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Vince Dauphin – Ocean Songs [album]

Performed and produced “underwater” by Vince Dauphin himself, Ocean Songs is an ambient, dream-like album of sparkling instrumentals with soft waves of 80s synth-pop thrown into the mix. Released on October 21, 2015 via Bandcamp, the now-sold-out digital album was accompanied by a limited-time exclusive hand-made ceramic sculpture by Lucia Dos Santos, a limited edition cassette tape and an “Ocean Songs” A3 poster. While all these goodies are sold out, you can still stream the album in its entirety below:

B.O.O.K.S. One – “Yeah Yeah Yeah”

California-based producer B.O.O.K.S. One (@books_one) dropped a brand new beat yesterday, and it’s called “Yeah Yeah Yeah”. Looped vocals bounce around chunky drums, echoing claps, bubbly effects, and twisting synth lines, giving us a unique spacey hip hop tune to bump out of our speakers and nod our heads to. This track can be found on his forthcoming EP, titled TIME and MIND.

When I asked B.O.O.K.S. One about the EP, he said: “Well, I have many sides to my production and really felt like letting people hear this side. There are five tracks. Almost all original beats. Only one musical sample on a track called “Hard To Burn”. It’s slow, too. Slow in a grimy way… neck snappers. There isn’t a lot out there like this.” There you have it! Listen to “Yeah Yeah Yeah” now, and look out for more!

Gas-Lab – “Soulful & Jazzy Beats” album

Buenos Aires, Argentina, producer Gas-Lab (@gaslab) recently returned with a brand new album. Released on March 30th, Soulful & Jazzy Beats is an 11-track collection of brand new beats and instrumental versions of songs that he produced for other artists. The album is just as the title suggests. Soulful and jazzy beats, done with a combination of warm bass guitars, crooning horns, soothing keys and organs, delicate flute notes, thick synth lines, crackling vinyl, vocal accompaniment (from Stylo Caro and Favi), all over crispy boom bap drums.

Mr. Moods – “Disruptive ear damage”

Today brings new music from Canadian beatmaker Christian Denis, aka Mr. Moods, titled “Disruptive ear damage”. The album is an eclectic mix of jazz, hip hop, rock and electro influences resulting in 13 tracks of unique instrumentals. From his bandcamp, Mr. Moods states that this album is “out of his territory” but plays true to his moniker and encompasses a variety of moods. As the first time I’m hearing something from him, I have to say that it’s a pretty solid album. Listen below.

Betty Ford Boys – “Uppers/Downers” EP

Before their short Retox Tour throughout Germany (it has already ended), the Betty Ford Boys dropped a 10″/digital EP called Uppers/Downers, via Melting Pot Music, on October 24th. It was the first release since their dope 2013 album Leaders Of The Brew School. The EP’s title is based around having three Uppers and three Downers–a mixture of hard-knocking, mid-tempo, filthy bangers and some that are a little more laid back and smooth (but still hold some grit).

To coincide with the EP, they also dropped a music video for their “So Fine” track. The story focuses on a “drug” supplier, who grows some rare, colorful candy discs, and the dangers that comes with having something so addictive that people must have it by any means necessary. It’s a cool and creative video, directed by Timo Milbredt. Actors and cameos from Coco Reynolds, Melodiesinfonie, Marlene Winkler, Kevoe West, Veedel Kaztro, Gold Roger and Olski. Watch the video and stream the EP below.


GeeSoporia (@GeeSoropia) is a producer and lyricist from Mississauga/Toronto, Canada who specializes in ambient beats and chill vibes. He studied his craft at Toronto's Seneca College and was a featured artist...

MeccaGodZilla: ISA VIOLET feat. DJ Hibi Bliss

Producer, MC and artists MeccaGodZilla (@MeccaGodZilla) released the visuals for ISA VIOLET, the latest single from his ERROARS 2.2- Metal Sakura EP. Filmed by HiFiMediaTokyo and featuring an appearance by fashion...

KuroiOto: Black, Brown & White [EP]

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dirtybird: “Music in the Key of Drought Major” EP

Aaron Broughton, aka dirtybird, has released his newest EP "Music in the Key of Drought Major" on Em La La Terra Records. The Humboldt County, California beatmaker states that this album will...

Korben Welles: Dragon Lee EP

Korben Welles‘ comeback release is the Dragon Lee EP, 9 tracks of “instrumental goodness” featuring a network of global emcees and DJs who offer their talent to your ears. Featured talent includes: DJ Horg, Mallz, Klass D, Monotone Jones, Just Muz, Melodious Mike and Mister. Check it out below: