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BURIERS – “Fool’s Errand” video

It’s been a little while since I’ve checked in on the BURIERS (@buriersofficial), and I feel so sorry for that. However, upon seeing what they’ve been up to, I saw that they are releasing a 2-song cassette single on August 24th, over at I Had An Accident Records. They put out a music video for the B-side of that cassette, for a song called “Fool’s Errand”. As to be expected, James P Honey penned a powerful, poetic spoken word rap that seems to be some social commentary on human decay and the world today, over a chanting drum beat.

Bloodmoney & Morbidly-O-Beats – “The Art of Self Destruction” EP

Bloodmoney (@DrBloodmoney) is a rapper/producer from Portland, Oregon, who has made a few appearances here at CB, such as the last EP I spoke about, his charity compilation We’re Really Out Here. Last month, he released with a new EP, though, titled The Art of Self Destruction, produced entirely by Chicago-based producer Morbidly-O-Beats.

Comprised of 8 tracks, the album is propelled by heavy industrial beats made up of deep, reverberating bass lines, thick distorted drums, eerie effects and samples, and grim piano notes. Bloodmoney‘s lyricism is usually the intelligent type, which pushes the listener to really decipher and absorb what’s being said–I personally enjoy that type of music. The subject matter lies within futuristic paranoia and social commentary on relatable forefront issues, such as social networking, politics, self-destruction, and such. The one and only guest feature comes from Uncommon Nasa on “Metal Arms”.

Ill Clinton – “Ragnarok” album

Producer Ill Clinton dropped yet another dope project. On August 6th, we saw the release of his 14-track instrumental album, Ragnarok. In short, Ragnarok was the doom of the Gods and human life. In Norse Mythology, this was the beginning of the end and is described as lasting for 3 winters–with no summers in between–and ultimately breaking into a great, disastrous battle of death and destruction.

Ill Clinton – “Juniper”

On August 6th, Pennsylvania producer Ill Clinton will be releasing a limited edition cassette tape, titled Ragnarok, on I Had An Accident Records. Stream the first single “Juniper”, a downtempo groove built on mellowed drums, gentle strings, and elegant chimes. Real lovely, relaxing tune. Ill Clinton says that he was inspired by a small retreat that he recently went on.

There will only be 200 tapes, so keep your eyes on his social sites for when that drops.