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The Monsters Are Due On CrayonBeats (part 3)

Good morning, readers! I am proud to announce that the third part in my The Monsters Are Due On CrayonBeats compilation series is out TODAY. If you aren’t familiar with this concept compilation series that I have curated, let me briefly explain what it is.

As an 80’s baby and a child of the 90s, I read the Goosebumps books as a kid and, boy, did a lot of them scare me. In my years, I’ve also seen all of The Twilight Zone episodes, and continue to watch the series when it marathons during holidays. Similarly, they are really cool, innovative creations that tell tales involving themes of horror, thriller, science fiction, fantasy, comedy and beyond–they take your mind into strange and scary situations that are based on dream and reality.

Liphemra – “Bandaid” (Kalva Won remix)

Two weeks ago, Los Angeles-based beat maker Kalva Won (@kalvawon) remixed singer/producer Liphemra‘s “Bandaid“. What once began with neck-breaking claps, a deep humming bassline, and numbing pop vocals that soared in the forefront, Kalva Won slowed the rhythm for a haunting, downtempo vibe. He chopped the vocals and cleverly strung them within a mellow drum rhythm, twinkling percussion, silky synths, and an ounce of glitch towards the end. It quite lovely and soothing, so check it out.

Kalva Won – “Queen (Badu)”

Los Angeles producer Kalva Won (@KalvaWon) posted up a new track on Soundcloud called “Queen (Badu)”. “[It’s] music found under my bed during my move,” says Kalva. He pulled Erykah Badu’s vocals from “On & On,” and slowed them down a tad to fit snugly into a blissful beat that slowly transforms into something more magical at each turn. He kicks it off with a slow-burning intro of a low humming bassline, relaxed kicks, and clapping snares. Before you know it, the tempo and volume have increased two-fold and your ears are blessed with extra rich percussion and bold synths that will have your speakers bumping and head bobbing. I love it! Repeat worthy for at least 30 minutes. Listen now.

Kalva Won – “Shinux Remixes” EP

A few months ago, Los Angeles beat maker Kalva Won released a 7-track EP titled Shinux. On September 6th, his beautiful downtempo grooves were remixed by 10 of his favorite people/producers, many of which are from his own music collective (GRN+GLD), for the 10-track project Shinux Remixes.

It was raining all day in the Phoenix/Glendale area, and I feel that the one-of-two songs that the producers had the chance to remix each provide the perfect soundtrack for my current visual. The clouds have scattered, the pearl-sized raindrops that hit my bedroom window are fading, the blue sky is beautiful, and the humid air kisses my skin. It’s the peaceful, calming moments after rain has cleansed the neighborhood is what I experience the sample-based jams “Shinux Jazz” and “Alice”. Airy, ethereal, and relaxing… aural treats.

Kalva Won – “1×4” EP

Keith Alvarez, known as Kalva Won, is a beat maker from Huntington Beach, California. He lists influences such as Bonobo, FlyLo, Com Truise, and Nosaj Thing, so that should give you an idea in what direction his music is. In January, he released a free 7-track EP titled “1×4“. Aside from making music, he also makes some really great art, which can be viewed here.

Stream the EP below, then download it if you’d like. He’ll be dropping another EP on May 31st, too.