on iTunes).

Album Review: DíSA – “Sculpture” EP

Even though Copenhagen-based pop artist DíSA released her debut EP, Sculpture, in March, I only began listening to it a couple of days ago. I am captivated by her commanding presence over the atmospheric, easy-listening electronic beats (produced by Anders Bach); her ethereal, sometimes haunting, vocals; and the lyrics, because the songs are either a familiar thought/feeling that I have had, or they’re really easy to sit back and take in…much like a roller coaster ride, with its ups and downs. This 5-track EP has a mixture of high and low feelings, and it’s an enjoyable, enchanting listen.

Jojee – “I Don’t Give A”

Jojee (@jojeemusic) is a New Hamshire-born, New York City-based independent pop singer whose passion jumped from persuing musical theatre at a young age, to fashion in college, and making music in her spare time. She began putting covers on her Soundcloud, before meeting producer Mickey Valen, in 2014, who helped inspire her music evolution. Set to release an album together this year, she released the first single today, called “I Don’t Give A”.