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Equipto & Otayo Dubb – “Yuk The World” video

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From their collaborative Baby Steps album, released mid-last year, California emcees Equipto and Otayo Dubb dropped a music video for the song “Yuk The World”. Produced by Bean One, the song finds the two rapping about ignoring propaganda while acknowledging the real positive contributions, standing up for what’s right, and celebrating life’s good moments, even through adversity and the bad times. “Life’s a struggle, yet I still laugh // Can you feel that?

The video was filmed by Bambu, at a Free Breakfast event put together by the duo, at The Black & Brown Social Club. Watch the video below, and then check the maxi single below, which comes with a Digital Martyrs remix (free downloads on Soundcloud).

Dregs One & Ill Sugi – “Universal Language” album

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San Francisco emcee Dregs One linked with Tokyo producer Ill Sugi for an album, titled Universal Language, that released on November 9th via French label Cascade Records. It is said that Dregs One’s music reached Ill Sugi through a local record store while still in high school, which later led them to communicating on the internet. After Sugi sent Dregs some beats and remixed a few of his songs, he flew to the Bay Area to visit and stayed with Dregs during his trip. The album was created over the course of a couple of years, but that trip is what birthed it all.

Album Review: L*Roneous – “Spoken Thought”

I strongly believe that L*Roneous is slept on. This Bay Area emcee has been making quality music for a long time–with every album that I’ve heard, he’s manages to grow and is consistently dope in all aspects (delivery, lyricism, subject matter, beat choosing). The last album that I reviewed was his 2011 release, Notes of the Righteous Outlaw. After dropping Lgorithms in 2012, L*Roneous followed it with his most recent album.

Spoken Thought is a 10-track EP that boasts production from BlesInfinite, Dren Doh, Elusive, Def i, and Fresh Chuck. Features come from Gigio, Cait La Dee, Spank Pops, Jules, Equipto, White Mic, Great Scott, DJ Troubleman, and Michael Marshall. When you purchase the album, a portion of the proceeds go to the Midway Women’s Shelter in Alameda, California. Check out my review if you’re interested. Then stream the album and pick it up digitally through Bandcamp.

L*Roneous – “Man’s World” video

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On May 23rd, L*Roneous released his new album, “Lgorithms. If you haven’t peeped the album yet, get a taste with his music video for the song “Man’s World”, that was directed by Equipto and filmed by Left Lane Films. L*Roneous paints a picture of his world with superb lyricism, paired with a dope beat (and, of course, a James Brown sample).

Opio & Equipto – “Red X Tapes” album

I’m pretty sure there are a grip of projects, tracks, and albums dropping today. However, the only one I was waiting on was the collaboration album between Opio (of Souls of Mischief & Hieroglyphics) and Equipto (of Bored Stiff). At 11am, they unleashed “Red X Tapes“. With a count of 12 tracks, it features The Grouch, Del, Sunspot Jonz, L*Roneous, Mint Rocky, Z-Man, Michael Marshall, and Spank Pops. Because it was released today, the album is set for you to grab it for $4.20. Now hurry up and listen!

Album Review: L*Roneous – “Notes of the Righteous Outlaw”

L*Roneous is an underground emcee, hailing from the Bay Area. And if you aren’t in-the-know, this guy has been holding it down in the west coast for over a decade. Let me just say that I first heard him on a Cal State Hip Hop compilation album, called “States Of Mind“. I got it from a friend named Mike (who was known as Brayn Fuqt at the time) back in 2005. Rewind a bit… his debut album surfaced in the late ’90s. It was called, “Imaginarium” (also was re-released in 2002). Then in 2004, he released “Purposely Powerful“. He’s been featured on many albums throughout. Google him. Back to the present… just this past summer, L*Roneous dropped a free release called “The Roller Coaster EP“. Now it’s 2011, and I had the honor to get an advance release from the man himself to listen to and review. The album is titled, “Notes of the Righteous Outlaw“. It’s set to drop today, March 1st, on iTunes. It’s 16 tracks deep, and plays under 60 minutes. Guest appearances from Haze (of 40love), Great Muta, Gigio, Spank Pops, Flight27, Subverse, and Equipto. Also features DJ Cue, DJ Troubleman, and DJ Bizkid on the cuts. Overall, if you like hip hop and/or listen to L*Roneous already, you need to pick up this release. His delivery is on point. Top-notch lyricism over smooth beats, what’s not to like? It’s fresh all the way through. Now lets get to my breakdown of each track… ’cause that’s how I do it.