Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


Raquel Rodriguez – “Don’t Be Afraid” live video

Los Angeles singer Raquel Rodriguez dropped a brand new live video the other day that I wanted to share. Recorded at the Blue Dream Studios, she performed previously unreleased (I think) song, called “Don’t Be Afraid”. It’s an intimate song that finds her telling someone to let go of their fears of falling in love (with her). Complimenting both her live band and her sweet pop-soul voice, it’s a beautiful song. I’ve missed hearing Raquel Rodriguez’s music, so I’m glad that this popped up in my inbox. Video filmed and edited by Giovanni Solis. Check it out, and don’t be afraid to want her… music in your life!

Childish Gambino – “So Into You” (Tamia cover)

Childish Gambino recently did a live performance cover of Tamia‘s classic R&B song “So Into You“, for Triple J‘s Like A Version segment. I got goosebumps the moment he began singing, and knew that I had to share it here. I remember when that song and video originally came out, so hearing it again, after not hearing it for several years, brought a real big, happy smile to my face; especially hearing it performed so beautifully by Childish Gambino.

SOUNDCHECK: Thomas Oliver

Thomas Oliver is a singer-songwriter, Weissenborn lap-steel guitarist, and multi-talented guitar player from Wellington, New Zealand, that combines the blues, soul, and rock for one strong and compelling sound. I came across his music after watching Estère‘s performances during the Aston Road Sessions (see it in my Soundcheck post), because he was one of the three artists who performed during this 2014 live event. I clicked play on his “Lead Me On / What Can I Say” performance, and was wholly captivated by his one-man-band star performance, his silky-smooth vocals that blended folk and soul, and his strong and poignant songwriting, while he masterfully played his guitar. Wheeeeew, yes!


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away–okay, not where I was going. But a long time ago, late 2014, I clicked the little “watch later” button on a video by a singer named Estère, and I finally watched it this morning. The song was a cover of PJ Harvey’s “The Words That Maketh Murder“, and it was a fantastic one! Before I get into that, and other songs by this talented artist, let me introduce you to her a little bit.

From Wellington, New Zealand, Estère is a quirky-voiced, funky jazz-soul singer-songwriter and a multi-talented producer, with an MPC named Lola. She likes to label her music as being “electric blue witch-hop”, and she is known to produce all of her music at home, while comfortably wearing her pajamas. Now, after hearing all the songs that I’ve shared at the bottom, you’ll be a fan of this electric blue witch-hop woman named Estère, like I’ve become, too!

Grayce – “Santa Baby” (Eartha Kitt cover) video

The latest in Grayce‘s (@graycemusic) Coffee Cup Covers series is a cover of Eartha Kitts’ “Santa Baby”. With blue garland and white Christmas lights decorating the walls, she sits alongside Mark McKee on acoustic guitar, singing about the sables, yachts, and the wedding ring she wants for Christmas, for being a good girl all year round. Her soulful voice is so rich and warm, all that’s missing is a hot cup of cocoa.

It’s a Black Deer Pictures production and was filmed at Beachwood Park Studios. Stream below. Happy holidays!

Moxi – “Hold Me” live video

As expected, Moxi‘s (@moxilovesyou) third song in their #SummerSingles series, called “Hold Me“, now has its own live performance video! Blue, purple, and pink light effects illuminate the band as they perform the dreamy synth-pop song, where frontwoman Anna lovingly sings, “Baby, hold me tonight“. Check it out.

A Band of Buriers – “Lord Be Kind” live video

It’s a new year and I’m happy to see a new Band of Buriers song and video. Filmed live atop a roof in Notting Hill for Boatshed Sessions, the Buriers performed a song called “Lord Be Kind”. James P. Honey’s brooding voice rolls over melodic guitar strums, melancholy violin pulls, and minimal drumming, and Jamie Romain’s warm, breezy backing vocals come in like gentle waves. It’s a fascinating and chilling song where beauty rises from despair. I’ve watched and listened to this song several times, so maybe you should, too.

Illitry – “Kingdom Perverted” live video

Remember when I posted “Kingdom Perverted” by electro-organic band Illitry? Well, along with Anthony James on drums and Kevin Fraser on bass, the duo filmed a live performance video of the song last month and it’s just as excellent. I must say that Troy and Chester’s vocals on this song make it hard for me to restrain myself from melting into a puddle of lusty goo. Yes, so good! Not only that, but they are talented instrumentalists, too. So, go watch it. Video by Mitch Fillion.

Kinda Neat: Parker

Let it be known that Dumbfoundead has changed his alias to Parker. He recently appeared on Intuition‘s Kinda Neat podcast (for Episode 37), where they cleared the air about splitting ways from Knocksteady, the work he’s been up to, changing his name, and more. Parker also performed his “Ganghis Khan” song from his Old Boy Jon album released earlier this year. Watch the video of his performance, then click the link to listen to the interview.

Juliyaa – “Outloud” live video

Since Tiffny put us onto North London soul singer-songwriter Juliyaa‘s music last year (check out her debut EP), the singer is up to new stuff this year. She’ll be releasing an EP titled Down To The River soon, so she’s been performing songs with her band The Revvs to promote it. Filmed by Joel Bennett, watch her performance of her new single “Outloud”.

Anacron – “Summer In Los Angeles” (live video)

Our good friend Anacron has been performing his “Summer In Los Angeles” song from our most recent compilation at his shows. He recently performed the song at the AITP Music Festival last month, so check that out below. We love it!

In case you missed it, on August 16th, we dropped a compilation featuring musicians from California. All artists were tasked to write and record a song about summer in California/their city, and it turned out dope. Stream and download for free here.