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Isaiah Toothtaker – “Illuminati Thug Mafia” + video zine

Only the foul-mouthed, tattooed fella you see above would name his 2011 album release, “Illuminati Thug Mafia“. That’s Machina Muerte co-founder, Isaiah Toothtaker. He’s a fellow Arizona resident, and he’s repping Tucson, to be exact. The rapper also has his own tattoo shop called Staring Without Caring, so if you’re in the area and lookin’ to get inked… go pay them a visit. The album is 18-tracks deep, featuring artists MURS, Zackey Force Funk, Cadalack Ron, Lucky.I.Am, Mestizo, SerpDot, Rape Wolf, Lush One, and Rheteric Ramirez. You can get it from online spots such as iTunes and Bandcamp (also stream the album in its entirety) for $10.

Also, today marks the day that Isaiah is pushing his first video zine forward (watch it below). The footage comes from the first Machina Muerte collective live event — at the Rialto Theatre in Tucson. Soundtrack by MM members Awkward and Gonjasufi.

SOUNDCHECK: Blitz The Ambassador

Blitz The Ambassador (Samuel Bazawule, born in 1982) was born and raised in Accra, Ghana. He grew up listening to afro-beat, jazz, and motown. His life changed once his brother introduced him to Public Enemy‘s “It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back“. Hip hop became a huge part of his life, and he made a goal to change hip hop forever. In 2001, he moved to the U.S. to go to college at Kent State University in Ohio. While there, he released several mixtapes and developed his skills as a live artist. He self-released his first album called “Soul Rebel” in 2004. After graduating, he made a move to NYC to continue his dream. He recorded another album, “Double Consciousness“, in 2005. Soon after, Blitz formed a live band, The Embassy Ensemble, and then he recently recorded and released his third album, “Stereotype” — “a live-instrument heavy musical exploration, that tests the limits of hip hop“. He took the album to a few major labels, but due to no grabs, he decided to do it by himself. It’s their loss. I’m telling you, labels passed up on someone great. But by creating his own independent label, Embassy MVMT, Blitz can remain doing what he wants, how he wants, and not put a limit on his own creativity.

Rec League show in Santa Cruz

The Rec League fellas just did a show in Santa Cruz and shot some video for it (well, Trevor Traynor did). I missed it when they were here earlier this year (for the “No Time Outs Tour”, I think), so this video only makes me wish I had gone. And hope that they come back (yeah?). But either way, check it out. And after you do that, hit up Routine Fly for more updates and free music. Get to know them and their music…

Magnetic Man – “Perfect Stranger” (ft Katy B)

Dubstep producers and DJs Benga, Skream, and Artwork make up the live electronic project called Magnetic Man. They perform using three computers — one playing drum samples and loops, one playing basslines, and the other playing lead sounds and samples. New to the collective (not new to Benga or Skream) today, I just saw their live performance of the single track, “Perfect Stranger”, featuring vocalist Katy B.


Look at these girls. Aren’t they cute? They’re an all-girl japanese pop-rock band called The Suzan. The band is made up of Saori (vocals & guitar), Rie (Keyboard & vocals), Nico (Drums), and Ikue (Bass).

The Suzan were performing here and there in Tokyo and a few other places. Awhile ago, the girls grabbed the attention of Bjorn from the band Peter, Bjorn and John, and he recently produced the band’s upcoming record, “Gold Week for the Poco Poco Beat” which will be released on October 26th with Fool’s Gold. So if you like what you hear below, go get their album!

Safia covers KOL’s “Use Somebody”

I’m not a huge Kings of Leon fan, but out of the songs I have heard of theirs, “Use somebody” is my favorite. The song moves me with the emotion in the phenomenal vocals. I, along with many others, can relate or have been able to relate to it at some point. Anyway, plenty of people have covered the song. People like Paramore, Matisyahu, and Pixie Lott. And now you must watch and listen to this beautiful cover by the songstress Muhsinah, who is now going by her middle name Safia.

Joya Bravo

I was checkin’ out some Dollar Van Demos videos and came across this chick, Joya Bravo, a couple weeks ago. She was in the van doing her remix version of “A Milli“, and I was diggin’ her instantly. My head was nodding, her energy was high, she’s got a beautiful voice, and she smashed that song. She’s got flavor! And yo, isn’t she lovely? Yeah… she’s definitely someone I’m keeping an eye on.

So check it… Joya‘s repping Brooklyn NYC. She is a singer, a songwriter, a rapper, and she plays the violin. She picked up the violin when she was nine years old, which eventually earned her a chair in the Metropolitan Atlanta Youth Symphony Orchestra. Big stuff! She has also played with The Roots. I read that some of her musical inspirations include Grace Jones, Serj Tankian (of System of a Down), Radiohead, Sarah Brightman, Bob Marley, and some others. Cool mix of people, if you ask me.

Check some videos after the jump…

WAX & EOM: Music And Liquor Video Premier

waxeomMore Wax and Herbal T (and EOM)-ness from me! WOOT! Ok, so, first if you haven’t subscribed to Wax&Herbal T’s youtube yet, then get to that. I promise you these dudes are highly entertaining. Secondly, if you have checked them out (and liked what you saw/heard) then here’s some fun info for you: Next month the music video for Wax and EOM’s Music and Liquor will get it’s debut at Hollywood’s Citizen Smith!

Jessica H.o's Life Is Good

jessica1In case you didn’t know, I’m a fan of Korean music..also, it’s been some time since I’ve listened to any; almost a year! So you can imagine my surprise when I checked my inbox this morning and found that a friend of mine sent me a little nudge about one of Kpop’s good Bad Girls. I was even more surprised that it was Jessica H.o no less. I guess you can say I call her a “good Bad Girl” because she’s like the girl in your crew who is a sweet heart, but she’s always up to something, and you KNOW it’s going to lead to trouble, but you’re so down for the ride. Also, I guess you can kinda say that I didn’t expect Jessica to really recover from her mistake a few years back, but she did…and apparently Life is Good.