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Abnormal. – Narcissistic Euphony

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Released on September 7th,  “Narcissistic Euphony” is the latest EP from St Louis,Missouri-based electro producer Abnormal. Born Daniel Sanders, Abnormal. cites this EP as a turning point– inspired by artist like Flying Lotus and J Dilla— he committed himself to producing music he truly enjoyed versus putting out what was expected or what was on trend. What resulted is an EP of sparkling beats that put you in a relaxed, dreamy mood. Listen below.

Nao’ymt: 2014 Shyugyo, 2014 Mijikayo

Nao'ymt has released two more  collections titled 2014 Shyugyo & 2014 Mijikayo which brings the total releases of his EPs this year to three. Keeping in tune with the previous...

Jel – “Breathe” video

From Jel‘s (@jelanticon) Late Pass album that released last year, watch his latest music video that dropped a couple of weeks ago (a little late, but who cares). Directed by Chloe Aftel & Jeremy Phillips, “Breathe” shows a group of animal-masked kids, with unusual weaponry such as a skateboard, a tennis racket, and a fistful of cards, as they roam the city at night causing ruckus. Brief cameo from Jel as he’s spinning flaming records. “Don’t get too comfortable.” repeats the dark, robotic vocal sample in this head-nodding, foot-tapping, dusty boom bap, hypnotic string groove. Check it out.

Mio Soul – “Subliminal Melody”

What began as a personal beat-making challenge titled “Starbucks: Half in Half,”  Mio Soul soon realized she had accumulated a portfolio of hand-crafted beats worthy of a full-length production. Her upcoming album “Subliminal Melody” is the end result, an “atmospheric and ambient” channeling of the multi-faceted artist’s “inner cosmos,” the instrumental album is set for release March 18th via MANAFEST VISION Media LLC.

Mio states of the new album:

“Music production opened another door for me to creatively express myself more and more.  The sounds reflect a sample of my inner vibrations that I couldn’t easily express with words prior to actually producing music.  What I created on this project is literally related to my deep thoughts. My unconscious mind.”

Official Press release, tracklist and album credits below:

Small Professor – “Gigantic Jawns” compilation

Today, Philly producer Small Professor released an 18-track compilation called Gigantic Jawns. He combined the instrumentals from two previous releases called Gigantic Vol. 0 and Gigantic Vol. 1. This is one of those projects that you’ll click play on and delightfully let it be the soundtrack to whatever you’re doing. Hard-hitting, boom bap drums, eerie strings, vibrant horns, playful piano notes, groovy bass, minimal synth lines, vinyl crackle…just dope beats all the way. Check it out and grab it for $8.

Linn Mori – “Sail To The Moon” album

Linn Mori is a hip hop beat maker from in Tokyo, Japan, and he just released his debut album via French label Cascade Records. Released today, on January 28th, Sail To The Moon is filled with 22 exotic beats that are rich in long, beautiful sax solos, boom bap drum rhythms, and chopped vocals. You’ll also hear some silky strings, flirtatious flute notes, and twinkling chimes. It’s a beautiful composition of music from beginning to end.

Ikabod Bum Presents – ” RAW DATA JAZZ: The Unorthodoxy Proxy” compilation

Last month, California-based producer Ikabod Bum wrapped up his 3-part beat compilation with his final installment (check the previous two). Released December 5th, 2013, Raw Data Jazz: The Unorthodoxy Proxy features 21 beats that follow that “jazzy hip hop” path, but it’s a bit more mellow in comparison to its counterpart. Music by Ikabod Bum, Autumn Turn, Clear Blue, OLOS, Ion The Prize, EwokieTalkie, A.K.aye, B 3 N B i, and several more. Stream and download for free!

6Fingers – “Beat Speak 2” album

Following up his first installment of the Beats Speak series, California-based producer 6Fingers returns with another volume of instrumentals, appropriately titled Beats Speak 2. As you may already know, this series brings together all the dope beats that he has produced for himself and for other artists. In BS2, you’ll find beats that were produced for those such as Grayskul, Topkat, Bambu, Dumbfoundead, Hopie, and several others.

This instrumental album is available for a name-your-price digital download, or you can get it on limited edition blue and red cassettes for $8.95! The choice is yours. Stream now. Right now.

6Fingers – What Up feat. T.O.P. (Topkat) Video

Beatrock emcee 6Fingers released the video to the vocal version of “What Up featuring T.O.P. (Topkat)” yesterday. The bonus track is from his new instrumental album Beats Speak 2, set for release on December 23rd as a free download and as limited edition cassette tapes (available at the Beatrock Music Anniversary Celebration , December 27th, 2013 at The New Parish in Oakland, CA.) Check out the trippy sci-fi influenced video after the cut.