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Ellie Goulding – “On My Mind” video

From singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding‘s third album Delirium, due out on November 6th, watch the music video for her Max Martin-produced single “On My Mind”. Filmed in Las Vegas and directed by Emil Nava, we see Ellie Goulding in a drama revenge plot where she’s recounting the steps of a lustful relationship–perhaps a fling–that ended poorly, so she seeks revenge on the man that hurt her. Much like the visual representation, the song is about having someone on your mind that shouldn’t be there and figuring out why the thought of them still lingers, despite the drama that came from them. It’s a raw, honest song with Ellie singing from the heart, which I really like, and the lyrical content describes a common feeling of having someone stuck in your head. Watch the video for this sweeping, emotional pop hit below.

GLASS – “What It Is To Believe” video + Q&A

GLASS is a pop band from London, England, made up of front-woman Jessica Winter and guitarist Scott Rimington. Although the two started making music together in 2012, “What It Is To Believe” is their first official single… and music video!

Through galloping drums and smooth piano playing, we hear Jessica’s soft, angelic voice lingering through the uptempo, danceable beat, to sing a short, yet poetic song that is about the power of belief. Joined by a thick buzzing bassline and hints of bright keys, the ghostly “ooooohhhhs” of the bridge will almost put you in a trance (if her voice hasn’t already). In the video, Jessica is dressed in an all-white jumpsuit with slicked-back hair, and we see her leading a man into the bar’s bathroom. However, when she comes out, she is drenched in blood, joyously dancing after what seems to be an exhilarating experience, and blissfully unaware of her wrong-doings.

Monogem – “Gone”

Monogem is the alias of singer-songwriter Jen Hirsh, who creates dreamy, disco-tinged pop music that has minor elements of funk and soul. The California singer released her debut, self-titled EP earlier this year, and is currently working on new music.

In fact, she released a brand new song a couple of days ago, called “Gone”. This is the first time I’ve heard her music, so when I clicked play on this song, it reminded me of 90’s/early 2000’s dance-pop music, and I was drawn into it. Her voice has a low-toned sweetness with a classic soul flare, and her vocals shine over a dance-inducing synth-pop beat, while she sings a girl-power anthem about independence and being single (“I am gone, ’cause I can do it better // All alone, you’re never gonna get it, dear // Good bye, no matter what you do or say // I am gone, ’cause I can do it better on my own“). It also served as a fun pick-me-up song that I sent to my best friend, who is going through a breakup, so that’s great. Give it a listen below!

A Yawn Worth Yelling – “Start Somewhere” video

After releasing their Play Pretend EP, on September 18th, the San Jose-based pop band A Yawn Worth Yelling dropped a music video for “Start Somewhere”. The song is fun with bright pop vocals over a group of guitars, one of which is the tropical sound of a ukulele, and uptempo drums. The music video’s concept matches that of the lyrics, being about chasing love despite the unknown end result. Watch the video, directed by Maya Hernandez and edited by Matt Maloney.

Phoebe Ryan – “Mine” lyric video

Pop singer Phoebe Ryan (@ph0eberyan) dropped a special lyric video a couple of weeks ago for her song “Mine”. Although the song already has a music video (see here), this visual has a retro camcorder style, complete with lyrics, that follows Phoebe on stage, backstage, behind the scenes, and on the road. We see Phoebe being herself, as a silly and fun girl, and I like it! Coupled with her sweet, soft vocals and lyrics that tell a story of a healing heart and finding inner strength, this is a great song. And, if co-signs are your thing, this song got one from Taylor Swift (on Instagram), citing it as a “new song that will make your life more awesome.”

Shot by Kimi Selfridge, of Tan Camera, watch the video below and then grab her Mine EP from iTunes.

Madi Diaz – “Stay Together” video

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This song by Los Angeles-based indie pop singer-songwriter Madi Diaz came out last year, but I just heard it yesterday, soooo I’m posting it! You know how we do at CrayonBeats. It’s never too late to get put onto good music. Madi Diaz has been in the music scene since she was 16, when she began composing music. In her college years, she was a band called Talk Radio, before branching off as a solo artist. She released her debut album, Skin And Bone, in 2007, followed it with a couple of EPs in 2009 and 2011, and then she released two full-length albums in 2012 (all of which can be found at iTunes).


I clicked play on a song by Black Honey today, called “Corrine”, and about 20 seconds in, they had me as an intrigued fan. I clicked “like” and “repost” on Soundcloud, and began my who-are-they search, so I could share them with you! Having formed in mid-2014, Black Honey is an, indie rock band from Brighton, UK, that’s led by front-woman Izzy Bee Phillips, along with 3 cool dudes rocking out on the instruments, named Christ Ostler, Tommy Taylor, and Tom Dewhurst.

April Blue: Signs

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From their upcoming album Pop Girls Etc (Feb. 2016), April Blue‘s new single “Signs” is an upbeat track which mixes Funk, Pop, Rock and RnB to create an instantly catchy jam that’s a little left of the band’s previous acoustic-soul influenced sound. With their new vibe being geared to a much broader spectrum, the original members of April Blue (Ozz & Ian) have addedd members, Jazzy Drums and Sarah Payne, completing the lineup of their now fully electric band. Check out their single and video below (which they wrote, produced, recorded and directed in true indie DIY or DIE fashion).

Jojee – “Unravel Me”

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I shared Jojee‘s second single yesterday, so I could follow that with her latest single today. Jojee’s alluring voice unravels over a mellow rhythm of bass-thumping drums and sudden horn blows, while she sings a hypnotic, sexy slow jam about the freeing feeling of love and being drawn to another person (“I can feel the way you touch me lately // You know that you can make me your lady // I’ll come back for you // Time after time // Take me close; I’m not up to battle // What we have made has become a little fragile“). Once again, for a third time, this one was produced by Mickey Valen.

Jojee – “Think of Anything”

Last month, NYC-based pop singer Jojee dropped her second original song, called “Think of Anything”. The song moves to a slow-burning piano, with some fast-paced snares dropping in throughout, along with slowed vocals that stretch out in the hook. It’s the kind of tune that you can just relax to and let your mind wander, while you hear Jojee’s sweet, chilling voice singing about exploring a budding relationship and being open to love. It’s a pretty song. Produced by Mickey Valen. Stream the song below and download it for free.

Elliphant – “Love Me Badder” (ROOM8 remix)

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I heard this song today and thought that it fit really well with the cloudy weather outside. Los Angeles-based producer duo ROOM8 remixed Swedish electronic-pop singer-songwriter Elliphant‘s “Love Me Badder”, and it’s one of those deeply emotional, love-driven anthems that you can’t get out of your head after you hear it. I wasn’t aware of Elliphant until now, so I had to go listen to the original song (see the music video). While I really like her song as is, I find myself listening to this remixed version a lot more.

A Yawn Worth Yelling – “Start Somewhere” & “Lonely Prisoner”

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I like music that reminds me of my past, and that’s what A Yawn Worth Yelling‘s music does for me. They are an indie pop band from San Jose, California, whose music makes me think back to my teenager years, when I was listening to pop/pop-punk bands like Hellogoodbye, The Starting Line, The Rocket Summer, New Found Glory, and The All-American Rejects (to name a few). So, when I heard the music that I’m sharing today, I felt in familiar, comfortable territory. I like it.