Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


Quantic & Alice Russell with Combo Bárbaro – “Look Around The Corner” video

Watch this stunning live recording of “Look Around The Corner”, by Quantic and Alice Russell, performing with Quantic‘s wonderful band Combo Bárbaro. If you’re new to the powerhouse soul vocals of Alice, you should definitely dig through her discography–she’s a singing queen. And over Quantic‘s warm production and live instrumentation of the band… wheeeeeew, perfection.

The video was filmed and directed by B+. The song was recorded and cut live in Hackney on August 8th, last year, during the London Riots. It’s now available on a deluxe, full-color 10″ vinyl (Fat Beats) and digital download (iTunes).

SOUNDCHECK – Lianne La Havas

From her Facebook page, Lianne La Havas says she’s “Nothing like Corinne Bailey Rae or Andreya Triana, but we all have similar hair.” True, and they all have beautiful voices. Lianne (pronounced lee-ann) is a 22-year-old songstress, with smooth-like-melted-butter vocals and a guitar, that resides in London. And she’s currently on tour with Bon Iver.

Wax and EOM at Knocksteady

Brought to you by Subjekt, Wax and EOM rolled through the Knocksteady studio to perform some new material and talk with the KS crew.

Watch the video where they perform an acoustic version of “Limosine”, with Wax on guiar and EOM beatboxing. Also listen to and download the free podcast where they talk about inspiration behind their songs (such as “Two Wheels” and an upcoming song called “Too Loud”), how they met, being a threat to their neighborhood, life, professional butt waxing, and rap battling Zac Efron.

Robyn: Live @ H&M

Robyn will be performing at a the flagship H&M store in NYC this Sunday, June 19th, 2011 in what was supposed to be a secret show. Now that the cat...

B. Dolan performs “Kitchen Sink”

On May 7th, B. Dolan performed "Kitchen Sink" (from the album "Fallen House, Sunken City" on Strange Famous) in someone's kitchen. The house party was at some secret location in...

Seven Day footage at El Rey 04/30

Jay Diction of Seven Day sent over some footage of them playing at the El Rey show on April 30th. They opened up for Raekwon, along with Pistol McFly and Ezus (of The Alumni). The first video, they’re performing “No Rest” off of the upcoming debut album, “Dusk Til Dawn“. The second video, they’re performing “OurLife” with Pistol McFly and Ezus… and you can get that from their “CNCPTS II” free release.

SOUNDCHECK: Soapbox Melodics

I just recently got put up on Soapbox Melodics. I came across the video for their 2009 track, “Nevermind“, and marked it to “Watch Later” on youtube. Started watching it this weekend and was really feelin’ the style and sound. And Anya‘s (the gorgeous girl in the image above) soulful and alluring voice pulled me in. Created in 2007 by Anya and Dirty Nate, and joined by another member named Darby, Soapbox Melodics is a hip hop crew from the Bay Area (San Francisco). They incorporate other styles into the hip hop groove such as downtempo, soul, jazz, and funk. The music is incredibly appealing to me, so that’s why I’m here sharing it with you!

Dot Project art by Yuto Yamashita

I came across a video of a guy by the name of Yuto Yamashita doing some really interesting paintings, and thought I'd share it with the rest of you. Under...

Quadron – “Pressure” (live) video

Just a harp and Coco behind a mic… stripped down in such a pure and simple form. She sings “Pressure” so beautifully, and fueled by so much passion and emotion. Quadron have been on my radar for about a year now — they are amazing.

Richie Cunning on the road with Hiero

Recently, Richie Cunning toured with Hieroglyphics. They did 8 shows together. While on tour, photographer Trevor Traynor recorded behind the scenes and on the stage...