Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


SOUNDCHECK: Valerie June

I came across this unique vocalist (after hearing her acoustic performance on 89.3 The Current) and I thought the only way to really share her music was through our SOUNDCHECK series. If you aren’t familiar, this is where we write about the artist and share a ton of their music, rather than focusing on a single song or video.

Denizen Kane – “Broken Psalm (for John Vietnam)” video

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From the Typical Cats3” release show, in Chicago, Denizen Kane honors the memory of a young rapper and community leader that passed away at the end of August; John “Vietnam” Nguyen. “Broken Psalm (For John Vietnam)” is a spoken word piece that addresses the violence and general madness that has been plaguing Chicago. Video filmed by Jam One and TeCk.

Oddisee – “Let It Go” live video


From Oddisee‘s latest album, “People Hear What They See“, he performs a version of his uplifting song “Let It Go”, with a live band. It’s a stunning song, and one of my favorites on the album. He urges the listener to let go of their problems and know that everything will be okay, and to always bounce back from things that push you down. Oddisee is incredible with a backing band, don’t you agree?

The Shaolin Afronauts – “Quest Under Capricorn” album

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Lead by Ross McHenry, The Shaolin Afronauts are a cool ensemble of afro-soul instrumentalists from Austrailia. They released their debut album in 2011, titled “Flight of the Ancients“, on UK label Freestyle Records. They were inspired by the sounds of 1970s West Africa, and progressive avant-garde jazz artists that were of the same time period. It was nominated for music awards, such as the 25th Aria Fine Arts Awards in the world music category, and was widely received by the rest of the world.

This year, The Shaolin Afronauts are continuing their musical journey with their next album, “Quest Under Capricorn“. The album will be released on July 16th, through Freestyle Records. With influences like Sun Ra, Mulatu Astatke, Fela Kuti, and John Coltrane, you can be sure that these Afronauts are worth checking out.

Herbal T – “Drinking In Public” video

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Herbal T sits oceanside with a guitar and the Knocksteady camera crew to sing a song about drinking in public. It’s an enjoyable song, to which you’ll find nodding your head to, whether you drink or not. Also, Herbal T will be releasing a solo album in the fall, and this song may be on it.

Jesse Abraham & PremRock – “Live At Southpaw” album

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A couple of days ago, PremRock released a live album with Brooklyn emcee Jesse Abraham, featuring Willie Green. The performance was held at the legendary, now closed, Brooklyn venue Southpaw, in August of 2011. The album features 12 tracks, all backed by Willie Green. Not only can you download this live project for free, but there are also plenty of videos of the event for you to check.

David Ramos – “Hollow Days” video

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David Ramos drops a live performance of his poignant song “Hollow Days”, from his album “Sento La Tua Mancanza“. This song, along with the previous one we posted, has a lot of heart, personal emotions and memories in it, as he tries to preserve the life of his grandmother within this album. He sounds excellent in all of these live performances he’s been doing, I’d love to see him at a show. I really enjoy seeing an artist pour himself into his music, getting into a vulnerable position, and letting the world in. David Ramos is amazing.

B. Dolan presents “The Church of Love & Ruin”


Last year, hip hop emcee B. Dolan set up an extraordinary, special show, called “The Church of Love & Ruin”, that was exposed to audiences in the Northeast. It’s “a multi-genre barrage of performance, music, and chaos featuring over 30 performers.” It involved Sissy & Jamie DeWolf and their style of show (check out his Tourettes Without Regrets show), drag queens, Burlesque culture, a 16-piece marching band, dancers, and more. “Vaudeville, hip hop, and revival“. The video below is just a glance at the kind of bizarre and cool shit that went down. They’re already working on bringing this “jaw-dropping spectacle” to a city near you, and also to Bestival 2012 in September. So get ready.