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Vince Dauphin – Ocean Songs [album]

Performed and produced “underwater” by Vince Dauphin himself, Ocean Songs is an ambient, dream-like album of sparkling instrumentals with soft waves of 80s synth-pop thrown into the mix. Released on October 21, 2015 via Bandcamp, the now-sold-out digital album was accompanied by a limited-time exclusive hand-made ceramic sculpture by Lucia Dos Santos, a limited edition cassette tape and an “Ocean Songs” A3 poster. While all these goodies are sold out, you can still stream the album in its entirety below:

Guillaume Lorentz: Blood On The Leaves

| #choreography | #KanyeWest | @LorentzOfficiel |

It’s been about two months since French choreographer Guillaume Lorentz uploaded a new routine to his channel, and even longer since I’ve had the time to watch his super fun vids. For his “return” to youtube, he’s uploaded a September Exclusive: a routine set to Kanye West’s Blood On The Leaves. I’ve already watched it about 5 times. #ItsSoGood!

Undeniable x Napoleon Da Legend : Street Runner

In an international collaboration, Undeniable and Napoleon Da Legened team up for Street Runner. Delivered over a DJ DUKE beat and featuring cuts by DJ MODESTY, the USA/French connection strives to bring strong head-nod-inducing vibes to your ears and succeeds. Released as a free download, this is the second Undeniable & Napoleon Da Legend collaboration and it’s bound to precede more. Check it out and download below:

Vince Dolphin

Meandering around soundcloud, I came across Vince Dolphin and their cool ambient sounds. Representing Lyon, France, the solo project draws inspiration and creativity in “subaquatic softness, dolphin dances and aqua-disco airiness.” The first track I stumbled upon, “The Sunken Islands,” really caught me off guard and held my ear with its calming nature. Moving on to the second track on their soundcloud, titled “Underwater Slow Dance,” made me wish I was a mermaid at the mermaid ball. Vince Dolphin’s music is soothing yet full of energy. Check it out after the jump:

SOUNDCHECK: Andrea Sanchez

I stumbled upon Andrea Sanchez's (@Andreuyaa) soundcloud last night and it was a case of pure serendipity. I'd actually saw her picture on a Pinterest hair board and clicked through...

Guillaume Lorentz- Foreign by Trey Songz

Choreographer extraordinaire Guillaume Lorentz (@LorentzOfficial) just released his newest piece to Trey Songz (@TreySongz) Foreign. Once again, Lorentz (with his equally amazing dancers Ade and Laura ) put it down, showcasing...

THEHAZE- Rouge (Official Video)

THEHAZE (Besatree, Kid Presentable, Haunted Days and Witches Teat) have dropped the video for Rouge, which is from their recently released self-titled album. With direction by MudzOne, the USA/France collaborative...

7even Sun x Cans: Papers & Passports EP

French producer 7seven Sun recently teamed up with NYC artist Cans for the third installment of his series of collaborations. Previously working together on French Connection and Reconnected, the two...


French producer ICBM has released his debut instrumental EP titled Fig. 1 as a free/name-your-price  download via Bandcamp. The extended play comes after amassing a body of work with French and international artists. Many of his previous notable works include collaborations with artists such as Nord Sale, Trainspotters and Perry Porter, and a remix of Make Some Noize by ILLUS. Fig. 1 is 7 mind-blowing instrumental tracks plus the bonus track Religious feat. Aaron Pratt and Perry Porter. Check it out after the cut.

Kensaye- “Going with the Flow” Teaser

#BackToSchool @Kensaye1 #music

French producer Kensaya released the teaser for “Going with the Flow” from his upcoming album “Back to School” recently. The full track features Snojone (Brazil) and Dorsh (USA).

“Back to School” is based on Kensaye’s travels and the resulting philosophy that “embraces the quest for learning and improving our skills and ourselves as people. It’s a positive project that encourages diversity and open mindedness.”

Check it out after the jump.

Kensaye – Reformatted Classics

#NewMusic @Kensaye1 #Remixes

French producer, blogger, emcee and radio host Kensaye was recently asked to do a mix for Laid Back Radio and Magazine. The result is roughly an hour long selection of some of his favorite remixes (including a few of his own) to which he has titled Reformatted Classics.. Currently residing in London, Kensaye can be heard on the Moroccan-based radio station Ness Radio every Friday afternoon at 1pm.