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Kuna Maze – “Tricky Part” EP

Kuna Maze is a producer from Lyon, France, whose music sits somewhere between electronic, hip hop, and experimental jazz. He released his debut EP, titled Tricky Part, on September 4th via Cascade Records. It’s a 4-track project that plays out like a chill soundtrack to a journey through space, made with head-nodding drums, delicate percussion, funky electronics, and a lot of silky smooth synth lines. While I like the EP as a whole, my favorite tracks are “Time Trial” and “Flip It”. Give the EP a listen below, and download it from Bandcamp for only $3.

Solid Steel Radio Show 10/30/15 – Awkward

(@solidsteelradio @awkwarduk)
Bristol-based producer Awkward was on the latest Solid Steel weekly episode, which ran on October 30th. Following Perc (listen here), he stepped in on the second hour to play a selection of self-produced originals and remixes, and also some songs by his friends. In combination with what he’s had his hands on, you’ll hear music by Freestyle Fellowship, Little Dragon, The Cloaks, Acid Reign, Ultramagnetic MC’s, Open Mike Eagle, Anderson .Paak, Megabusive, DJ Shadow, and more. One hour worth of hip hop, experimental, and electronic music for your ears. Stream the mix below, and download it for free if you want.

N.O.M.A.D – “(((( Yawning ))))” album

Yesterday, Fort Worth, Texas-based beat maker N.O.M.A.D (which is an acronym for Navigation of Music and Dreams) dropped his first release on Extra Lovely Records. Titled (((( Yawning )))), the album consist of 13 beats that pull from genres such as experimental electronic, hip hop, psychedelic rock, and jazz. You’ll even find some vocal segments from him on some of the songs. It’s an extra lovely album, indeed. It’s something you can listen to while unwind from the day, acting as the relaxing soundtrack that plays while you vibe out and think about life.

The project is available for digital download ($5), or you can cop it on limited-edition cassette tape for a few dollars extra ($8, with only 40 available). Stream (((( Yawning )))) below, then follow the link for your buying needs.

Album Review: Brzowski & DJ Halo – “Wichitah”

To coincide with Brzowski and DJ Halo‘s “Boltcutters to Infinity European” tour, they put together a tour-only CD, called Wichitah. It was a 6-track EP, that featured one new song (“Bottom Falls Out”), an old song (“Harbinger”), those two instrumentals, and two DJ Halo remixes of Vinyl Cape songs (“Notes From Baudelaire” and “Famine First“). However, on my birthday (March 10th), they stripped the instrumentals (leaving those on the physical tour CD) and released the now 4-track EP for everyone else to hear via Bandcamp. I mean, it wasn’t put out for my birthday, but I can pretend and think it was a gift bestowed upon me, right? Nah? Okay.

Droid Daughter – “Auxera” album

Just as planned, on March 17th, electronic producer Droid Daughter (@droiddaughter) released his album, titled Auxera. A week ago today, he and I talked about the album in length, in an interview. If you haven’t yet, make sure you read that, so you can get the inside scoop about the songs, his direction, and much more.

Without a doubt, this is my favorite album of his. I like that he went out of his comfort zone to experiment with sounds and genres that he doesn’t usually dabble in, because it paid off greatly. This album is eclectic in sound, and it’s beautiful to listen to and be taken away by, from one track to the next. While some of Auxera brings in ethereal vocal features (for example: singers BEXAH, The Whip Angels, and Fishdoll), the majority are instrumentals. This is a very personal one for him, too, covering subject matter of love, loneliness, and loss. It’s so, so good, from beginning to the end, with no tracks that you want to skip (if I were to name favorites, it’d be a long list–if not naming all 17 songs). You must listen to it! Without further discussion, stream it below, then purchase the album digitally for only $7.

#SongChallenge Day 14: A Song You Like Hearing Live

FIRST, let us apologize for missing a few days in the #SongChallenge. Instead of piling the days we’ve missed into one or two posts, we’ll just pick up where we left off and today is A Song You Like Hearing Live. What’s great about live performances is sometimes an artist presents a song differently than what you might hear on the studio album; sometimes the imperfections and mess-ups make it better; sometimes the emotion that gets left up on stage is something that can’t be replicated in a booth, in the final song; sometimes the big sound of the beat and instruments pound harder in your chest, and that organic feeling is beautiful; and sometimes the live version is ten-times better than the original. Is there a song that you love hearing live? Let’s talk about it. Read about one of our favorites below.

Marz Léon – “Levitation”

Since posting about Marz Léon‘s (@marzxleon) “L O N E R” album, she released a new track called “Levitation”. Produced by HIGHxLAND (co-production by Marz, too), Marz Léon‘s stunning, airy vocals carry like a free bird, flying over a relaxing, atmospheric composition. It’s an uplifting tune. Stream below!

Bae Tigre – “Now Or Never”

When I saw the name Bae Tigre (@baetigre), I immediately wondered if it was a play on Le Tigre. Less clash and more electro, though. Bae Tigre is a project lead by Minneapolis based musician Ranelle, and she’s a new artist over at Polkadot Mayhem. Getting ready to release her 10-track album in November, you can get familiar with the track “Now Or Never”.

I will say, though, that I wasn’t really vibing with the song at first; not until about half-way, when it pulled me in closer. The beginning drags out with a thick, humming bassline, minimal percussion, and little synth pulls, while Bae’s voice slowly stretches across the downtempo beat. Mid-way through, the song progressively builds into something a little more energetic. You’re pulled in by pounding kicks, snappy hi-hats, warped synths, lively vocals and catchy pieces that make this relationship-inspired, call-to-action song fun.

Album Review: Marz Léon – “L O N E R”

Once I saw the music video for Marz Léon‘s “L O N E R” single, I was intrigued. The Los Angeles-based singer/producer captivated me with her seductive soul/pop voice, over ghostly electronic/downtempo production. The way she filled the open space was breath-taking. Then I heard “Fire“, and before I know it, she released her EP.

L O N E R was released on August 5th, 2014, via her Soundcloud page. The 7-track album is an emotional expedition through her inner thoughts, emotional struggles, and romantic experiences. It seems to follow a cycle of a relationship spiraling downwards, going through the roller coaster motions of love, heartache, and moving onto a new chapter. There are ups and downs (mostly downs), from being hurt by love and the fear of being fooled again, to finding self-confidence, self-love, and embracing who you are.

There’s a deep moodiness all throughout this album, from the lyrics, to the delivery, to the arrangement in the production, and the spaces in between. Where several people have to be overpowering with their tones to get their message across, Marz is skillful at showing depth with her warm, haunting voice over soothing and textured production… and it’s lovely. Without further discussion, go ahead and read my review. Prepare to be taken away. Afterwards, stream the album in full, and download for free!