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Special Education with Anderson .Paak

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For the latest episode of Special‘s Special Education game show, she has singer/rapper/producer Anderson .Paak (previously known as Breezy LoveJoy) as a guest. After first learning that he has to choose songs he’s already released (in regards to the first question, haha), we learn that his favorite word is “N8PS” (pronounced “napes”, which is slang for “hell no”), that he’d choose to perform “Celebrate” at an old folks home (in contrast, Special chose “Home Going“, because she thought it was a lighthearted song, but it’s really about death), he says “Drugs” was the most fun song to perform live, and he says who he loves working with. There’s also a point in this game where he flips it up and asks Special a NSFW question, where they each share the age that they first experienced the act of “69”. Hahaha. Watch below!

Special Education with Murs

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Special dropped another episode of Special Education, and this time it’s with one of my long-time favorite emcees, Murs. Before even starting the game, he’s quick to tell her that she’s wrong. Haha! Little does he know, she kills it with the points on this one. In case you didn’t know, Special Education is a game show where Special challenges a variety of music artists by asking them questions about their own music, while seeing how well she knows them/their discography.

In this episode, we learn about which song Murs would perform for a group of third graders (however, he likes her choice more than his), the song he’d perform at an old folks home (again, he gives her more points for the reasoning behind her song choice), “love” is his favorite word, why “Walk Like A Man” and “1st Love” were the hardest songs to write (he also says that “Woke Up Dead” took him 10 years to write), and who was his favorite person to work with. Watch the episode, play along, and see what happens.

Special Education with T.I.

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Special had Atlanta’s own T.I. (aka Tip) on her Special Education show not too long ago and, man, he showed no mercy when it came to those points! Any time she got one wrong, you’d hear him saying, “NO POINT FOR YOU!” Hahaha. In this episode, he explains why “Freak Though” was the most fun song to make, we learn what video was the most fun to shoot, his favorite word, and why he’d perform “Whatever You Like” at an old folks home. It’s an enjoyable episode, so check it out.

Special Education with Locksmith

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Last month, Special had California rapper Locksmith on her Special Education music game show. In this episode, he talks about the most fun song to make, his favorite word (well, in this case, phrase), which song he would perform at an old folks home, and that “Hardest Song Ever” was not only the hardest for him to write, but it’s also the song that he thinks really defines him. Watch it below, and be sure to check out some of her other episodes over here.

Special Education with Mystikal

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Did you guys see the Special Education episode with Mystikal? That one was fun to watch, because I liked to see the surprised look on his face when she’d guess some songs that he didn’t expect her to know, and he seems like a fun dude to be with in a room. For the question about a song that defines him the most, he even changes his answer to her answer, saying that she knows him better than he knows himself (he says, “Wow, that’s better than my fuckin’ answer. Maaaan! That’s more me than this; she gets another point!”). You go, girl!

In this episode, Special battles it out with long-time rapper Mystikal (if you don’t know who he is or can’t think of any of his songs, you’ve been under a rock; even my mom knows a few of his songs). You’ll learn about what song was the most fun to make, why Mariah Carey was his favorite person to work with, working with Pharrell, the song he’d perform in a old folks home, and there’s also a little flashback story, where he talks about being in the studio with all of Wu-Tang and Master P when working on “Who Rock This“. Check it out below!

Special Education with Shaggy

(@SpecialSays @DiRealShaggy)
How have you been enjoying the Special Education episodes that I’ve been sharing lately? I think we’re caught up now, because this episode was released last week. Featuring reggae-fusion singer Shaggy as the musical guest, Special battles him with his discography. I think it’s funny that he assumes she won’t know much about his work, until after the first question when he’s pleasantly surprised.

Special Education with Joey Bada$$

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Back with another one. Our friend Special sat down with Joey Bada$$ to play her Special Education game show, where tries to see how well she knows their music. We find out that “Survival Tactics” was the most fun to make, which song was the hardest to write, his favorite song to perform live, his favorite artist to work with, and more. This is one of the shorter episodes, and it premiered last month. Did Special win or lose in this one? Find out by watching the episode below.

Special Education with SZA

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Special gets with singer-songwriter SZA to battle it out on her Special Education game show, to see how well she knows her music. They get right into it, where Special asks SZA a tough question of if she were to have a documentary, what would it be called. SZA also goes into length about why “Babylon” was her favorite music video to create, “Aftermath” being the hardest song to write, the feeling of freedom being what she hopes to evoke through her music, and “HiiiJack” being her favorite song to perform. Although Special only got 1 point, which was a bonus, this episode was fun and we got some inside scoop to some songs. Watch it now.

Special Education with The Alchemist

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This is the first Special Education episode where Special battles a producer in her game show series, and it came out in June. Sitting with producer/rapper The Alchemist, we learn that Snoop Dogg is his favorite person to work with, the toughest project to make, the longest project to create, he names Rare Chandeliers as the most fun (while also giving bonus points to Special for bringing up Lord Steppington, since he’s known Evidence for most of his life), and we get the drop that Alchemist ghost wrote a particular line for Planet Asia. Catch it all and more in this episode.

Special Education with Action Bronson

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Hey, everyone. I’m back with another Special Education episode by Special. This time, she sits with rapper Action Bronson, who takes the game show into an unexpected direction, especially when he names his mom as being his favorite person to work with and bake cakes with (side note: Special was talking about musical involvement), “supplement” being his favorite word, staring in an adult film, and more. Haha! At one point, the tallying of points gets confusing, and Special’s point system becomes words and she has “a bunch”. This episode came out in June, but you can watch it now.

Special Education with G-Eazy

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Like I said in this post, I’m playing catch-up with Special’s Special Education episodes over these next few days. Although some are a little old (several months), they’re still enjoyable to watch, full of inside information, and… it’s a game show! What’s not to like? In the episode released in May, our friend Special asks Bay Area rapper and producer G-Eazy a variety of questions to see how well she knows him. This is the first episode where she called up fans from the audience, where they would get to attend the G-Eazy show that night if they guessed correctly.

Special Education with Talib Kweli

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Since I’ve missed out on several Special Education videos since the one with Fashawn, I’m going to make each one have its own post, because they deserve such. So, allow me to play catch up, okay? If you don’t remember, or if you’re not already watching these, Special sits down with a musical guest of honor to play her unique game show. She asks the artist questions, and they’re tasked with having to pick a song or album from their own discography as their answer. Special writes down what she thinks the artist will choose, and if she guesses correctly, she gets a point (the artists can also give her points, just because, haha). It’s fun and we sometimes learn some backstory to songs.