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Onry Ozzborn – “duofilm” video

Leading up to Onry Ozzborn‘s highly anticipated DUO album, releasing March 25th via Fake Four Inc., he has released a few singles. As of a few days ago, though, he dropped a short-film of sorts that acts as a cohesive music video to a 15-minute mix of the album. Directed by Soundlapse, we see almost every guest from the album participating in the visual (such as Kimya Dawson, Aesop Rock, P.O.S, Sadistik, Terra Lopez of Sister Crayon, Theory Hazit, Rob Sonic, Nathan Quiroga, and others), in a get-together environment where they are either occupying various rooms with Onry Ozzborn or are seen projected on walls and screens. Similar to the album itself, the visual captures a lot of diversity, moods, and gives you something unique to absorb in each scenario. I enjoyed the cinematography and editing, too; it’s all visually intriguing and executed awesomely. Check it out below, and make sure you pre-order the album for $10-$15, depending on what you want (or grab it when it drops).

Ceschi – “This Won’t Last Forever” video

From his Factor Chandelier-produced Broken Bone Ballads album that released earlier this year, hip hop artist Ceschi dropped a music video for the song “This Won’t Last Forever”. The song is a thank you letter to their mothers, and all other good mothers, who went above and beyond to show endless love through any and everything; it’s filled with apologies, promises, love, and teaching moments. “Mother, I know they never paid you a proper wage // So thank you doubly for every sacrifice you made // If we reach the end of days or I ever lose my way // I’ll follow crumbs back to you and will never stray // Loved ones found // Loved ones lost // Just know that I will never forget any of them – none.

Zavala – “Memory Traps” EP

Producer Zavala, who you might know from Dark Time Sunshine, has dropped a brand new EP, called Memory Traps. The Chicago native was inspired by his own hometown’s house scene, and you can hear that in these four tracks. This EP is a stunning and rather serene listen. It’s electronic music that’s largely driven by calming, downtempo vibes, sizzling synths, uptempo drum lines that give it that footwork movement, and an array of atmospheric sounds, vocal bits, and instrumental samples that are hypnotically looped. This music is perfect to listen to while reflecting, unwinding from a long day, to feel at peace to, or to dance with. I’ve been listening to Memory Traps for the last week or so, between hanging out in my bedroom and walking outside in the chilly morning weather, and I cannot get enough of it. Give it a listen. Stream the album below and then name your price on it over at Bandcamp.

Album Review: Sadistik – “Ultraviolet”

Seattle-based emcee Sadistik (@TheRealSadistik) released his highly-anticipated, third full-length album, Ultraviolet, on July 1st, via Fake Four Inc. I was initially put onto him through the features he did on others albums years prior, and then after listening to The Art of Dying EP he did with Kid Called Computer. Super solid work. However, I didn’t really start paying attention until last year, when I heard Flowers For My Father. I listened to that album over and over, and it’s still one of my favorites today. I even bought three copies of that album on CD, when he was selling them for a penny. Now, I check in on what he’s up to regularly.


It was only recently that I became familiar with the name Botzy (@BuckFotzy). When I wrote about Jellyfish Brigade and their latest album, Botzy RT’d and/or favorite those posts due to his involvement with the Minneapolis-based project Polkadot Mayhem, whom are responsible for creating an awesome interactive map with Jellyfish Brigade. Not long after that, a follow came along, and so did an email. And here I am today. I didn’t know then, but I do now.

Sadistik – “Cult Leader” video

Seattle-based hip hop artist Sadistik (@TheRealSadistik) is getting ready to release his third full-length album, titled Ultraviolet, on July 1st via Fake Four. There will be guest appearances from the posthumous Eyedea, Lotte Kestner, Tech N9ne, Sticky Fingaz, Nacho Picasso, Yes Alexander, and Sister Crayon.

Watch the self-directed/edited music video for his single “Cult Leader”. There’s a sweet, child-like element in the percussive toy sound that dances around an otherwise menacing beat laced with hard-hitting kicks, sputtering hi-hats, and eerie samples. It’s a dark look into the psychotic mind of a killer, or cult leader, told by a child in a giant, blood-splattered bunny suit.

Sister Crayon – “STILL||CYNIC” EP

Yesterday, California-based band Sister Crayon (@SisterCrayon) followed up their stunning Cynic EP with a 9-track remix project called STILL||CYNIC. Producers such as Shigeto, Daedelus, Zavala, P.O.S., and Busdriver reinvented 3 of the standout tracks (“Cynic,” “Floating Heads,” and “Meager Leavings”) from the original release, adding their own signature touch with the woozy, dark pop vocals.

Fake Four presents: “A Record Label Sampler Volume 5” compilation

On December 27th, 2013, the Fake Four label released yet another compilation featuring a variety of music from their talented roster as well as partner label Circle Into Square. A Record Label Sampler Volume 5 has 18 songs, some of which are exclusive or have not yet been released. So much good music from artists such as Sadistik, Factor, Sister Crayon, Grayskul, Child Actor, Blue Sky Black Death, Louis Logic, Cars & Trains, Paranoid Castle, Ceschi, David Ramos, and many others. Don’t pass this up. Stream and download for free!

Free Ceschi, Help Fake Four

Today Fake Four founder Ceschi Ramos is starting an 18 month sentence on a questionable marijuana charge. After his family was threatened and he was forced to give a coached statement to Police in 2010, he ended up going to court for years. In the end he has taken a reasonable plea bargain compared to the 5-7 years he was facing. Right now the stability of Fake Four is being threatened by Ceschi’s situation & the exorbitant amount of debt that has been accumulated due to legal fees.

Grayskul – “Come On” video

Seattle hip hop group Grayskul is making a comeback (not that they ever really left, though). Following their 2009 release, Graymaker, they’ll be dropping their long-awaited album, titled Zenith, this September via Fake Four. With that said, have you seen the music video for the single “Come On”? Well, come on then! J.F.K. and Onry Ozzborn exchange energetic and ruthless raps over a filthy beat produced by 6Fingers. Video by Trinity Webber.

JNaturaL – “Ain’t Nothing Sacred” video

From JNaturaL‘s upcoming album, Bad Woman Rising, watch the music video for her single “Ain’t Nothing Sacred”. Produced by Sly, the song focuses on sexual freedom, the right to love who you want to love, and it being nobody’s business. Her album drops on June 11th via the Fake Four distro. “And, they just don’t understand // Ain’t nothing left sacred for a woman and man // God damn, hey, whatchu need to know for // It ain’t none your business what’s behind closed doors.