Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


Moxi – “Missing Piece” live video

It would appear that Moxi (@moxilovesyou) are pairing their #SummerSingles with live videos shortly after the single drops (such as their “Save Meoffering). After posting “Missing Piece” earlier this month, the pop band has since dropped a live video performance of it, too. These two songs have been so fun, and enjoyable. I can’t wait to hear their forthcoming album, what about you? Check it out.

Moxi – “Save Me” live video

Los Angeles indie electro-pop duo Moxi (@moxilovesyou) filmed a live video for their new single at Dead Music Studios. It’s darkly lit with geometric colored lights flashing throughout the length of the song, which goes well with the chunky synths and overall 80’s vibe. Check it out!

Fatima – “Rain” (SWV cover)

In an exclusive Rinse session in London, UK-based singer Fatima (@QUEENFATIMA) performed a cover of SWV’s “Rain”. With an umbrella in one hand and a microphone in the other, she soulfully sings in a smooth, warm tone with a live band. It’s beautiful, so have a look/listen.

Dark Mean – “Samuel The Phoenix” live video

Indie rock/folk band Dark Mean recently linked up with Southern Souls to perform a live version of their song “Samuel The Phoenix,” from their same titled EP (which I wrote about in February). In an intimate setting, the band performs the dreamy, reflective single that seems to evoke a longing feeling for a particular carefree, comfortable, and blissful moment. Through Mark’s gritty vocals over the country-folk backdrop built by a mellow drum rhythm, warm strings, and harmonica, you can almost feel the sun kissing your face from across the sea. Or, maybe it’s because the temperature is rising to 109° outside. Either way, check it out.

Band of Horses – “Acoustic at the Ryman” live album

Last Spring, indie rock group Band of Horses did a 2-night show at the legendary Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, where they performed some of their greatest hits. They recorded it and released the live album a few months ago, in February, aptly titled Acoustic at the Ryman. Although late to listening, I enjoyed listening to more intimate versions of songs like “Detlef Schrempf,” “Everything’s Gonna Be Undone,” “No One’s Gonna Love You” (one of my all-time favorite BOH songs), “Factory,” and “The Funeral”. This album reinvigorates the Band of Horses fan in me, so check it out. Stream some of the songs here, and then follow the Soundcloud link to listen to the full album.

Daena Jay – “What You Always Wanted” live video

Since I last wrote about Daena Jay (@daenajay) and sophomore EP, she dropped a live performance video of her song “What You Always Wanted”. In an intimate setting, overlooking the night lights of Los Angeles, she stripped the song down to just a keyboard and sweet, melancholy vocals as she sings about longing for a love that’s just not quite there yet (“I reach out my hand, you don’t take it // But, however long the night, the day will come // Day will come // I’m certain of it“). Filmed and edited by Stu Dooley. Watch now.

Ricky and Mark Live @ Tractor Tavern video

Remember Ricky and Mark (@rickypharoe @Gajamagic)? Of course you do! Since posting their “House Keys” music video, they recently and officially met up for the first time and performed their first show as a duo. Below, you’ll find a 7-minute video of live performance footage from that show, that happened on March 18th at Tractor Tavern in Seattle. Tru I.D. accompanies Ricky on the mic, while Gajamagic jams out on the instruments like a beast. Check it.

Tope- Life of the Party (Live @ SXSW 2014)

Here's some footage of Tope performing "Life Of The Party" from his 2012 album UNTIL THE NEXT TIME WE MEET at SXSW 2014. He was an unofficial performer and had...

Illitry – “White Noise” live video

The guys of Illitry are back with another live video for a song from their forthcoming album. With the same exact setting as their “Kingdom Perverted” performance (I believe it’s from the same Southern Souls session), set in what looks like an empty, dirty warehouse, the 4-piece perform an unreleased song called “White Noise.”

The electronic rock band showcases more of their rock side in this one. Troy’s vocals are distraught and his lyrics creep like a thick fog over uptempo drum playing, staccato strings, and woozy, echoed programming. Another good song under their belt that has me on the watch for their album. Watch the video below.