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New from London-based emcee Hanzo Reiza (@KIReizaNinja), is 5HINOBI 5HOWDOWN featuring Takuma The Great & Jinmenusagi, two of the dopest emcees from Japan in recent years. The video for this KOB produced track has a cinematic feel, playing off old karate flicks and humorous Benny Hill-esque speed walking sequences thanks to the direction and editing by Sonny B. I’ve been waiting for this video to drop ever since peeping a few bts shots on instagram a few weeks ago and I just gotta say, aside from the obvious dopeness of the track, I’m completely loving the editing job Sonny B did. Check it below:

Album Review: MOMENT- “MOMENTS”

For the past few months, I’ve been basically fangirling over music from MOMENT (@MOMENT_SWAG_CAT), in particular his 2-part mixtape Season of Letters/Season of Bullet. I’ve blogged about him in the past, sure, but recently he’s really been one of my Most Played artists. When presented with the opportunity to review his new album, MOMENTS, I knew that I would be in for a good listen. Now being that I already had his mixtape in heavy rotation, I wanted to listen to the album without bias as much as possible. I listened with as much objectivity as I could because I didn’t want to mislead you guys and because I wanted the review to be as honest as possible. I’ve already mentioned many-a-time though that I was enjoying it as a whole, but here’s a breakdown of the album track by track and my thoughts.