Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


Ripsy May – “Black Wine” video

I stumbled upon this Ripsy May song when I was listening to music on JONESSoundcloud page, as it was one of the recommended songs. She caught my attention with her “da-da-da-da“‘s vocals posing as a catchy beat, but what captivated me the most was when I heard the Los Angeles-based singer’s cool, jazzy vocals drag out along the ambient Vud-produced electronic beat led by mellow drums, haunting vocal arrangements, and a sweeping breeze. So hypnotic and lovely, especially with such strong, thought-provoking lyrics that are rooted in media manipulation and racial divide.

Greg Hvnsen – “What Would You Have Me Do”

Greg Hvnsen had me at “hello” with his thick, raspy vocals at the beginning of his “What Would You Have Me Do” song. It smooths out a little bit once the rest of the beat falls in line, but, overall, his smoky voice with this synth-pop wonder beat and joyful melody is such a stunning pairing that I didn’t expect to hear when I pushed play. I damn near melted like buttah–not butter, buttahhhh. He has released a few singles prior to this one (check them out here), but this is my introduction to him and, I assume, is his big push into the music scene. Let it be your introduction to this Florida singer/producer, too, and look out for more from this guy.

Zerolex – “Twofold” EP

The last time that I wrote about French producer Zerolex was over a year ago, when he released an EP with Holy Two. Since then, he has dropped the Volutes EP with his Cotton Claw producer collective, and has released his second solo EP, titled Twofold, which is also the most recent. Composed of two new songs, and a dazzling remix by Nikitch, we hear Zerolex exploring a more evolved electronic path, where he has constructed futuristic-type beats that are ultra rich in synth textures, percussion samples, underlying jazzy tones, and melodic movement. I like them both a lot, as well as the remix. Watch the animated music video for the title track, done by Dylan Cote-Colisson and Pierre Lafanechère, and then stream the EP. Then, purchase for $2 via Parisian label Cascade Records.

I’m From Finland – “Young Love”

Nicolas Pencolé is a producer from Rennes, France, who makes electronic music under the alias I’m From Finland (IFF, for short). Having connected with Parisian label Cascade Records, he will be releasing a 5-track EP on February 19th. My introduction to this guy was through his title track, called “Young Love”, and it’s such a good, chill song to bump on this Tuesday afternoon.

As one of his 3 vocal songs, we hear IFF‘s warm-toned voice singing a song about the negative emotions that can come with falling in love, such as fighting against self-doubt and over-thinking things (“I wanted to run away, whoa oh // I wanted to run away // But I’m glad I didn’t, no no“). His production is just as soothing and moody as his vocals, as his relatable, struggle-with-love story is propelled by downtempo keys, rhythmic hand claps, and a few distorted vocal loops. I could listen to this on repeat for hours. Give it a listen, and look out for the EP soon!

Geographer – “Age of Consent” (New Order cover)

Geographer, a San Francisco-based indie pop / electronic musician (named Mike Deni), covered new wave band New Order’s “Age of Consent” song. Keeping the slinky synths and bouncy strings in the lead, he twists the song with a little more of a laid-back melody, and his soulful pop vocals are so silky smooth, calm and beautiful. This is my first introduction to Geographer, even though they’ve been around for nearly a decade, and I’d say this is a fine starting point (as I find myself listening to more on Youtube).

Upon research, I learned that this cover came out a few years ago, and appeared in the commercial introduction of the iPad Mini. But, this song is included in the band’s Endless Motion Vol. 1 EP, which included 4 other covers, and came out this past December. Give “Age of Consent” a listen.

Credit: Chris Muir

Fritz Helder – “Force of Nature”

Canadian vocalist Fritz Helder was 1/4th of the electronic-house music group Azari & III, and he recently released the title track from his forthcoming solo EP, called Force of Nature. New to his music, I clicked play on “Force of Nature” and quickly vibed with the energy of the bass-thumping, worldly electro thrill that guides his fierce vocals and enchanting delivery, as he sings about self-confidence and power to be reckoned with (“No one can take away my fire – force of nature // My enemies have fallen before“). I liked the song on Soundcloud, hit the repeat button, and came straight to CB to share it. I feel like this is one of those anthem songs that will be taking over your playlist in no time. Listen to the single below, and then watch the music video for the b-side “Force Of Nature (The Bad Seed Manipulation)“.

