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Ill Clinton – “Ill Bundy” & “Ill Lumbergh” albums

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Returning from “Skywalken“, Ill Clinton has put together a 2-part volume series. These Lost Files are called “Ill Lumbergh” and “Ill Bundy“; yes, more actor references. Together, there are a total of 21 tracks, all of which were created between 2009 and 2010, but were lost on a hard drive. So, now that they can’t be edited any further, they are available for free download. Check ’em out now.

Us Natives – “Used Vinyl Review” album

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Ill Clinton and John E Cab teamed up to become Us Natives. The two just released a 10-track EP of instrumentals, and titled it “Used Vinyl Review“. The instrumentals are all really good, and transition smoothly into one another. It kicks off with a “Coming To America” reference in the first song, “So Lovely”. If you’re a fan of that dope movie, it will get your mood where it needs to be… so lovely, and sexual (chocolate). It’s the perfect introduction to the chill vibes the rest of the album presents. Excellent work.

The album is a prequel to their full-length coming in late 2012. “Used Vinyl Review” is available for free download, unless you want the CD + digital download + poster package ($9.99).

CrayonBeats presents “Vol 3: Love… This Might Hurt”

It’s finally here… the third volume in our compilation series! This is the first installment that has a theme. And, it’s in 2 parts. The first, and main, portion is based around love. As you know, love is universal. Love for a significant other, self-love, love for friends and family, love for music… anything that those involved wanted to aim towards. The second, smaller, half is the flip-side of love — a broken heart. That’s the explanation behind the title, “Love… This Might Hurt“.

On “Love…“, you will find music from Jason Minnis, I.deals (IV The Polymath & Jondis), Andrew David, Gigio, O.B., Hanzo Reiza, Graves33, HALFMANHALF, Knightstalker, PremRock, Matty Slims. and Cixed. On “This Might Hurt“, we have Ill Clinton, P.U.N., Andrew David, Myc Ripley, Proe, and Illestrait.

Ill Clinton – “Skywalken Vol. 2”

Not too long ago, Ill Clinton dropped a project called “Skywalken“. The album cover had Christopher Walken‘s face on it, but Walken was nowhere to be found. Until now. Today, Ill Clinton put together another volume of sample-heavy beats, for “Skywalken Vol. 2“, and self-describes it as “a series of instrumentals that extract emotion“. This time, some Walken vocal chops can be heard here and there. However, I wanted more. It’s like, I got a fever… and the only prescription was more Walken. Beats were noice, as expected, though.

There’s 14 tracks, and 3 of them are old beats that he retrieved from an old hard drive. Check it out.

Ill Clinton – “Skywalken” album

In November, beat producer Ill Clinton, from Philly, dropped his 4th instrumental project, called “Skywalken“. I’m late to this dude’s music, but hopefully you’re not. So good. Stream the 11-track project below, and then hit that download link (yup, it’s free!).