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Ill Clinton – “AMBAP” album

Philadelphia-based producer Ill Clinton dropped a new instrumental album earlier this week. Have you heard it yet? Released on November 11th, AMBAP is an amalgamation of the words ambient and boom bap, and it’s a word he created to describe his sound.

With 8 beats under the hood, I find AMBAP to play as a soundtrack to a peaceful, atmospheric, and sensual experience. All of the beats ride heavy on dense drums, and are wonderfully juxtaposed with layered samples (of gentle strings, angelic bells, warm keys, whispering woodwinds, soothing horns, etc) that add a delicate beauty. He also threw in a few vocal samples, and stamped the album with vinyl crackles, to help illustrate the mood. It’s such a great body of work, and easy to listen to, so check it out when you get a chance.

CrayonBeats Magazine Issue 5!

Hey everyone! We have made it into our second year with our magazine, and today we have released our fifth issue! To celebrate another year, we have returned with another double-cover special (different colors, same exact content in both). On cover choice features hip hop duo The Cloaks (Awol One and Gel Roc), where I have an exclusive interview with them about music, their forthcoming album, and what’s next. The other cover choice features R&B/Pop singer Emi Maria, where Tiffny has an exclusive interview with her about family life, her return to the music scene, and her new album.

Ill Clinton – “Ragnarok” album

Producer Ill Clinton dropped yet another dope project. On August 6th, we saw the release of his 14-track instrumental album, Ragnarok. In short, Ragnarok was the doom of the Gods and human life. In Norse Mythology, this was the beginning of the end and is described as lasting for 3 winters–with no summers in between–and ultimately breaking into a great, disastrous battle of death and destruction.

Ill Clinton – “Juniper”

On August 6th, Pennsylvania producer Ill Clinton will be releasing a limited edition cassette tape, titled Ragnarok, on I Had An Accident Records. Stream the first single “Juniper”, a downtempo groove built on mellowed drums, gentle strings, and elegant chimes. Real lovely, relaxing tune. Ill Clinton says that he was inspired by a small retreat that he recently went on.

There will only be 200 tapes, so keep your eyes on his social sites for when that drops.

Ill Clinton – “Depths” album

On February 19th, beat maker Ill Clinton released his anticipated album, Depths. This guy has been on my radar since his SKYWALKEN project in 2011, but I really think that this is his best work. The production is more dense; it’s minimalistic, but stacked with layers; it’s bright and lush, but also dreary and dark. He explores different moods through electronic waves, ambient clouds, experimental loops, hip hop grooves, and chopped vocal samples. Great work. I like it!

Depths is available digitally ($4.99) and on physical CDs ($7.99). Stream and hit the purchase link below.

Us Natives – “Used Vinyl Review II” album

Earlier this year, Us Natives (Ill Clinton and John E. Cab) dropped “Used Vinyl Review“. On December 21st, they followed it up with a second installment. “Used Vinyl Review II” is equipped with 12 instrumentals, with special guest producers Haj (of Dumhi), Mekz One, and Just Plain Ant. Similar to the first one, this also features a gang of downtempo, sample-heavy beats. A good soundtrack for kickin’ back, tryin’ to ease your mind. Stream and download for free.

CrayonBeats Presents Vol. 5: “The Monsters Are Due On CrayonBeats”

If you’ve been keeping up with us, you’ll know that this year we’ve released a couple of concept compilations. In February, we dropped our love-and-heartache themed compilation, titled “Love… This Might Hurt“. Then, Tiffny and I decided to each take on a compilation, where we’d be handling separate projects. In September, Tiffny dropped the stellar “Girls Named Tiffany“, featuring ladies named… Tiffany. Yup! You should understand why. Stream and download both of those, and our previous volumes, if you missed them. No, really, go do it!

Our last compilation this year is volume number five. Put together entirely by me, CrayonBeats presents “The Monsters Are Due on CrayonBeats“. The title is a play on an episode of The Twilight Zone. However, this compilation features two different themes — The Twilight Zone (episodes) and Goosebumps (books).

Us Natives – “Popeye Doyle”


The Us Natives (a project between John E. Cab and Ill Clinton) will soon be releasing a follow up to their “Used Vinyl Review” album that dropped in April. “Used Vinyl Review II” will be available on December 12th, and will feature a few guest producers. Until then, though, stream the first single, “Popeye Doyle”.

Ill Clinton – “The Prophecy” EP

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Having just dropped some lost music files (“Ill Lumbergh” and “Ill Bundy“) in July, Ill Clinton has returned with something fresh. Inspired by one of his favorite childhood movies, “The Dark Crystal“, he crafted up some dark, mysterious, bass-thumping beats, for an EP he calls “The Prophecy“. Stream and download for free now.

If you like this EP, you’re sure to like his upcoming project, “DEPTHS“, due in October.