Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


The HoC – “Best of 2013” compilation

The House of Creatives, founded by the awesome people at the No Shame label, put together a Best of 2013 compilation that features live performances that came from their 5 curated events across 5 cities last year (in Austin, Palm Springs, Santo Domingo, New York City, and Miami). To highlight some stellar performances and who touched the stages, you’ll find 15 songs by those such as LoveSkills, Walking Shapes, Pompeya, Mini Mansions, X Ambassadors, Swear and Shake, Black Taxi, The Colourist, Seasick Mama, and others.

A Band of Buriers – “Lord Be Kind” live video

It’s a new year and I’m happy to see a new Band of Buriers song and video. Filmed live atop a roof in Notting Hill for Boatshed Sessions, the Buriers performed a song called “Lord Be Kind”. James P. Honey’s brooding voice rolls over melodic guitar strums, melancholy violin pulls, and minimal drumming, and Jamie Romain’s warm, breezy backing vocals come in like gentle waves. It’s a fascinating and chilling song where beauty rises from despair. I’ve watched and listened to this song several times, so maybe you should, too.

Illitry – “Kingdom Perverted” live video

Remember when I posted “Kingdom Perverted” by electro-organic band Illitry? Well, along with Anthony James on drums and Kevin Fraser on bass, the duo filmed a live performance video of the song last month and it’s just as excellent. I must say that Troy and Chester’s vocals on this song make it hard for me to restrain myself from melting into a puddle of lusty goo. Yes, so good! Not only that, but they are talented instrumentalists, too. So, go watch it. Video by Mitch Fillion.

Scrimshire & Stac – “Beached” (Brownswood Basement Session)

Scrimshire and long-time collaborator Stac swung by Gilles Peterson‘s Brownswood Basement to record an acoustic version of the song “Beached.” They sing with such a sad, apathetic emotion which is fitting for a song about giving into depression and wanting to be alone. It’s both beautiful and heartbreaking. Grab the song on Scrimshire‘s album Bight released back in May. You can also get 20% off of his music on Bandcamp when you use the code “Christmas13”!

Jam Sessions with Rey Resurreccion: Episode 02

Our friend Rey Resurreccion has returned with another episode of his video series “Jam Sessions With Rey Resurreccion”. This time, he linked up with San Francisco-based, multi-talented musician Gyre Funk. Performing live in the Suite 801 Studios, you’ll find Gyre Funk playing the Rhodes piano, guitar, and bass, with Rey on the MPC and mic… handling business like some bosses. Nod your head and groove along with this funky tune. Smooth like buttah, baby!

Benjamin One – “The Clash” EP

Ghostlocust Music presents its debut release from a Bristol-based producer named Benjamin One. The Clash is a 3-track EP that is influenced by bass heavy beats, footwork, and hip hop. Speedy, anxiety-inducing tempos with hard, erratic snares, fluttering hi-hats, vocal samples, and heavy basslines. It’s been described as a “a rock solid sound clash to shake the bass bins and transport the listener into the outer realms of the unknown universe.” Watch the video of Benjamin One playing “First to Last” live, then stream and download the album for free.

Jam Sessions with Rey Resurreccion: Episode 01

Rey Resurreccion did it, you guys! He has successfully cloned himself to play the MPC, the Rhodes piano, and raps on the mic all at one time. Just the other day I was telling somebody that I wish I could clone myself (Michael Keaton in “Multiplicity” style) so that I can accomplish many things at the same time. It would be so much easier! Anyway, be a fly on the wall in one of Rey’s jam sessions–it’s the first of more to come.

[EVENT] ココロのちず: Map of the Heart

“Inspired by myth from the heart of Japan,” Jebon sushi and noodle house in NYC will be hosting an evening of dance, song and drama starting at 10pm on May 12, 2013. The evening’s line up will feature Mio Soul, who covered the first issue of CrayonBeats Magazine just two months ago. The singer-songwriter has been busy recently making her debut as a producer and showcasing her original beats at The Delancy’s “Warper Party.”

Along with Mio Soul, you can expect to see performances by Zuri Russell, Reiko Morikawa, Chie Tsukamoto, Willyum Delirious and more!

Raquel Rodriguez says “happy holidays” with free music

In holiday spirit, Raquel Rodriguez has made her self-titled EP, released last year, available for free download, for the rest of the year. This also goes for the live recording of “Midnight Whispers” (one of my favorite songs of the year, actually) and the SBTRKT “Wildfire” single. All of which need to be in your music collection, because this girl is incredible.

Head on over to her Bandcamp page now, and watch the live performance video for “Midnight Whispers”. The instrument arrangement and her vocals are perfection.

Jesse Boykins III: Live at Diesel Planet NYC

Here is just a short clip of Jesse Boykin's set at the live Diesel Teaser Tuesday event sponsored by Ty Ku. Great atmosphere, cool people, and better music. My friend...