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Guillaume Lorentz: Blood On The Leaves

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It’s been about two months since French choreographer Guillaume Lorentz uploaded a new routine to his channel, and even longer since I’ve had the time to watch his super fun vids. For his “return” to youtube, he’s uploaded a September Exclusive: a routine set to Kanye West’s Blood On The Leaves. I’ve already watched it about 5 times. #ItsSoGood!

Strength in NUMBERS: Asian American Music Project

Scott Jung (bka CHOPS)  has been involved in Hip Hop and R&B since the early 90s when he and his friends, together as Mountain Brothers, became one of the first ever Hip Hop groups signed to a major label. Even after MB split, he continued creating his own music and working with legends like Talib Kweli, Kanye West, ODB and more. His love for Hip Hop never wavered and coupled with his passion to help his Asian American brothers and sisters in the music industry has evolved into his new project called Strength In Numbers.  Not only does this project feature an insane amount of talented individuals, the original members of Mountain Brothers got back in the studio for it as well.  With the project,  he hopes to bring visibility to the many Asian artists worldwide doing their thing, giving the artists a platform to showcase their talent as well as a space where young aspiring artists can look to for support and motivation.

Paul Dateh – “New Slaves” (Kanye West cover) video

I have never heard Kanye West’s “New Slaves” song; I just don’t have any interest in what Kanye’s doing anymore. However, I did receive an email from someone suggesting that I check out Paul Dateh‘s latest violin rendition of that particular song in question. I’ve heard stuff by Paul Dateh in the past, but I haven’t seen much of his latest stuff–so, I was intrigued. Paul is such a talented instrumentalist; what he can do with the violin is just incredible. Beautiful, inspiring, and super ill all wrapped up. Watch him recreate the song and download the remix for free.


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Formerly known as Sweet Rush, Somali-Canadian sisters Siham & Iman have reemerged as FAARROW (pronounced “pharaoh”).  Although their name has changed, the girls are still a pair of talented singer-songwriters and philanthropists who, when not in the studio, invest a lot of energy supporting humanitarian organizations and charities as well as their own W.I.S.H. Creatively project. Music-wise, they’re currently working on releasing original material, however they’ve posted some pretty dope cover mash-ups which include Katy Perry/Kanye/Jay-Z/Frank Ocean and Gotye/J. Cole, both of which I’m totally digging. As the girls prove with these mashups, their creative energy and talent will definitely turn out some dope originals. Links and covers after the jump.

Jhene Aiko: sailing soul(s) Mixtape [DL]

Released just about two weeks ago, Jhene Aiko's mixtape is really refreshing. Her sweet soprano voice blends incredibly well over heavy beats, and her choice of featured artists compliment her...

POWER: A Fashion Short

A long-time buddy of mine, Nicole Porée-Zayas, just unveiled her latest project with director and editor Dan Moraru. Inspired by Kanye’s song “Power”, the concept of the above video revolves around the notion that a man of multiple facets must represent himself in many ways in order to carry out his responsibilities. The 7 outfit changes on model Seth McTigue represents the 7 days of the week and the drastic changes that each day may bring to a man of high regard and stature. Nicole pulls from a diverse mix of brands and stores such as Balenciaga, Dior, Urban Outfitters, H&M, Supra, The Gap, and others to make a sharp and powerful look.

The video (which was shot in one day!) showcases Nicole‘s styling talents and creative vision. Nicole is a rising stylist and designer in NYC. So watch out for her, because she’s always making big moves! Now that you’ve all of read that, click play and enjoy.

MACHE x emmanueLabor 808s & Heartbreak

It's not a secret that KAWS teamed up with Kanye West for his "808's and Heartbreak" album artwork. In NYC, you can see a new billboard, located at 45th and...