Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


Raquel Rodriguez – “Don’t Be Afraid” live video

Los Angeles singer Raquel Rodriguez dropped a brand new live video the other day that I wanted to share. Recorded at the Blue Dream Studios, she performed previously unreleased (I think) song, called “Don’t Be Afraid”. It’s an intimate song that finds her telling someone to let go of their fears of falling in love (with her). Complimenting both her live band and her sweet pop-soul voice, it’s a beautiful song. I’ve missed hearing Raquel Rodriguez’s music, so I’m glad that this popped up in my inbox. Video filmed and edited by Giovanni Solis. Check it out, and don’t be afraid to want her… music in your life!

Greg Hvnsen – “What Would You Have Me Do”

Greg Hvnsen had me at “hello” with his thick, raspy vocals at the beginning of his “What Would You Have Me Do” song. It smooths out a little bit once the rest of the beat falls in line, but, overall, his smoky voice with this synth-pop wonder beat and joyful melody is such a stunning pairing that I didn’t expect to hear when I pushed play. I damn near melted like buttah–not butter, buttahhhh. He has released a few singles prior to this one (check them out here), but this is my introduction to him and, I assume, is his big push into the music scene. Let it be your introduction to this Florida singer/producer, too, and look out for more from this guy.

WILD – “Vagabond”

WILD‘s second, and most recent, single is a relatable pop song about struggling to figure out who you are and questioning the uncertainty of your future. I love that the band pairs a strong, uptempo melody with poignant lyrics, and that it’s not entirely about wondering where you fit in, but that it’s also a battle cry to break free from self-doubt. I like it, probably more than the first one.

Bishop – “River”

Have you heard Bishop‘s newest song “River” yet? No? Well, let me put you on. Following the successful “Wild Horses” single that’s been spreading like wildfire, this song comes in like a Trojan Horse. It begins with gentle looping strings, big claps, and Bishop’s captivating vocals, while she sings a heart-on-her-sleeve verse (“How do we fall in love // Harder than a bullet could hit ya // How do we fall apart // Faster than a hair-pin trigger“)… but as soon as the chorus kicks in, so does the versatility in her voice. Sinister horns blow, there’s an “hey!” sample, her lyrics get dark (seemingly stemming from past pain), and she effortlessly transitions between soft whispers and passionate singing (in the verses), to pulling out all aggression from within her gut to belt out rock-infused, soulful shouts in the intensified chorus. Such unexpected power! “Shut your mouth, baby, stand and deliver // Holy hands, oh they make me a sinner // Like a river, like a river // Shut your mouth and run me like a river // Choke this love ’til the veins start to shiver // One last breath ’til the tears start to wither // Like a river, like a river // Shut your mouth and run me like a river“. Whew, girl, yes! Listen below!

WILD – “Back To You”

While their faces have been covered with animal masks, WILD is a Los Angeles-based pop band between Kristina Antuna (vocals), Zach DeGaetano (vocals, guitar) and Tyler Thompson (guitar). The trio has a debut album on the horizon, but I heard their feel-good song about a loved one, called “Back To You”, today and I had to share it. Their warm, pure vocals shine over galloping percussion and uptempo country-style guitars, while the lyrics go on about messing up a good thing and fighting to get that love back (“I’m gonna follow my heart back to you // You’re the one thing I can’t stand to lose“). Give it a listen, and look out for another single later today.

Barrie Rose – “1 Plus 1”

Electro-pop singer Barrie Rose came out with a dreamy and hopeful break-up song, called “1 plus 1”. It has a sweet sentiment with an optimistic “we’ll still be friends” feeling, except it sounds like she really means it post-breakup (because, shoot, I’ve heard that half-hearted “we’ll still be friends” comment after being broken up with, and it never held true). Listen to her pretty pop voice dragging across hazy electronic production, by Adam Samuel Goldman, as she sings: “One plus one, it might sound easy // But it’s never quite like that // Even if we never speak // I’ll always have your back // One plus one, it might sound simple // But it’s never what it seems // Even if our lives are changing // We meet up in our dreams.

Bishop – “Wild Horses”

New to the scene is Los Angeles-based singer Bishop, who came out with a song called “Wild Horses” a few months ago, and it’s getting a lot of play (over 172K listens on Soundcloud to date). In it, we hear the delicacy of her sultry pop voice singing about struggling with one’s own demons and love, alongside an acoustic guitar, that soon builds with a dark, thumping electronic beat. Head-nodding drums, jittery hi-hats, monstrous horn blows, and bubbly percussion… think pop meets trip-hop. I’ve had this song on repeat for–no lie–over an hour. Listen!

Lucaléy – “Dance to the Drum of Our Hearts”

You can’t go wrong with fun, dance-ready songs about being true to yourself, and that’s exactly what we have here with Danish electropop duo Lucaléy‘s debut single, called “Dance To The Drum Of Our Hearts”. It’s even the official theme song for Copenhagen Pride, which is pretty cool. Pumping up the beat with galloping drums and handclaps, harmonizing background vocals, atmospheric sounds, and a boost of bright horns towards the end, singer Ea Philippa Tange’s pop vocals sweep across the upbeat rhythm while singing about being following your deepest desires and being free from judgement. Listen below!

Lianne La Havas – “Green and Gold” video

Have you seen the music video for Lianne La Havas “Green and Gold” song? No? Well, you’re in luck. Looking through a broken mirror, trying to fit the pieces back together, she tells a story that reflects on her past as a young girl that grows up appreciating her Jamaican and Greek roots, while also dreaming about her bright future. It’s a beautiful video, directed by Ravi Dhar, and she looks as stunning as her warm soul voice sounds. Such beauty. Watch it below and check out the song on her full-length sophomore album Blood, which released mid-last year.

Sevdaliza – “One Armed Lullaby”

I heard this Sevdaliza song a couple of days ago, while going through Redbull’s 20 before 16 song series, and was captivated by the singer’s delicate and seductive R&B vocals that tip-toe alongside the ghostly, sensual Mucky-produced beat. “One Armed Lullaby” is a beautiful song with minimal, but poetic, lyrics that possess a bit of heartache (“Look at her eyes, look at her eyes // She’s tainted by gravity“) and acts as a quiet cry for an escape from that which holds her down. Listen to this new song of hers below, and then go listen to (or purchase) her latest EP, titled Children of Silk.

Petite Meller – “Barbaric” video

Earlier this year, I listed Petite Meller‘s “Backpack” as a song I was obsessed with, and it still rings true to today. I love that song, that video, and Petite Meller! Who is she, you ask? Petite Meller is a defiant, sweet-voiced pop singer from Paris, France, whose music always sounds so fun and youthful, while packing a strong message, and her music videos are artistic with such a bright, pastel colors. That’s definitely the case with her latest song and music video, “Barbaric”, too.