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Ill Clinton – “Ragnarok” album

Producer Ill Clinton dropped yet another dope project. On August 6th, we saw the release of his 14-track instrumental album, Ragnarok. In short, Ragnarok was the doom of the Gods and human life. In Norse Mythology, this was the beginning of the end and is described as lasting for 3 winters–with no summers in between–and ultimately breaking into a great, disastrous battle of death and destruction.

BeOND – “EveryThingz BacKWards” album

You should know by now that Gajah and BeOND make music together as Acid Reign. In 2008, they released “Time & Change, then “Diversity” and “Tracks From The Abyss Vol. 1” dropped in 2011. Well, BeOND just recently dropped his solo, debut release. On March 15th, “EveryThingz BacKWards” released via Acid Lab Records and Project Blowed Recordings. You already got a peep of it about a week ago, when we posted the music video for “Moment of Truth”, featuring Lucky I Am, as well as the free download of the track “Take It“. The album is 15 tracks heavy, and features Lucky I Am, Self Jupiter, Express Fresh, Olmeca, Dye, D.Rea, Re4M, and Destruct. It’s a dope album all the way through, so be sure to stream it in its entirety below, then buy it.

Album Review: Sektosikso – “Practicing Patience” album

Residing in Serbia, specifically Vrbas, Vojvodina, is Milan Lončar who goes by the name Sektosikso. The 24-year-old crafts beats that linger between electronic and downtempo. I don’t know much else about this guy, other than in July, he independently released a free project titled “Practicing Patience“. It contains 8 tracks, a few of which have vocals, that explore different emotions. Read what I have to say about the tracks with vocals, and then grab the free download.

Album Review: Jayson Turnbull-Hip Hop City Vol. 1

I’ve recently gotten back into listening to full on instrumental tracks, so I was really interested when Jayson Turnbull contacted me for a review of his volume one instrumental album, Hip Hop City. Released on Vash Music Records, the 14-track album (which can be purchased on iTunes or Amazon) is completely produced by Jayson, himself. Not having much to go on other than that, I dove in to the album with a fairly clean slate, and ready to give my opinion. Check out what I thought, and offer your opinion as well. I’d like to know your thoughts.

Album Review: L*Roneous – “Notes of the Righteous Outlaw”

L*Roneous is an underground emcee, hailing from the Bay Area. And if you aren’t in-the-know, this guy has been holding it down in the west coast for over a decade. Let me just say that I first heard him on a Cal State Hip Hop compilation album, called “States Of Mind“. I got it from a friend named Mike (who was known as Brayn Fuqt at the time) back in 2005. Rewind a bit… his debut album surfaced in the late ’90s. It was called, “Imaginarium” (also was re-released in 2002). Then in 2004, he released “Purposely Powerful“. He’s been featured on many albums throughout. Google him. Back to the present… just this past summer, L*Roneous dropped a free release called “The Roller Coaster EP“. Now it’s 2011, and I had the honor to get an advance release from the man himself to listen to and review. The album is titled, “Notes of the Righteous Outlaw“. It’s set to drop today, March 1st, on iTunes. It’s 16 tracks deep, and plays under 60 minutes. Guest appearances from Haze (of 40love), Great Muta, Gigio, Spank Pops, Flight27, Subverse, and Equipto. Also features DJ Cue, DJ Troubleman, and DJ Bizkid on the cuts. Overall, if you like hip hop and/or listen to L*Roneous already, you need to pick up this release. His delivery is on point. Top-notch lyricism over smooth beats, what’s not to like? It’s fresh all the way through. Now lets get to my breakdown of each track… ’cause that’s how I do it.

Tiffology reviews several Intalek mixtapes

Clever wordplay, the ability to paint a picture in your mind with his words, and his deep-thought lyrical skill… I bring you Intalek (also calls himself I.N.T. and Theo-nious Monk). Intalek is a 22-year-old emcee from Virginia Beach. He’s often compared to Lupe Fiasco by his listeners, in terms of his lyrical thought process. However, he doesn’t claim to be like anyone other than himself. He has 3 mixtapes out, for free download (after the jump!), that have been creating a buzz around the internet. I’ve never heard of the guy, until he recently emailed us. It’s never too late, right? He passed over the links for his mixtapes, and I sat down and listened to them all… quite thoroughly. I think he’s developed another fan (me), because I’m diggin’ what he’s puttin’ out there for the world to hear.