Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


JONES – “Deep”

Meet JONES (@iseejones). New to the music scene, the London-based singer released her debut track a couple of months ago, and it’s called “Deep”. Produced by Rodaidh McDonald and Brunelle, it has 80’s R&B-pop stylings with glimmering percussion, hazy vocals in the distance, and flirty synths. Her voice is sweet and captivating, and expands across the danceable beat as she sings a melancholy-tinged pop tune about heartache and letting go.

After listening to “Deep” over and over, you’ll find yourself getting caught up in the rhythm of the beat and singing along to the catchy hook. When I listen to it, I just picture an expressive, carefree, contemporary dance number. I absolutely love this song, so have a listen. “Going deep, deep // Going deep, deep // Going deep, deep doooooown…”

BLCK + MSHRM: Needle

BLCK  MSHRM aka Rafael Casal (@RafaelCasal) and Nico Cary (@drinkfreely) dropped a new jam this past week and I think it’s safe to say I’m obsessed with it. Titled Needle, the track is slightly different from BLCK MSHRM’s previous releases, with this one being a bit more on the sentimental side with Rafael’s singing and melancholy love lyrics. However, the track isn’t completely dark clouds and lost-loves thanks to the amazing adrenaline-inducing production (which I’m going to take a stab at and attribute to Nico), which in combination with the lyrics makes this a perfect dance/r&b track that I personally feel is perfect for radio play…but then again I tend to think everything they do is perfect. Check it out below (along with the visual for their “Royal” Freestyle).

Smoke Season – “Opaque” video

Indie-Americana duo Smoke Season (@smokeseasonband) have a music video out for “Opaque,” the second single from their Hot Coals, Cold Souls EP.

I was introduced to their music in July, when I saw/posted the music video for “Badlands“. With a knack for cinematic flair, it’s no surprise that “Opaque” is visually pleasing, too. The song itself is beautiful, and largely relatable in that sometimes love isn’t always fair or transparent. In front-woman Gabrielle Wortman’s case, the relationship is opaque. The verses find her sweet, soul-pop vocals tip-toeing on a hazy, mellow bed of head-nodding drums, silky guitars, and delicate piano notes… until it crescendos with a bit of frustrated, confused emotions on the matter. However, there’s strength in the lyrics and the delivery is confident. You ain’t gettin’ her! Wheeeew! Jason Rosen and Gabrielle Wortman, you did it again!

Cassie Steele: Dreams

Cassie Steele's (@cassandrasteele) new song Dreams from her latest EP Patterns is pretty heavy; her lyrics are from the heart and she's not afraid to bare her soul and put...

Cassie Steele: Games (Official Video)

From her newly released EP Patterns, Cassie Steele (@cassandrasteele) dropped the official video for Games. Directed by Alfredo Flores (who has also worked with Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez) , Cassie’s visual for Games features the singer/actress dressed in all black, sky-high heels and vampy red lips–super sexy and sultry (and not gonna lie, a little scary)! Check the video out below:

Moxi – “Hold Me” live video

As expected, Moxi‘s (@moxilovesyou) third song in their #SummerSingles series, called “Hold Me“, now has its own live performance video! Blue, purple, and pink light effects illuminate the band as they perform the dreamy synth-pop song, where frontwoman Anna lovingly sings, “Baby, hold me tonight“. Check it out.

Moxi – “Hold Me”

Moxi (@moxilovesyou) added another song to their #SummerSingles series. “Hold Me” is an uptempo, sparkling pop jam that finds Anna happily singing about love and her anticipation to be wrapped in her significant other’s warm embrace. It’s that blissfully-in-love song that you put on, that you can’t help but dance to, while you wait for your man to get home, so you two can cuddle up and watch Netflix movies together. It’s that song that can play during the video montage of your togetherness. Have a listen!

Moxi – “Missing Piece” live video

It would appear that Moxi (@moxilovesyou) are pairing their #SummerSingles with live videos shortly after the single drops (such as their “Save Meoffering). After posting “Missing Piece” earlier this month, the pop band has since dropped a live video performance of it, too. These two songs have been so fun, and enjoyable. I can’t wait to hear their forthcoming album, what about you? Check it out.


Aleksandra Denton, known as Shura (@weareshura), is a 23-year-old singer/songwriter/producer based in London. Other than lending her voice to a lot of Hiatus‘ songs (ie: “We Are Ghosts Now“, “Iran Air“, “Fortune’s Fool” and many more), I couldn’t find any solo albums to Shura‘s name… yet. However, she has released two singles this year, and I hope that she’s working on her debut album.

Walking Shapes – “Feel Good” video

Walking Shapes (@WalkingShapes) are a New-York based, 5-piece rock band made up of Nathaniel Hoho (vocals & guitar), Jesse Alexander Kotanksy (guitar, violin, vocals), Dan Krysa (bass & vocals), Christopher Heinz (drums), and Jake Generalli (keys & vocals). I initially heard of them via the No Shame fall compilation they released in 2012, and again with the cover song that they did with Seasick Mama last year. This year, however, Walking Shapes released their debut full-length album, called Taka Come On, on April 8th, via No Shame. It has been described as being “fast-paced, slightly grimy and sexy,” too.