Robot Koch – “Dark Waves” (ft Delhia de France) video

Berlin-based electronic musician Robot Koch‘s “Dark Waves” song relaxes me, as does the slow-motion movement of the ocean waves in the music video. Delhia de France‘s mellow and hauntingly pop voice floats over the dark and uptempo atmospheric tune, as she sings about loneliness and struggling to stay afloat, while we see surfers Ryan Gast, Elija Bustos and Michael Ralla paddling in the Central Coast of California. Shot entirely on an iPhone 6s Plus by Sven Dreesbach.

I thought this song sounded vaguely familiar, too, and then I read that it was featured in the winter finale of the “How To Get Away With Murder” show–yup, why it sounded familiar! Very cool. Find this song on his Hypermoment album, via Monkeytown Records. Watch the video below.

Sángo – “Mais Mais Mais” EP

Seattle-based producer Sángo dropped a 3-track project today, called Mais Mais Mais (translated to “more more more”), that coincides with his DR3 Tour that’s happening throughout Brazil and Europe, beginning on January 20th. The project contains 2 original songs and one remix of Bryson Tiller‘s “Don’t”, all of which find him diving deeper into his Brazilian favela influences that have been a part of his sound for several years. Listen to the project below, and then download “Infinidade” and “F.L.O.R” for free via Soundcloud. These are some feel-good, baile funk-influenced smooth electronic grooves that you shouldn’t pass up (for real, they made me feel alive and free, while moving my body to the rhythm); such a great energy and feel-good vibe. Check it out. Also, if you missed it, go get his Da Rocinha 3 LP.

Barrie Rose – “1 Plus 1”

Electro-pop singer Barrie Rose came out with a dreamy and hopeful break-up song, called “1 plus 1”. It has a sweet sentiment with an optimistic “we’ll still be friends” feeling, except it sounds like she really means it post-breakup (because, shoot, I’ve heard that half-hearted “we’ll still be friends” comment after being broken up with, and it never held true). Listen to her pretty pop voice dragging across hazy electronic production, by Adam Samuel Goldman, as she sings: “One plus one, it might sound easy // But it’s never quite like that // Even if we never speak // I’ll always have your back // One plus one, it might sound simple // But it’s never what it seems // Even if our lives are changing // We meet up in our dreams.

Bishop – “Wild Horses”

New to the scene is Los Angeles-based singer Bishop, who came out with a song called “Wild Horses” a few months ago, and it’s getting a lot of play (over 172K listens on Soundcloud to date). In it, we hear the delicacy of her sultry pop voice singing about struggling with one’s own demons and love, alongside an acoustic guitar, that soon builds with a dark, thumping electronic beat. Head-nodding drums, jittery hi-hats, monstrous horn blows, and bubbly percussion… think pop meets trip-hop. I’ve had this song on repeat for–no lie–over an hour. Listen!

Lucaléy – “Dance to the Drum of Our Hearts”

You can’t go wrong with fun, dance-ready songs about being true to yourself, and that’s exactly what we have here with Danish electropop duo Lucaléy‘s debut single, called “Dance To The Drum Of Our Hearts”. It’s even the official theme song for Copenhagen Pride, which is pretty cool. Pumping up the beat with galloping drums and handclaps, harmonizing background vocals, atmospheric sounds, and a boost of bright horns towards the end, singer Ea Philippa Tange’s pop vocals sweep across the upbeat rhythm while singing about being following your deepest desires and being free from judgement. Listen below!

Meaty Ogre – “Youresogood”

It’s been awhile since I’ve heard anything new from New York-based producer Meaty Ogre (although, he’s been active on the record label front as co-owner of Cherries Records), so I was pleasantly surprised to see him post a new beat up on Soundcloud last night. Created on the SP-1200, “Youresogood” has 80’s-tinged, sensual RnB vibe to it and I’m diggin’ it. Press play below, and maybe keep your eyes on his Soundcloud page for future goodies.