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Dregs One & Ill Sugi – “Emotion” (ft Gas Mask Colony) video

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From Dregs One and Ill Sugi‘s Universal Language album, the music video for “Emotion” dropped a few days ago. Featuring Gas Mask Colony, we see everyone roaming throughout San Francisco, kicking introspective raps about coping with the highs and lows of life, while also reminding us that everything isn’t as bad as it could be. Watch the video below, directed by Kolepa.

Dregs One & Ill Sugi – “Universal Language” album

(#dregsone @ill_sugiee)
San Francisco emcee Dregs One linked with Tokyo producer Ill Sugi for an album, titled Universal Language, that released on November 9th via French label Cascade Records. It is said that Dregs One’s music reached Ill Sugi through a local record store while still in high school, which later led them to communicating on the internet. After Sugi sent Dregs some beats and remixed a few of his songs, he flew to the Bay Area to visit and stayed with Dregs during his trip. The album was created over the course of a couple of years, but that trip is what birthed it all.

Dregs One – “A San Franciscan Eulogy” video

Bay Area emcee Dregs One (@dregs_one) confronts gentrification through a different medium than he’s used to–a spoken word piece, called “A San Franciscan Eulogy”. Shot by XienHow for TeamDoneSon and edited by Dregs One, we see a frustrated Dregs standing his city’s streets, speaking on the struggle and suffering. Watch the video below.

Defizit – “Fresh Produce” album

Defizit (@DefizitBeats) is a producer from Stockton, California, who released his debut album in May. I’m a little late in hearing it, but good music has no time constraints. Titled Fresh Produce, this 14-track album is rich in that familiar and classic hip hop sound. The beats are sample-based and driven by head-nodding, boom bap drums, jazzy horns, bright percussion, warm strings, ill cuts, and just an overall feel-good vibe.

Dregs One – “The Goal”

Dregs One (@Dregs_One) often makes thought-provoking music that encourages you to turn off your TV, step away from your computers, and pay attention to what’s really happening around the world. That’s no different in Dregs’ newest song, titled “The Goal,” where he sheds light on the harsh truths behind what’s currently going on in Brazil.

If you’ve taken the time to look beyond all of the flashing lights of the World Cup and its festivities, you’re probably already aware that the country’s citizens are suffering greatly during the tournament. In efforts to protest against FIFA and the World Cup, massive amounts of people have been rallying together and taking action in the streets, which seems to be creating a forward-moving, important social movement for Brazil. Dregs One isn’t bashing on the games per se, he’s just giving you something to think about. That said, listen to and download “The Goal” for free. Produced by Brycon.

Dregs One – “National Anthem” + All Tribes SF weekend event

Have you heard Dregs One‘s newest single called “National Anthem”? No? Well, he wrote a song that was inspired by his recent trip to New York in November, where he attended the Universal Zulu Nation‘s 40th anniversary. Originally founded by Afrika Bambaataa as a way to organized street gangs into a positive force within the community by using hip hop as a tool, Dregs One is now apart of the UZN.

Celebrating his experience there and the 40 years of the Universal Zulu Nation, stream and download “National Anthem” below. Produced by Dregs One, with cuts by TD Camp.

No World Order – “No World Order” album

Since posting the single and music video for “Molotov,” the San Francisco-based trio No World Order released their self-titled album on September 9th, 2013. Emcees Monk, Dregs One, and Pablo Fetti give us 9 songs that live up to its original statement: “grimy with a street revolutionary sound.” Conscious lyricism over head-nodding slow burners and hard-hitting boom bap cuts. Production split between Monk and Dregs.

Guest features from DaVinci, DJ Troubleman, Mariko, and Heddy Fur. Donate what you see fit with the name-your-price option on the album’s digital download, or spend $7 for the CD + digital download combo, OR spend $35 for a limited edition “No World Order” snapback hat + digital download. Either way, stream the entire album below. You won’t regret it.

Dregs One – “Style Exercise #1”

San Francisco-based emcee Dregs One is preparing to release a new project very soon, titled The STYLE Tape. Speaking about the project, he said it’s “about me having fun, not caring what anyone else thinks, and representing for my own culture and my own lane in hip-hop.” That’s what we like to hear!

So, until its release, stream and download the following track. Over a dusty Madlib beat, “Style Exercise #1” finds Dregs free flowing from his heart, and it’s clear that his heart (still) lies in the art of hip hop. Actually, the feeling/style of this song reminds me of Charizma on Big Shots. Dope track, so get with it.

Dregs One – “Easy Rider”

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Dregs One will soon be releasing an EP titled “Mood Swings“, entirely produced by BIG Shawn (of Bored Stiff). It will be released on vinyl, cassette, and digital formats, and it will also be paired with a short film. Listen to his new, go-with-the-flow single, “Easy Rider”. He included the instrumental and acapella, for anyone who wants to remix it–so give it a shot. Take a listen!