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Interview: MOMENT

For the past few months I’ve had his two-part mixtape Season of Letters / Season of Bullet on repeat. Previous to that, I’d been hooked on Season of Love/Season of Fever. I’ve blogged, tweeted, recommended and reposted his music on every one of our social media accounts ad nauseam. His name is MOMENT and he’s one of the realest independent artists out of Japan. The trilingual emcee has no problem with making you feel his words and letting you into his soul as he raps fluidly in English, Japanese and his mother tongue Korean.

Last week, I reviewed his debut album MOMENTS and was blown away by the depth of his words. For someone so young, there is so much wisdom and insight in his music that it’s inspiring and a strong motivation; I had to know just a little more about him and his music.  To be honest, I was quite intimidated to interview him as there’s really no info online for me to gauge his personality or even willingness to be sought out. However, I’m glad I reached out to him because it turns out that he’s just as cool as his aka “Swag Cat” suggests. Check out my interview with him below and judge for yourself. And while you’re at it, make sure you download his latest mixtape and purchase his new album from the links below!

Album Review: MOMENT- “MOMENTS”

For the past few months, I’ve been basically fangirling over music from MOMENT (@MOMENT_SWAG_CAT), in particular his 2-part mixtape Season of Letters/Season of Bullet. I’ve blogged about him in the past, sure, but recently he’s really been one of my Most Played artists. When presented with the opportunity to review his new album, MOMENTS, I knew that I would be in for a good listen. Now being that I already had his mixtape in heavy rotation, I wanted to listen to the album without bias as much as possible. I listened with as much objectivity as I could because I didn’t want to mislead you guys and because I wanted the review to be as honest as possible. I’ve already mentioned many-a-time though that I was enjoying it as a whole, but here’s a breakdown of the album track by track and my thoughts.


For the past month or so, I’ve been listening to MOMENT’s Season Of Letters & Bullet 2-part mixtape and I’ve mentioned before that he’s fast become one of my favorite artists as of late. Well, he recently dropped his new album MOMENTS on Grow Up Underground Records. The album, a total of 10 tracks, can be found on iTunesJP and at Tower Records Japan. You can listen to the album teaser and watch the teaser video below!